Andy Murray: I Need A Break And I Need It Now
by Tom Gainey | September 19th, 2016, 11:30 am

After a busy summer, Andy Murray is finally ready for a break, he said yesterday in Scotland. Murray and his Great Britain team fell just short to Argentina in the Davis Cup semifinals losing 3-2.

Murray played all three rubbers in a bid to continue their title defense. He fell in over five hours to Juan Martin del Potro in the Friday first rubber, but rebounded to win the doubles Saturday and then the Sunday singles over Guido Pella.

That’s 12 sets of tennis during the weekend, and after a Wimbledon title, Rio gold, Cincinnati semifinal and a US Open quarter, he needs a break.

“I have played so much tennis in the last few months, I need a break and I need it now,” Murray was quoted as saying by the Times.

“I knew I was going to be in some pain this weekend and I spoke to my team about that it was going to be really hard. But my expectations were less than what I’m feeling now.”\

“Sometimes I go into ties thinking it was going to be alright and at the end of it I felt horrendous. Like the end of the match against Japan [earlier this year] when I hadn’t played for a while, I felt physically shattered after that.

“Obviously I wasn’t so emotionally tired after that match but I had just become a father for the first time so that was a challenging period for me. Because I accepted how I was going to feel [here] I handled it OK.”

Murray, though, won’t have much time off before getting back on the court for the Beijing Open which begins two weeks from today on October 3. The 29-year-old is scheduled to play Shanghai the week after. Will he miss one or both?

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50 Comments for Andy Murray: I Need A Break And I Need It Now


Again the “Queen of Drama” talking. Why you need to pay so much attention to this blunt guy, just do not bother about interviewing him.

RZ Says:

Andy is clearly in need of a vacation. Hopefully these 2 weeks he has will be enough for a strong fall season.

J-Kath Says:

Don’t worry Orlando. The noise of approx. 8,000 supporters cheering him was such that nobody heard what “the Queen of Drama” said at the interview.

Margot Says:

Hmm….. it was Virginia Wade who made that remark initially. Shortly afterwards Andy had a back operation.

J-Kath Says:


Not forgotten. And of course if you believe that then nobody’s making you read about him!

Willow Says:

Orlando If Murrays a drama queen then hes in good company ….

Margot Says:

Lol Kath…but they’re drawn like a moth to the flame…;)

Willow Says:

Virginia Wade doesnt see tennis past RF im afraid, anybody that has the audacity to beat her favorite, is talked about with absolute distain ….

Ahsan Says:

Has anybody seen Murray’s hilarious reply to one of the interviewers when he was asked the reason for having bathroom break during the match against Mayer? Its really funny and totally unexpected.

J-Kath Says:


Absolutely hilarious. They didn’t tell us during the match – after all he could hardly have allowed himself to be examined on court – so those who say “Drama Queen” are those who love to hate. PS: He didn’t play Mayer that was Dan. PPS: Andy has a way of telling the truth whatever it is – makes a change.

J-Kath Says:

Right on, Margot. Some of them need to skip these comments if they want to stay on “Drama Queen” and pretend they aren’t interested.

Willow Says:

J-Kath hope you had a lovely break ;-)) ….

J-Kath Says:

Willow: I nearly cancelled…to do with major building development work (on the separate half of my building)workmen etc. etc. plus Walter’s US college friends due and my sister: total chaos everywhere. So glad I didn’t. If Andy stays with
Davis Cup (which I have my doubts re. indication from Leon Smith) But if he does And it takes place again in Glasgow—I Promise You it is an experience like NO OTHER.

A whimsical thought: You, Margot and Me at the next Andy led Glasgow Davis Cup with bangers, fan-waving, shouting, aisle dancing, laughter, cheering, the Stirling Uni. students cheer-leading…waving flags, hand clapping, yes, an unforgettable break (but blooming tiring now) – ah well.

Travis Bickle Says:

Nadal’s quote in today’s Guardian newspapaer:
“I am a completely clean guy. I work so much during all my career, and when I get an injury, I get an injury. I never take nothing to be back quicker.”

Nadal’s statement is countered by another paragraph from today’s Guardian:
“Nadal’s TUEs are likely to prompt further questions after it emerged that he received intramuscular injections of Tetracosactide, which stimulates the production of corticosteroids and has been named in several doping cases involving cyclists. The Spaniard was injured at the time the certificate was retrospectively applied for in August 2012.”

So does Rafa take some “juice” to be back quicker from injury? He says he NEVER does it. But the documents show he took banned drugs while injured…

The only logical explanation is that Rafa took those drugs to be back slower from his injuries and have more times with his lovely fiancee Xisca. That is my theory and I’m sticking to it!

J-Kath Says:

OK Travis: We hear you. However, we’d have to be goddamn stupid to believe your “logical explanation”….and not for a blink of an eyelid do I believe you believe your theory, whether you stick to it or not.

Good try, but far from your best, laddie.

Keep driving – eyes on the road and watch out for rogue drivers and dazzling head lights. (PS: No listening (or watching) what your passengers say or do).

Wog Boy Says:


I would prolong all my injuries, mental and other ones, to spend some “quolity” time with Xisca, wouldn’t you too?;)

J-Kath Says:


I have your wife’s very private mobile number………..

Wog Boy Says:


Ohh noo, I just got out of bad books, don’t do that to me please..I’ll by you a drink in Wales in two weeks time and whatever you wont, just let me enjoy my freedom for the time being, soon or later I’ll get back in bad books regardless, that’s my destiny:(

Wog Boy Says:

To prove my good intentions I’ll even tell you the town in Wales where we will be based for 4-5 days mid October, Llanelli.

J-Kath Says:

Oh dear, Wogboy:

I’ve considered your down on the knee begging and am reluctantly bestowing you with my divine forgiveness. I’ve also been secretly asked by one of your best fans not to intrude on your meeting in Wales.

However, the next Glasgow occasion of Davis Cup sounds more like something we’d both enjoy …irrespective of which team are the opponents of the Scots.

Lang may your lum reek.

jane Says:

fancy bears and TUEs…weird stuff. some TUEs are even retroactive, apparently.

Humble Rafa Says:

Now, the entire world knows I am clean.

Colin Says:

Orlando, your posting is weird and nobody seems to have noticed why. It shouldn’t even be here! Whom are you addressing?

The interview, as you state quite correctly, was conducted by the Times newspaper, so your remarks should have been posted on their website, not here.

A further weirdness is your use of the word “blunt”. Since when has bluntness been something to avoid on the part of interviewees? Would you rather their replies were devious and deceitful, or empty and superficial?

No marks out of ten. Try harder.

Willow Says:

J-Kath let me know and ill be there ;-)) ….

Willow Says:

Love this picture of Andy and Manny BTW ;-)) ….

vami Says:

Manny is another juicer. The “big fight” with Mayweather couldn’t happen for a long time because Floyd insisted to have test prior to the fight per Olympic rules. And when the money finally prevailed and the fight happened he was a shadow of his former (juiced) self.

Van Persie Says:

With all these juicer in sports , I guess, the Paralympics are the real Sh*t

Giles Says:

Really skeezer, that article is old hat, just like you. Still stalking Rafa? Lol

Willow Says:

Must be a slow time in tennis, bring on the Asian swing cant wait ….

Temple Says:

The world is reeling with the recent hack and tennis-X is posting the usual tennis stars in a tub pics and nothing at all for the last two days. Man up, tennis-x, and decide who’s side are you on.

Travis Bickle Says:

Rafael Nadal Parera:

“I am a completely clean guy. I work so much during all my career, and when I get an injury, I get an injury. I never take nothing to be back quicker.”

Except (what has been leaked thus far):
– Injections of WADA’s banned drug Tetracosactide, which stimulates the production of corticosteroids and has been named in several doping cases involving cyclists;
– Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), which banned by WADA in 2010 because of concerns over its performance-enhancing effects.

Rafa NEVER takes nothing to be back quicker! His own words ;-)
He is widely known to be honest, fair, humble and we should all believe his own words – Rafa wouldn’t lie…

J-Kath Says:

Seeing we are a bit short of tennis news at the moment, the following on that much loved, and much abused Scotsman.

Wog Boy Says:

Don’t you worry Temple, if Nole name appears on Fancy Bears list this place will be buzzing like a wasp nest..

elina Says:

TB by nothing he obviously means illegal. Every player takes advil no? But you know that (one would hope).

You couldn’t talk your way out of a box in Spanish lol.

As Wawrinka would say, next time fail harder.

But I understand your sadness with Nole not looking like he’s a lock to pass Nadal ATM. I saw today he lost his love for tennis.

Wog Boy Says:

” I saw today he lost his love for tennis.”

You took it out of contest, at least you can post entire article in which one he is talking about something that quite a few of us here spoke, achieving four in a row and career slam just took it’s toll on him, mentally and physically, particularly considering his run since USO 2014, here is the link:

As for passing Rafa, he passed him in quite a few records, and that without taking regular 6 to 12 months breaks to every now and then and even by doing so Rafa reached the stages when he admitted that he didn’t enjoy playing tennis in certain periods (remember his mental injuries), so what was your point Nole in having a emotional and physical deep after 12 years without any break and achieving what Rafa or any other player since RL could not achieved?!

elina Says:

WB, yes of course I took it out of context just like TB misinterpreted Nadal’s statement.

Nole will come back no doubt.

If Nadal didn’t take so many “breaks” and entered more slams, maybe he would have won even more. If Nole took more, maybe he wins less. Can work either way.

No coulda woulda’s in tennis.

My point was to counter TB, nothing more.

Unlike TB’s disrespect for Nadal, I have the utmost respect for Djokovic, a true great, perhaps the best ever.

Wog Boy Says:

To be honest, Nole’s achievements in 2016 are well ahead of any other player so he can really take a break until AO 2017 as far as his fans are concerned at least this fan:

Achievements (singles)
Most tournament titles Serbia Novak Djokovic (7)
Most tournament finals Serbia Novak Djokovic (9)
Prize money leader Serbia Novak Djokovic ($9,263,257)
Points leader Serbia Novak Djokovic (10,240)

elina Says:

Not to mention his grand slam. Unmatchable in today’s game.

AndyMira Says:

Agree with Elina 10:32 pm..Especially in the last paragraph…Just want to add a little bit more..IF one day Novak will surpass Rafa’s and i think most of Rafa fan’s here will have no trouble to accept that..he’s already shown what a great champion he is and certainly deserves what he’s going to get..And i as a tennis lover can only applaud him for that and confessed how fascinated i am with his amazing quality and talent…That’s it..

Willow Says:

AndyMira its never concerned me either as a Rafa fan if Novak surpasses Rafa, it certainly doesnt make Rafa a failure or his achievements suddenly less worthy, records are there to be broken, and not any one players personal property, or something they have a god given right to, and Novak certainly deserves all the acolades he gets, i think sometimes people get too fixated on records, and this player been better than that one etc, and cant see past one particular player, that they at times forget to enjoy the game as a whole ….

AndyMira Says:

Yeah Willow..Agree..Btw..Me and Okie have trouble to find you on FB..At last Okie said with a resigned voice..”That’s okay Mira,maybe she will find us”..

J-Kath Says:

You’d think that Andy who’s not short of a pound or two could afford to invest in a new sweater, sigh, sigh.

He’s to get a Scan and he’s also supposed to pulling out of China. Naturally, of course, he’s still playing a charity match today in Glasgow!! – Gael pulled out and riding to the rescue is the handsome Grigor (with the girl-friend whom, without doubt, TB will have appraised as part of TB’s arduous duties to mankind).

AndyMira Says:

Sorry Andy’s fans..May i borrow Andy’s thread for a minute?

Giles,Okie,Willow..Rafa’s outfit for Asian Swing..Check this out guys..


Giles Says:

AM. Thx. Like the peach.

RZ Says:

@AndyMira – we will allow it just this once. :-)
I like Rafa’s outfits for the Asian swing, though I hope he doesn’t take a cue from Stan and wear his orange top with the orange shorts.

Khb Says:

The prob with novak is if his wife isn’t cheering & clapping louder, he isn’t too desperate to get out of bed and show the world his giftedness on court.
He needs to remember that tennis’s something that proves his potential.
It’s a bonus that he has a family and team that love him.
He shouldn’t listen to lies that say he is a villain and desperate cheater.
Haters accuse him of obsessing about breaking records and trying to credit himself more for getting lucky.
He’s not the one that tries to look balletic & humiliate his opponents to look invincible.
Why would he want to make injured and “old opponents” look bad?
I know Fed did everything possible to discourage him with insults about his health, game & personality.
We’ll see who is the real player that never requires sportsmanship awards to look the best.
Many athletes from different sports aren’t so self-aware & calm, so he shouldn’t worry about doing everything to please others or sacrificing his peace of mind for the media/commentators/everyone he knows.

AndyMira Says:

@RZ..Ha ha ha..Thanks sis..One of the reason why you’re one of my fav..You’re so nice..Btw..I think it is likely Rafa will wear just that RZ..and orange shoe’s!Oh!The damage to our eyes!!

You’re always welcome Giles!!!

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