March Off-Topic Thread
by Staff | March 2nd, 2019, 10:08 am

Non tennis goes here.

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11 Comments for March Off-Topic Thread

Margot Says:

Darling Andy Mira, don’t know if you’ll read this but….so sorry about what’s happened in New Zealand, must be terrible for you reading such horrible news. Such awful hatred in this world. Thinking about you. xxxxxx

Mira Andi Says:

Hey M!…MISS U!!MISS U!!MISS U!!MISS U!!….where have u gone M?How r u??It’s not fair for u to leave me here all alone to be bullied by skeeze!!hehe…Reeeaalllyyyy great to hear from u M!!…Please come back!…I have no one to talk about Bracket!

Anyway,thank u for your words & concerns M!…Really really appreciate it!!…Yeah!…terrible…but i also have a mixed feelings about it…mostly anger..but sad?Not so much…in fact i’m happy for those victims M!…U know why?Those who died..that’s what we Muslims called ‘die syahid’…And die in a mosque,on friday of all day??My God!That’s HUGE in Islam M!…Their place in heaven already guaranteed!….

Anyway,it’s soo good to chat with u again M!…once again…MISS U!MISS U!MISS U!!…

Willow Says:

Condolonses to the victims, and the families , of the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, sad day, sad times :-(

Andy Mira Says:

Allahuakbar!…Some hate us,and some love us just as much!…Thank u so much to all non muslims(brothers & sisters) around the world for your support & caring…May we will live happily in peace together…and leave hatred behind…Amin!

Willow Says:

Andi Mira theres good and bad in every religion hun, its the people that are the problem not the religion ….

Mira Andi Says:

Yeah Al….Very true!…And i’ve been blessed to been given this opportunity to get to know all the nice peoples here including u Al….

Hope our virtual friendship will last forever insyaallah…πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ‘

Willow Says:

Mira Andi we will hun xx this is for you great message here ….

Willow Says:

Mira Andi listen to this speech, makes me cry buckets everytime i here it , Matin Luther King “I Have a Dream ”

Mira Andi Says:

Awww….Thank u very much Al!

Willow Says:

Your welcome Mira Andi xx

Willow Says:

Happy mothers day to all the TX mums, and all the male posters wives :-)

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