March Off Topic Thread
by Staff | March 3rd, 2017, 9:23 am

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13 Comments for March Off Topic Thread

Margot Says:

Thanks Kath but rather think Wales will be slaughtered.
Meanwhile Gooooo Scotland and Andy too of course.

Margot Says:

Thanks Kath, fabulous match and good to see North coming up with the goods after some horrible non shows. Everything crossed for Scotland.
Can we talk about Rugby/Trumpton/Jackaman/whatever else here please. It’s what it’s for!

Berghain Says:

Hey VP hope youve been well. I had a great week but got sick a day before flying home, whats worse is my flight got cancelled cause of strikes at the airport in Berlin so I had to stay an extra day – was awful casue I had Fieber :(.

Anyways… all good now ;)

Van Persie Says:

Hello Berghain,

Glad you feel better now. And your fave is doing well, hehe. Should be a good medicin for you.:)

Am off now. Wanna finally watch “Silence”.
“See you” here these days ;)

Berghain Says:

thx it is good medicine, and thank you for picking Fed. Was your charm that did it :P. The gloating can get a bit much on tx atm.

Cool let me know how the movie was, I have it at home but havent been to motivated to watch it. Not really into drama’s so if its to much drama I will pass.

Daniel Says:

Also dowloaded Silence, but think must be seen in the theater. Will try this weekend. Fan of Scorcese and heard great things about the movie, altohugh same said the pacing is slow.

Okiegal Says:

My sympathies to the families in London who are grieving over the loss of their loved ones…..this is so very sad. Terrorism is alive and well, I’m sad to say. This is sickening! Of course it is not known yet who is responsible for this atrocity.

J-Kath Says:

There is an incredible factor about this – that one person could do so much damage….kill and badly hurt 40 people! Firstly drive a car into pedestrians on the bridge then, with only a knife, get to the gates of Houses of Parliament and kill a policeman…One person?

Hugs to You

Okiegal Says:

@JK……It’s all so crazy! A vehicle is a dangerous weapon and can do lots of damage. To think you can’t go sightseeing without fear of being run down by a crazed person. This is horrible…… 5 was the body count according to the evening news. Terrible times we live in……..

Hugs to you JK! Hope this finds you getting along famously. I’m taking antibiotics for a severe sinus infection. My blood got too thin from my Coumadin and I had gushing nose bleeds. Thank goodness that has finally stopped. Oh and sorry for Andy’s misfortune on the injured elbow…… crap happens!!! I’m waiting to see what Rafa will come up with……….he’s due!! Lol

Margot Says:
Impossible to stop this kind of attack, which makes it so highly effective.
Not justifying it in the least, but what you sow, you reap.

Margot Says:

Obamacare 👍❤👏

madmax Says:

Trump care a disaster and yet still he blames others. Thank goodness for TX. The truth! “-“

Okiegal Says:

Some are calling it “O-Bummer Care”……! I’m staying out of it …….

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