Out-Stan-Ding: Wawrinka Stuns Injured Nadal To Win Australian Open
by Staff | January 26th, 2014, 12:22 pm

Stanislas Wawrinka capped an improbable Australian Open by winning his first Grand Slam defeating world No. 1 and heavy favorite Rafael Nadal
6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

“For me [the Australian Open] is the best Grand Slam ever,” said Wawrinka. “Last year I had a crazy match, lost it and was crying a lot after the match. In one year a lot happened. Right now I still don’t know if I’m dreaming or not, but we’ll see tomorrow morning.

“It’s quite crazy what’s happening right now. I never expected to win a Grand Slam. I never dreamed about that because for me, I was not good enough to beat those guy.”

Nadal, who had never lost a match (12-0) or a set to Wawrinka (26-0), fell down an early break in the first set as Wawrinka powered through behind an assortment of winners from both the backhand and forehand sides.

The Swiss kept the momentum in the second breaking Nadal in his first service game to take a 2-0 lead. But more importantly in that game Nadal injured his back, which he says he first hurt during the warm-up.

“The back, since the beginning I felt a little bit, from the warmup,” Nadal said. “It was a little bit worst in the first set. End of the first set, I start to feel worst. Then at the beginning of the second was the key moment that I felt, during a serve in a bad movement, is very stiff, very bad.

“Is the moment to congratulate Stan. He’s playing unbelievable. He really deserve to win that title. I very happy for him. He’s a great, great guy. He’s a good friend of mine. I am really happy for him.”

Down 2-1, Nadal left the court to have treatment for about seven minutes, only to return to a rare cascade of boos from the Melbourne Australia Day crowd.

Nadal continued to struggle with the injury. With tears in his eyes he forged on, receiving further treatment.

With Nadal’s serve speed and movement in decline, Wawrinka seized the second set, but then with the finish line in sight, the first time Grand Slam finalist began to feel the weight of the moment.

Nadal’s back cream and pain killers began to make a difference and the 13-time Grand Slam champion improved his play against the fast-tightening Wawrinka. But it wasn’t enough.

Wawrinka finally got out of his funk and after three consecutive breaks he took the match in the fourth.

“I’m really sorry for Rafa, I hope his back will be fine,” said Wawrinka. “He’s a great guy, a good friend and an amazing champion. It’s always a pleasure to play him. Well done on the comeback to No. 1.”

The 28-year-old good friend of Federer becomes the first player to beat both Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in the same Grand Slam. And also he’s the first player to beat the top two ranked men at a major since Sergi Bruguera at the 1993 French Open.

“I’m very happy for Stan, we have a great relationship,” said Nadal in the presentation. “It was bad luck what happened to me today, but he really deserved it.

“It’s been an emotional two weeks. I’ve very sorry it finished this way. I tried very hard. Last year it was a very tough moment when I didn’t have the chance to play here. This year was one of the most emotional tournaments of my career.”

The win moves Wawrinka from 8 to No. 3 in the world in the next rankings on Monday.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better.” — Wawrinka’s tattoo.

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204 Comments for Out-Stan-Ding: Wawrinka Stuns Injured Nadal To Win Australian Open

Jose Felciano Says:

Nadal not injured
Stan the Man beat him down
Finally someone else WINS!!!!!!!
Well deserved!!

Brent Says:

“INJURED”? Laughable!!!! Rafa was getting out played by Stan waaaaaay before the so called ‘injury’ came into play. Stan injured with his fantastic play, period! Rafa is known for his gamesmanship and coaching violations with his uncle, enough said!!

didi Says:

agree with Brent… if Rafa so classy why bring up the injury… Did Fed bring up his mono constantly and his back all last year?

Giles Says:

Rafa did not bring up the injury. It was plain for the world to see. Is it possible you two posters above are blind???

dari Says:

Congratulations to Stan Wawrinka, he won a slam!! That’s superb.He played like a slam champ for 6.33 matches, had a mental blip, and got it together to put away an opponent. He showed some great tennis these two weeks!
Less superb that Rafa was injured, he has had some very sad moments at the AO, but sometimes its just not your day, in many ways.

Okiegal Says:

Rafa is classy, his presser was very gracious. A little bad luck for the number one. It was about time for Stan to beat him, after all 12-1 is not too shabby for my guy.

VAMOS RAFA YOU DA MAN!! Just a little tough luck today! That’s the sport, no???

Jose Felciano Says:


RZ Says:

Big congrats to Stan! I didn’t think he’d be able to pull it off, and regardless of Rafa’s injury, it takes a lot of composure to stay focused in your first GS final. I hope he has a successful remainder of the season and keeps challenging (and sometimes defeating) the big 4.

Hippy Chic Says:

If people are so bothered about Rafa talking about his injuries then why waste the nervous energy,personally i dont see the logic?this is supposed to be a thread congratulating Stan on his 1st GS trophy why not just stick to that?if people must talk about it then do it on the other thread,Stan was a worthy winner,he outplayed Rafa,and its as simple as that really,CONGRATULATIONS STAN..

jackob Says:


Giles Says:

^^^ Yes, he outplayed an injured opponent!!!

Giles Says:

My last comment for Alison

skeezer Says:

^whiner Take your lickins like a man.

skeezer Says:

“Rafa did not bring up the injury. It was plain for the world to see. Is it possible you two posters above are blind???”
Whiner. Rafa looked ok to me that first set.

skeezer Says:

Stan just flat out played better.

Dc Says:

I just watched the Stan nadal match , Stan was all over nadal right from int 1.

Nadal mentioned that he injured his back during practise earlier, so basically he has taken away credit from Stan for his incredible performance. It doesn’t matter what he says later on, even a small hint about an injury will discredit the winner.

I feel bad for stand – he played incredibly , trained so hard , made so many sacrifices and eventually reached the pinnacle of the sport, only to be discredited by Nadals selfish comments.

Shame on nadal

Okiegal Says:


I agree. Even in the presser the interviewers brought it up 3 times and Rafa saying no that this was Stan’ s night. But they keep at it so what’s a guy to do?? Stan won and that’s it, exactly what Rafa said. Let’s leave at that and move on.

Congrats to Stan!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Giles i know your dissapointed,and believe me so am i no two ways about it,but to be fair Stan was the better player pure and simple,could you not find it within your heart to be happy and congratulate him,i was delighted Rafa actually made the final especially after missing the tournament a year ago,so theres alot of positives to be taken,and Rafa will bounce back,the years only just started who knows what will happen?hes still contested another final and as long as he does that,hes always in with a chance.

Giles Says:

^^^ No, no, no. Shame on you for ignoring press and media reports on the match and Rafa’s injury.
skeezer. Tell fed to get a racquet 10 times bigger if he wants to beat Rafa. Even then it will never happen. So sad for you, Never mind, fed has accepted it and so should you. Be a man!
23-10 and counting!!

Giles Says:

Last comment for Dc

Giles Says:

Alison. Why don’t you read posts before pointing the finger. On another thread I did say “well done Wawa” so quit with your usual preaching. Wawa beat an injured player, pure and simple and honestly doesn’t really deserve all the credit that is being showered on him. Ask him. He knows it!

Dc Says:

@giles – Stan was also injured ; he didn’t say it because he’s a sportsman; real sportsmen never talk about injuries – do they ???

skeezer Says:

“Wawa beat an injured player, ”
Whiner. Rafa looked awesome early on, but Stan came up with the goods. Congrats to beating Rafa fair and square.


Hippy Chic Says:

Giles never mind..

Giles Says:

Oh yes, concocting stories now. “Stan was also injured”. When did that happen? Are you hallucinating perchance?
The man has never taken a set off Nadal in 12 previous encounters! Nuff said!

Dc Says:

Stan beat a healthy nadal – if ur not healthy u don’t come to the court , if u play u keep ur mouth shut about ur injuries and be a man and act like one.

Giles Says:

Alison. No, not never mind. I do wish you would think more before posting. Your posts are repetitive to the extreme.

Giles Says:

Dc. Can you read at all??? Or do you just turn a blind eye to the facts. I repeat Wawa beat an injured player, he said it himself. In any case I don’t need to convince you or anybody else on this forum. The facts are loud and clear!!

skeezer Says:

^because Rafa said it?


This does bring to mind bring being the GOAT. It also takes durability, along with talent and hard work, to remain a top of the Tennis world. You have to work on rest, training, scheduling, eating, etc to succeed playing the Tour and winning Slams and weeks @#1. Its obvious who has been the most durable player in this generation. He has 17 Slams. He has made his best effort to play the important tourneys no matter what.

boss Says:

SOMEBODY seems to be unable to accept the fact that his favorite lost…#soreloser #gobacktopreschool

boss Says:

for all those nadal fans who are wholehearted recognizing Stan’s victory and appreciating his outstanding play in this tourny, props to you all…nadal would be proud to know he has some fans like you

Ajet Says:

yeah stan beat injured rafa and rafa also has beaten a nervous(and consequently compromised) stan so many times before, so???

Ajet Says:

hahahahahaha boss, nice post, lol ;)

Dc Says:

Giles Says:
Dc. Can you read at all??? Or do you just turn a blind eye to the facts. I repeat Wawa beat an injured player, he said it himself. In any case I don’t need to convince you or anybody else on this forum. The facts are loud and clear!!

January 26th, 2014 at 3:42 pm

No Giles , I cannot read ..I only write.

When was the last time nadal lost a agrand slam fair and square without an injury drama.

Stan said he beat an injured Rafa cause Rafa said he was injured.- Rafa needs to stop making excuses and act like a sportsman.

Ajet Says:

boss, am referring to your sourloser post in my previos posting, hahaha. have nice day

Giles Says:

Ajet. You are a trouble maker. I remember reading some of your posts of old and I do believe you upset quite a few posters on this forum. And last but not least you did the disappearing act and now you are back mixing it up. Do one!!

Dc Says:

These are few of Nadals grand slam losses which have been followed by injury drama or excuses.

Nadal losing to Soderling at the French – Injury
Nadal losing to Murray at the Australian Open – Injury
Nadal losing to Ferrer at the Australian Open – Injury
Nadal losing to a no name at Wimbledon – Injury
Nadal losing to another no name again at Wimbledon- Injury
Nadal losing to Wawrinka at the Australian Open – Injury

Giles Says:

Dc. You still can’t read can you? Stan said he could see Rafa was injured. Don’t make up your own wording of what was actually said. Never mind, can’t get through a blind wall!!

Dc Says:

@giles – did Stan say that before nadal has made his injury excuse ? Nadal could have continued playing without talking about HIMSELF and his beloved injuries who have to take blam e for all his losses.
Did all other players in the GS history who have been at the receiving end of Nadals injury drama make similar statements?

Today’s injury statements by Rafa is one of the most unsportsmanlike conduct in the history of the sport.

Polo Says:

Why all this pre-occupation with Nadal’s injury? When a game is over, it’s over, injury or no-injury will not change anything. It will not make the winner a lesser winner and the loser a lesser loser.

Giles Says:

Look everybody, Rafa just enjoying a back massage! NOT!
I didn’t know that Edberg retired half way through a GS final in 1990. Rafa is too classy to have done the same thing although I wish he had.
Vamos Champ!

Giles Says:

Dc. You are a highly intellectual poster! NOT!

pigoonse Says:

What is obvious about Nadal losing, at least to the truest and most devoted Nadal followers, is that he only loses when injured.

Why not clear to everyone else?

Also his injury no doubt is also down to two other points. 1) Why oh why did they speed up the court this year at AO? very unfair of them. 2) Obviously it is not good for Nadal – all these five setters in a Grand Slam on a fast surface. Tennis should make all courts clay, as a 28th birthday present to Rafael Nadal. Let the weak competition era continue.

Brando Says:


Agreed. Match’s over. Has been for close to 11 hours. Life has moved on. So should we all.

I am gutted for Rafa. NOT about the loss- that’s part of any sport. He’s lost plenty times before and will do so in the future. That’s fine.

ONLY thing that hurts is the fact that he suffered the ill fate of a back spasm that just did not allow him to give a full account of himself here in this match.

I think both he and Stan would have wished it to have been otherwise but alas:

Destiny had this in store for Rafa. I was one of the few who gave Stan due credit pre match and I stand by him post match:

His win is a fact and it’s merited- on a personal note- for his win v AO king Novak Djokovic. He beat Novak who was able to give a good account of himself. That ALONE merit’s his win.

Rafa? I think he’s a brave heart. My respect and fondness for him has risen from this loss more than had he won: the guy’s a great champion and more than that has a genuine heart of a true fighter.

Love that about him and have great admiration for him. I am sure once time passes, the back eases up he’ll be raring to show the world what he can do at the next slam: Rolland Garros.

On a side note though:

I am starting to think the guy’s curse at AO. I’m not one to buy into that kind of stuff but looking at the facts, one does wonder it:

1- AO 10′: Retires Hurt v Muzza.
2- AO 11′: Completes a injury ridden match v Ferru and suffers a loss chasing Rafa Slam.
3- AO 12′: Heartbreak Hotel v Novak. Falls ONLY 2 games short from winning the AO in this match.
4. AO 13′: Pulls out injured after training for it in the off season.
4. AO 14′: Suffers a back spasm for certain after less than a set and a bit of match play in the AO final.

4 years in a row and heart ache of various kind for him here. I feel for him since he most be gutted suffering such bad luck at a venue he adores and plays brilliant Tennis on.


I hope fate gives you your due and helps you land a AO title in the future to wipe out all the heartache you have suffered in the last 4 tourny.

You are good enough to win there, and hopefully destiny will shine a bright light on you for a future AO win.

Get well soon Champ!

Dc Says:

@ Giles., Rafa could have said be was better after the back message – he didn’t

A Back massage is known to fix pain. – that’s why they have it.

Rafa had the option of being a sportsman and say ‘ no comments’ when asked about any injury related question- he didn’t and has fallen in the eyes of many

Giles – u r a nice man . You support nadal inspite of his behavior today – hAts off to you.

Polo Says:

Can’t wait for the French Open and start my predictions again. I may fall on my face again but that’s what makes it fun. The good thing about majors is that there’s another one coming up. One of these days, I will pick correctly. And one of these days, another player will win and his fans will be happy and the loser’s fans will feel bad and whine. That’ tennis. Win some, lose some yet it keeps going on.

Giles Says:


Fed tries to cheat Nadal. Watch vedeo.
Hey skeezer, watch!!

Jose Felciano Says:

DC, you are right about injury history

Giles Says:

@Brando. Unlike you, I am giving up on Rafa winning the AO again. This slam is a real jinx for him. To prove a point, where on earth did this injury appear from? He was absolutely fine throughout the tourney apart from the blister issue and then he tweaks his back not during the match but in the warm up. What are the odds for that happening?
Anyway I hope he will be fine for the rest of the season.
Vamos Rafa!
Stay Healthy Champ!

Ajet Says:


yeah i disappeared, am glad about that, it helped my personal cause really well! but you take chill pill along with the posters whom i upset! you people deserve to be upset, haha!

Ajet Says:


get well soon! ;)

Ajet Says:

what a site, lol

Dan Martin Says:

http://tennisabides.com/2014/01/26/tennis-power-ranking-australian-open-2014/ Here is my first post tournament missive – a power ranking for early 2014

skeezer Says:

“Fed tries to cheat Nadal. Watch vedeo.
Hey skeezer, watch!!”

What does Fed or any other player have to do with Rafa’s antics?


Dc Says:

After losing today,Nadal said it was his bad luck .
He also said that the injury made is impossible for him to win.

I would disagree with Nadal – Stan was a set and game up when Nadal suddenly took a timeout for a claim of back pain, something thAt could have happened due to the way he plays – not bad luck.

Not sure how bad luck comes into picture here . You play a physically risky brand of tennis- so if it pains , it ain’t bad Luck

Bad Knee Rules Says:

What happened to number 14?

Can you imagine if Novak wins FO? We’re going to have Armani undie sniffers jumping off buildings. It would be dangerous to walk the streets.

SG1 Says:

Stan was the best player in this tournament and he unquestionably deserved to win it. Sad that folks have to run down Rafa. Whether he wins or loses, he gets trashed by someone.

I’ve seen Rafa play since he came on tour. Can anyone honestly say that he was moving as well today as he has in his previous matches? When he’s hitting his first serve 160 km/h, is it really believable that he’s just faking it?

These are elite, highly tuned and highly competitive athletes. Do you think they’re going to intentionally play below their level to make it look like their injured when they’re not? These claims are beyond absurd. Stan winning the tournament and Rafa being hurt during their match are not mutually exclusive events. I guess that why this is called the “Dysfunctional Blog”.

SG1 Says:


Federer plays a much less physical brand of tennis and he also has back problems. The bad luck for Rafa is that the injury happened the day of the final. It is a bad break. If your car breaks down on the way to work and your boss says to you, “Cars break down everyday. It’s your fault. It’s not bad luck.” Rafa is no more at fault for what happened than a car breaking down. Sometimes stuff just happens and there’s nothing anyone can do.

DC Says:

@SG1 – if you play a highly physical brand of tennis and win, you don’t say its because of good luck. So if you get injured due to the same brand of tennis, its not bad luck.

The probability of injury as an outcome of such kind of physical tennis is higher- therefore an injury should not be related to luck.

Let’say a players starts successfully serving with a technique that generates extra strain on his back, however his serves greatly improves. Due to this impressive server,he reaches the finals of a tournament. However, due to the strain, his back starts aching and he looses to a player who is playing extremely well – was reaching the finals “good luck”. If not, then loosing in the finals wouldn’t be “bad luck” either.

I have never heard Nadal say his victory was due to good luck.
Rafa should accepts that more than normal Success & Physical discomfort is an outcome of his style of play – neither is good luck or bad luck. He is the creator of both, his victory and his loss.

simba Says:


You forgot to mention mental toughness, winning percentage, head-2-head into discussion.

Federer’s is a mental midget compared to Nadal.

Federer’s winning percentage against Top competition nothing to brag about. Even Murray has good record against Roger. Against top 30, Nadal’s records is .650. The only exception is Djokovic (.580).

Hard work: Roger has more natural talent, but Nadal works 10 times harder to be at that level.

Head-2-head. Nobody can argue against 10-23. Argue until you are blue in your face. You ain’t convince a lot of people why Federer is totally destroyed by Nadal anywhere, anytime.

This is going back to the point of hard work. Nobody goes after his own weakness like Nadal. Nadal was dominated by Djokovic. He went back to work and figured out a solution. I believe Federer never have to gut and drive to seek a Nadal solution. Every match is like Ground Hog Day. Playing the same way, making the same old sorry excuse “He is lefty”. People say he can’t win anything outside clay; yet he got a career GS. His record on Hard Court last year (winning Indian Wells, Canada, Cincy, USOpen) was stuff Federer can never achieve during in his prime.

Ben Pronin Says:

“Federer’s winning percentage against Top competition nothing to brag about.”
-Most of the current top 10 is about 5 years younger than Federer and he still has a winning record over all but 2.

“Hard work: Roger has more natural talent, but Nadal works 10 times harder to be at that level”
-I hate this assumption. Nadal works extremely hard, no doubt. So does Federer. How do you know Nadal works 10 times harder? You have an effort measuring device? You’ve seen them both train. Federer’s career is so pathetic that he obviously doesn’t work very hard?

” His record on Hard Court last year (winning Indian Wells, Canada, Cincy, USOpen) was stuff Federer can never achieve during in his prime.”
-In 2006 Federer lost only 2 matches on hard courts. He won the Australian Open, both IW and Miami, Canada, US Open, Tokyo, Doha, and 2 indoor hard court events Madrid and the TMC. So, pretty sure that tops what Nadal did last year. Nice try though.

simba Says:

Not an effort measuring device, but common sense tells me Federer also cares about modeling, socializing with Anna Wintour, doing other vain things. He cares about being metrosexual as much as tennis. I knows Nadal works much harder than Federer.

SG1 Says:


I have never claimed that any player is lucky or unlucky in regards to winning a tennis tournament. Particularly a slam.

My only reference to luck refers to when Nadal’s injury occurred. Injuries are a part of a sport, and yes, Nadal’s style does seem to make him more susceptible injury. This being said, getting injured the day of the finals is bad luck. It could have happened against Nishikori or during a training session as well. It didn’t. It happened at the worst possible moment. If this isn’t bad luck, I don’t know what is.

For the record, I have never once claimed Stan was lucky that Rafa was injured have I? I don’t believe this for one second. Stan put himself in position to win by beating Djokovic and then Nadal in the final. He’s full value for this title.

SG1 Says:

Winning 7 matches, 3 out of 5 sets usually doesn’t involve much luck. It’s a combination of unparalleled commitment and talent. This is something that Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Stan and quite a few others have in common.

Skeezer Says:

“Head-2-head. Nobody can argue against 10-23. Argue until you are blue in your face. ”
Never tried to argue the low level stat. But vamosheads lean on it like the second coming.

This sooooo funny. Vamosheads back at the H 2 H? . Well what have you done for me lately?. Stan OWNS Rafa in GS finals, 1-0. What a H2h stat.
H2H Important? Say it isn’t so my Armani man. Muahhhh.


andrea Says:

i have a feeling that the grigor match took a lot out of nadal…it was pretty gruelling. as fas as the fed match, he essentially knows he can take roger out these days so doubtful he was stressing about that. he’s never seemed to have alot of back troubles so this was a new wrinkle though. let’s face it, he plays a punishing style.

it’s refreshing that someone else won a grand slam! i don’t care who your favorite is…..it’s about time someone else had the chance to shine and make things less predictable.

Syam Lee Says:

c’mon guys. give credit where credit is due. stan actually beat the top two ranked players to win his first slam. he fully deserved the win, period. as rafa himself admitted, inury or no he was losing against stan based on the 1st set and a half.. it was there for us all to see, right. so congrats to stan and as for rafa, sure he will bounce back soon to win a 9th roland garros.

pigoonse Says:

It is just another dodgy drama that Nadal’s hand was bleeding and blistered when playing Dimitrov, however suddenly against Federer, Nadal was miraculously healed. Then Nasal has back injury issues losing to Stan the man.

Wawrinka deserves full credit. He beat my man Djokovic.

Federer unsurprisingly lost to Nadal. But Feds performance was an improvement over last year.

The takeaway after this AO is that ATP tennis, although often farcical at the top, does have some promise to be less predictable and more
competitive with the likes of Stan’s and Grigor’s improvements.

Jo Says:

Back ache is a mysterious ailment. Even in our fittest days we just awake one morning that our back is stiff or aching. And if its very mild, the pain will be aggravated by some movements.
Nadal woke that morning not 100% fit. That many times happen to Federer,… It’s just Nadal put too much drama on that.
Or are we all just fooled. If that so, Nadal never has a chance on prime Sampras in fast courts.

Michael Says:

Tennis is fortunate in that we have two of the Greatest players dominating the sport at one single time. But both the legends have their weakness. Roger’s weakness is his mental hang over against Rafa, his biggest rival. While on the other hand, Rafa’s problems is his physical fitness plaguing him right throughout his career which just places Roger on a higher pedestal who had remarkbly been relatively injury free right throughout his career. That is something extraordinary in this sport where players are dogged by injuries now and then. All said and done, Roger is the most natural Tennis player made by the Gods for Tennis who just moves or even we can say flies freely around the court with little effort or discomfiture. That is the hall mark greatness of Roger which cannot be overhauled by any player of his generation or earlier or later.

Okiegal Says:

I don’t give a hoot how hard Roger works he still can’t beat Rafa, proven time and again. One poster commented that bigger part of those slam wins was on clay…….so what. When I started watching tennis all of the slams were on clay and grass. Does that make me a Sr citizen…….YES IT DOES !! So everyone on here better respect me! LOL
Vamos Rafa and settle back in and get back to your routine and win the next. I’m ready for some red dirt!!

Michael Says:

It was evident that Rafa’s developed that back spasm right after he missed a volley juggling on the court. This happened in the midst of the second set and it was clear that he had problems in serving and moving after that incident. However, in his post match interview, Rafa claimed that he was ached with this back spasm problem right from his training sessions before the finals. That left me a bit confused. May be, what we can presume is that the problem was minor before he came into the match only to flare up during the course of the match.

Humble Rafa Says:

A fit Humble never loses. Just get over it. I have never lost a set to this Swiss gentleman.

But it’s time to move on. I congratulate the Best Backhand in Switzerland on his win.

I wish I didn’t hurt my back. But that’s life.

Skeezer Says:

“A fit Humble never loses.”
Such bad comedy at its best. That wasn’t funny psuedo head.
Problem is, when are you really fit and humble? These are rare occasions, apparently. Rafa meet mirror. Mirror meet Rafa.

Polo Says:

Thumbs up to Humble Rafa, master of satire. Always funny, even in defeat. Get well soon!

Rocket Surgeon Says:

Was Nadal Injured? Really? Raffa is a great player, but seems a better actor. Nadal seems to be in denial when someone beats him. Stan was beating him, and then the “injury act” kicks in.
Raffa seems to make an art form out of getting timeouts and breaking the momentum of his opposition with fake injuries.
Don’t you think it strange that he lost the first two sets when fit, and won the third set “injured”, and then lost the forth set when he recovered?
His blister bandaid was the prior round excuse, and he played with that injury last night without a bandaid!
Why would anyone start to play a match with a painful injury without a hand wound dressed, unless he wanted to get a time out?

Humble Rafa Says:

Taking pleasure in someone’s loss because your Arrogant One lost so badly to Humble Highness…these people never get ahead.

14 is coming soon. 17 is within reach. This is a minor setback. Arrotards, Enjoy this brief moment.

Skeezer Says:


Dc Says:

Humble – time to change ur name to Rumble Rafa

kjb Says:

All you Rafa nut huggers are crazy!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I respect his game and he is obviously one of the greats but I don’t respect how he conducts himself. I hate how long he takes between points and how long he makes his opponents wait. He just complains so much about everything(court speed, court surface,more clay,shorter season,time between points) I’m sick of his excuses for every loss.
His grinding play is catching up with him. Hes got till RG 2015 to nab some more majors and then it going to get tough for him me thinks.

Michael Says:

Thank God. It was not Novak in the finals as otherwise Rafa’s back problems would have been completely twisted out of context.

metan Says:

@ Michael 1.48am. It is really true. But I add one more I never I magine that it happened on sf against RF when Roger had played 2 previous tennis against Tsonga and Murray.

Actually my post last night was I wanted to ask. Is there any rules from ATP to protect all the player incase they got injured before big matches like last night. It is by mean allowed the players to withdraw before enter the court.

I just heartbroken to see Rafa lost like that and I couldn’t take it when I saw him crying on the public because of lost. First time ever I saw him did it. If he lost like in year 2012. I could bear it with that. Thinking of that all the humiliations he faced. So saaaaad.!!! Better enjoy his tennis while he still can play.

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael im with you,its not the loss its the manor of the loss,which overshadowd Stans win,id rather see him lose knowing he was able to give it his all like against Novak in 2012,the win for Stan was a monumental achievement,but the final was dissapointing,as fans we all want a classic match to get our teeth into,bit of an anti climax really.

Hippy Chic Says:

Im still interested to know who Bad Knee Rules is actually a fan of,no harm or foul or anything just wondering?

Michael Says:


True. What a gripping match it was for over one and half sets. It was sheer excitement and joy to watch the two players slug it out on court. Wawrinka was dominating Rafa in longer rallies and despite having a one handed back hand, he was not troubled by Rafa’s high bouncing heavy top spin shots and was finding angles accompanied by power and precision. That was indeed a surprise to me considering how Rafa dominated Roger in the earlier match in longer rallies. For over one and half sets, I couldn’t find the slightest trace of Rafa being in any discomfiture and distress. It was only in the midst of the second set, when he missed a volley and lost balance due to the speed of Wawrinka’s return, Rafa began to signal some pain in his back and after that I saw tears in his eyes when he was unable to serve at his full strength. He then sought a time out and came back. He was never the same player, but surprisingly in the third set, Wawrinka started to make lot of UEs to grant Rafa the set. Rafa was not doing anything special out there in the third set, but may be the slow speed of his serve was troubling Wawrinka no ends and he should also have been taken aback with the injury of his opponent and it is always difficult to play an injured player. But in the fourth after many treatments by the physio, once again Rafa was serving near his level and the match came live once again. In the end, Wawrinka won rather deservingly. But, he would have definitely relished this victory much more if his opponent had not been injured. That to an extent spoiled the atmosphere of this match. Harsh luck to Rafa who always experiences such physical problems during the Australian Open. His body is against him. If there is a major challenge for him, it is from his own body.

Michael Says:


Is there any rules from ATP to protect all the player incase they got injured before big matches like last night

I do not frankly think there is any. A player is expected to be fit before the match. If he isn’t then it becomes his own problem and not of the opponent. You cannot make the opponent wait by postponing the match for a day more. What the best that could have been done is Rafa forfeiting the match before it started. But that would have create a wave of disappointment with Tennis buffs, Sponsors and Media commercials. However, according to me, for over one and half sets, Rafa was not experiencing any discomfiture while he was serving or in his movements. May be it aggravated when he tried something special.

Eric Says:

Can I just say… HA HA HA to the current (soon, hopefully, to be old) t-x funk/trunk writeups?

goom Says:

I can’t agree more with you!! You got the right point:

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I respect his game and he is obviously one of the greats but I don’t respect how he conducts himself. I hate how long he takes between points and how long he makes his opponents wait. He just complains so much about everything(court speed, court surface,more clay,shorter season,time between points) I’m sick of his excuses for every loss.

madmax Says:

simba Says:
Not an effort measuring device, but common sense tells me Federer also cares about modeling, socializing with Anna Wintour, doing other vain things. He cares about being metrosexual as much as tennis. I knows Nadal works much harder than Federer.

January 26th, 2014 at 9:39 pm

what a ridiculous comment. When you talk about modelling? Seen rafa in his latest commercial with Bar Rafaeli? Seen rafa in a commercial with Shakira and with Armani Jeans and Under pants?

All Athletes will be assigned to their own agency to promote their brand, and I am sorry but Rafa is no different to Roger in this respect.

Not even sure why you bothered to mention it.

Eric Says:

I have no intention of reading all of the comments in this thread. Roger is a great tennis player. So is Rafa. But this is Stan’s day — and, anyway, call no man happy until he is dead and all that (or in this case retired).

Giles Says:

Wawa moves to #3 in the rankings. Hope he lands in Rafa’s side of the draw in all future tourneys. Fed down to #8.

Peter Says:

Congrats Wawa!! I’m glad Rafa was booed, such an unclassy boorish poor sport. Wawa totally outplayed right from the out set, good job

Bob Lewis Says:

Federer’s losing H2H record vs. Nadal is obviously a black mark on his resume. But until last year, which was clearly his steepest decline, Fed had a winning record on hard courts. Nadal has put together a nice string of wins, but it has come at a time in which Fed can’t even beat Robredo at the US Open.

What would the H2H look like if they played 15 times on grass, 3 times on clay?

Giles Says:

Champion of Champions.
Get well soon Rafa. All your beloved fans wish you a speedy recovery and come back to fight another day. Just sheer bad luck yesterday that he had to get beaten by a man he has owned like no other. 12 wins without a set being conceded, that is some record.
Vamos Champ!

Giles Says:

There seem to be too many Tom, Dick and Peter’s on this forum. Where did all you trolls come from?

Giles Says:

Magnus Norman in l’Equipe :
I’ve had the chance to coach two good players against Nadal on a bad day.

MMT Says:

Wawrinka played better than anyone this year at the Australian Open, and it is just that he should win the title. He beat the #1 and #2 players in the world, and through big improvements in his movement, forehand and volleys (which could actually still use a lot of work, but are serviceable behind that huge serve and now huge forehand) he turned potential into results – not bad for a 28 year old guy, and giving a lesson or two to quite a few players (young and old) who would do well to go back to the drawing board.

As for Nadal – he looked fine to me until after he got broken in the second set, and I think the disruption and Stan’s confusion about his condition may have gifted him the 3rd, because as soon as Nadal’s serve picked up and he started moving again in the 4th, Wawrinka shut the door for good.

It doesn’t serve any purpose to question whether it’s “classy” to discuss the injury, to be honest. Nadal has built up huge image capital over the years, that puts him in good stead no matter what they do in press conferences and on changeovers, and nobody will be convinced of anything other than what they already believe – that he’s all about fair play and sportsmanship. I, for one, don’t care about that. He was fit enough to start the match and finish it, and even before he appeared to be injured, Wawrinka was handing him his lunch.

Now ranked #3 in the world, Wawrinka is a great example of how anyone can make changes to their game, get better, and compete for titles…all of them. Anyone who plays should be inspired and impressed by him and what he’s done, because the record of the last 10 years shows that it ain’t easy.

Margot Says:

How nice to see you back :)

Giles Says:

Be sure there will be plenty of lunches coming Wawa’s way from Nadal!!
Vamos Rafa!!

hawkeye Says:

Came on here to express happiness for Wawrinka. He played amazing throughout the tournament and fully deserves the win.

Disappointed to see Rafa miss this opportunity especially the way it happened but, as Rafa said, it is sport and he is very lucky!

Nasty posts on here are from the same types of people that booed and jeered an injured player. Mostly federazzi types for which, while I don’t agree, I can understand their twisted motivation. 10-23 must be tough for them especially when they define themselves through others success. Sad to see.

Vamos Rafa! Great champion in defeat!

HongKongHockeyFan Says:

The way I look at it is that injuries are part of all sports and not an an excuse for a loss. Staying healthy is just as important as the mental or shotmaking aspect of Tennis (ie. survival of the fittest). The winner is most of the time the the most skillful, mentally strongest and the fittest. And sometimes also lucky. The way I look at it is that guys like Federer and Nadal, the have scored better on all three (if not four) aspects much better than the rest over the past decade, which explains their dominance. This includes periods of Nadal’s bad knees, Fed’s bad back and mono.

I wonder if this back injury may be the first clear signal that Nadal is on the downside of his career trajectory. How will Murray’s back hold up in the coming years? Clearly Fed’s back has contributed to his decline, which I think partially explains (although I know this is a stretch but his legs really gave out in the 5th set) how he loss to Del Potro at the US open.

Djokovic has clearly embraced the physical aspect of the game in recent years, which may enable him to have a prolonged run.

However, I’d be interested to know how many of the recent greats like (Sampras, Agassi, Becker, Edberg, Wilander, etc) won grand slam titles after 27/28. I suspect at that age, they did not win many.

That said, I think Nadal still has at least 2 (if not 3) years to compete and be one the top 3 favourites to win Grand Slams. I’d be surprise if he doesn’t catch Fed unless guys like Wawrinka (gets on a massive role at 28) or Dimitrov (career takes off like jet) are able to change the whole landscape of tennis. Not sure that has happened yet. However, it is surprising there are no younger guys under 22/23 that have made any serious inroads on the big 4 yet. It’s really surprising to me that a 28 year old (other than JMDP) broke the streak.

Logan Says:

Nadal as ALWAYS takes the limelight. His funda is clear
1) Talk about INJURY a lot.
2) Make people believe you are injured.
3) Give credit to your opponent while constantly talking about your injuries
4) Make people believe you only LOSE because of injuries.

What a amazing brain Rafa has. Brilliant

Now Folks, some stats from the 4th set with the “injuried” Nadal. Game 2, Nadal serves at speed of 113 mph and gets the point with a forehand winner. Nadal 1 – 1 Stan. Game 8, Nadal serves at speed of 103 mph and win the point with another forehand winner, All in 4th set!!! Nadal totally faked his injury. No way serving like that with pain in the back. You can see more in tha AU open site: http://www.ausopen.com/en_AU/slamtracker/slamtracker.html?ts=1390826392267&ref=www.ausopen.com/en_AU/scores/extrastats/&syn=none&promo=IBMSlamTrackerLatestScores.

simba Says:


Nadal’s h2h against Stan is still 12-1, against Roger 23-10. If you want to count GS, that would be 9-2 against Roger and 0-1 against Stan.

You know what. 0-1 is called statistically insignificant. Just like a kid, who aced his first pop quiz then demanding an A. Nadal’s utter domination is irrefutable, try as you might. He beat Roger on grass, on hard court, indoor court for the long period of time. As I see it, Nadal works to overcome his weakness and gains on his opponent’s favorite surfaces, year by year. Federer kept retreating to his familiar territory coasting on his laurel. Alas, he is overrun by a determined foe. That’s why I am saying he is not working as hard as Nadal.

First you heard Federer worshipper saying “Wait until grass season”. Then, “wait until hard court season”. Then “wait until indoor season”. Nadal knocked each challenge down one by one.

I don’t why they call it rivalry any more. You should learn from Roddick who said “It is not a rivalry until I started winning a few of these matches”.

hawkeye Says:

So many negative comments towards Rafa from the multitudes of “Wawrinka” fans.

Not like all of the classy Federer fans.

Quite the contrast from the class shown by the Nadal fans after Fed lost.

Speaks volumes.

Skeezer Says:

I mentioned it sarcasticly because vamosheads post h2h all the time. Thats all they want to talk about. Why? I am sure ANY player will take Titles and Slams over a stat of one player. Its always been a futile argument. Nonetheless, I point out how Stan now is 1-0 in GS final and you types want to twist into a Rafa/Fed thing, again.
Congratulate Stan the Man and his epic achievement!
Grand Slam winner!

PS; some great posts in this thread!

Brando Says:

Folks need to stop with the childish belittling of Rafa or Fed whenever a opportunity present’s itself.

It’s kinder garden level stuff.

Regardless of what occurred yesterday I think any reasonably minded individual will realize:

1. Rafael Nadal had a phenomenal career prior to the AO final.

2. Rafael Nadal still has had a phenomenal career post the AO final.

4. Rafael Nadal will still likely have a phenomenal career post AO final.

And likewise with Fed: his loss to Rafa here hardly belittled his career in any manner.

So folks need to end with this tiresome back and forth.

It’s just childish, silly and more than anything:


Get a new hobby as this one is not the kind to give joy to an individual……..unless some enjoy being bitter all the time in that case:

Continue with the Vamos heads nonsense, Fed is a girl for crying or whatever trash.

Brando Says:

LOL: 3>4

skeezer Says:

c’mon, really? Just show immaturity by diverting the issue and trying to play the “Fan” card, LMAO. Speaks volumes.

Stan was awesome, wasn’t he?

skeezer Says:

btw you’t notice a ‘multitude” of fans posting here never claimed to be a Fed fan per se, just commenting on the match, and/or either Rafa or Stan. It’s the vamosheads that are whining…..noticed!

pigoonse Says:

There is an inner Fed fan in all who play and love tennis. I appreciate and admire Federer’s tennis, although I don’t cheer for the great man.

Federer said in an interview that he was cheering for his friend, Stan Wawrinka. And Djokovic was all class after losing to Stan giving sincere and genuine accolades to the new ATP #3. I reckon Nole was cheering for Stan to keep going and win AO.

Had to be strange for Nadal to get to a final and see Stan Wawrinka across the net. Strange too that Nadal was so out of sorts and could not manage to win, given how Nadal put everything out there to beat a pumped up and motivated Dimitrov.

But like another great Magnus Norman protégé who had the moxie for it, Stan was able to keep his head when Nadal’s game showed the opening.

Wawrinka managed well in the drama of the moment. Something that must make Federer very proud of his Olympic doubles partner.

Djokovic must have been least smiling broadly, if not laughing his as.s off and he will comeback strong.

Giles Says:

I wonder if ole fed is playing Davis Cup this weekend or is he leaving the burden to Wawa AGAIN!

Hippy Chic Says:

Pigoonse Rafa might have lost in the final,but at least he was good enough to get there,Novak lost in the semis,so i dont see how he will be smiling,he was the defending champion and lost his crown,and i very much doubt hes happy not one bit of it,if anything he was probably bitterly dissapointed,as he doesnt actually hold a GS now at the moment,with all due respect thats rather strange analysis.

Giles Says:

Jim Courier :
Rafa showing why he is a true champion of the game. He is doing this for Stan’s benefit at great cost to himself. #ausopen

skeezer Says:

“Stanislas Wawrinka capped an improbable Australian Open by winning his first Grand Slam defeating world No. 1 and heavy favorite Rafael Nadal
6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.”

hawkeye Says:

Similarities and differences between the runner up behaviour after the final yesterday compared to 2009.

Similarly, each great was trying to tie the great Pete Sampras.

Fortunately, the Master of Ceremonies wasn’t forced to give Rafa a chance to “settle down”.

Okiegal Says:

Tell us something we don’t know!! LOL.

Hippy Chic Says:

Funny how Roger was denied winning GS number 14 to tie Pete,and now the same thing has also happened to Rafa,and also at the AO too,it didnt matter much as Roger went on to win the FO and Wimbledon back to back to eventually surpass Pete,it would be uncanny if that were to happen again,and im sure Rafa will be more than fired up to try his best to make that happen,hes also now won the USO twice and been in 3 finals,so IMO its far to early to be writing him off just yet.

Giles Says:

Who is writing Rafa off? This is news to me!

Okiegal Says:

@Brando @10:06

A BIG FAT DITTO!!!!! I couldn’t agree more. Be proud of our favorites accomplishments and get on down the road. We are not going to change anyone’s opinion about player preference. I’m not going to belittle Roger, Novak, Andy, Stan……all are amazing athletes. Stan beat Rafa in the AO final and kudos to him. Stan is playing fantastic, beat Novak to get there, an amazing feat to get that done. What more is there to say……..STAN IS THE AO Champion and CONGRATULATIONS to him.

Giles Says:

23-10 and counting! This is for the poster who babbles constantly. That type knows who he is!
Vamos Rafa!

Pamela Says:

Simba – I am a federer fan. I respect Rafa for his game Not getting involved in statistics or the back and forth. I will say this though. You are talking about Federer as if these past few years sum up his entire career. Quite the opposite. Roger has had an amazing career. You seem to forget he is older than Rafa, Novaj, Andy, etc. the one comment of yours I do find ridiculous is how Roger cares more about modeling and Anna Wintour. For someone who appears to know Rafa as if he is family…..you are leaving out Rafa’s own affair with modeling and representing fashion houses! Why is that?

Ajet Says:

BS galore…

OK, the best thing to take for me from this AO was that dimitrov, who’s obviosly the one i am most excited about among the youngies, finally showed what he can do, he was awfully close to beating the greatest champion ever in the QF, the champ just survived dimitrov onslaught!! can’t wait for dimitrov to win his first slam!! really nothing better than a federer-like player starting winning slams finally! wish fed-styled elegant talented dimitrov to take over from where fed will leave, the baton of classiest talented tennis playing we would ever see(referring to the most talented tennis player of history federer obviously)!!!


Ajet Says:

actually hadn’t it been for the mental pressure surrounding dimitrov, which every player, even the most talented tennis player ever like federer undergoes, while facing the greatest tennis champion ever(read nadal), dimitrov woulda beaten rafa in straight sets!!! it didn’t happen this time, but it’ll surely happen next time, very soon, when dimitrov will finally beat the greatest ever champion nadal in a GS! can’t wait for that day!

MMT Says:

Hawkey said: “Nasty posts on here are from the same types of people that booed and jeered an injured player. Mostly federazzi types for which, while I don’t agree, I can understand their twisted motivation. 10-23 must be tough for them especially when they define themselves through others success. Sad to see.”

Why would you associate boos in a match with Wawrinka to Federer fans? I just assumed they were repeating the same sentiments the expressed towards Azarenka last year. It seems to me that Australians don’t like anything that looks unsporting, so when she ducked out of the match when she did, they let her have it. Same thing with Berdych when he refused to shake Almagro’s hand after their match in 2012.

I myself was suspicious given that I didn’t see any signs of problems before he got broken in the second set. Furthermore, he does have a history (albeit somewhat far removed at this point) of taking dubious injury time-outs.

Again, I don’t particularly care if he was “injured” or not – for all we know Wawrinka was carrying an injury throughout the tournament – but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume that the boos all game from Federer fans. After all, what’s it got to do with him?

hawkeye Says:

Hippy Chic, it certainly would be uncanny for the same to occur as it took Rafa to lose early and miss those two majors in 2009 for Fed to capitalize whereas that won’t help Rafa at all!

While the cat’s away…

Okiegal Says:

Don’t agree with the writer’s byline on this article…….Rafa wasn’t stunned, he was very disappointed because he knew he would not be able to bring a final that he knew the fans would want to and deserve to see. Didn’t have tears because he knew he would lose, strictly for disappointment.

Okiegal Says:


Stan was awesome!!

Brando Says:


Thanks and I completely agree.

We all can have and atate our own interpretation of how events unfolded in this years final but at the end of the day:

Bottom line is Wawrinka is the AO Champion. End off.

When you consider that he beat AO King Novak in avery tight 5 setter- clearly the guy was worthy winner just for that alone.

So yeah: sad for Rafa on how he lost, not the loss itself. But the dignity and grace he showed throughout it made me respect him even more than before.

Wawa winning also makes it a positive game changer at the top: we really have a ridiculously strong top tier in Men’s tennis now. Consider:

- Rafael Nadal
- Novak Djokovic
- Andy Murray

No need to state their case- we all know it.

- Stan Wawrinka: Peak of his career, world no.3, AO GS winner. He is no longer a dark horse- he’s a real big event contender.

- JMDP: The guy has been disappointing recently at slams but I still consider him as a threat for the big ones. Maybe I like him and his Tennis too much not see that he’s been under performing.

That’s 5 there, at or near their peak- ALL Slam winners. And then throw in:

- RF: The loss to Rafa aside, he was nothing but outstanding in Oz this year. He seems rejuvenated. Can I see him winning a Slam? I cannot say- I NEVER saw Wawa winning one and he just did. So who knows.

What I do believe is IF Fed plays like this at Wimby- he’s a threat. Big time.

That’s an exciting top 6 for me as any I can remember. All top draw players, all big threats.

Good times ahead I am sure!

Colin Says:

I have a question for those who claim that Nadal’s back problem was faked:
Wouldn’t the trainer (presumably a fully qualified physio) have known the difference between fake and reality?

Okiegal Says:

Stan lost that third set because he got so upset awhen Rafa went to the locker room for the MTO and nobody talked to him about. Are they supposed to? Is there a rule about that? Stan clearly got upset and he lost focus, that’s why he lost the third set…..I felt like the muscle relaxed or pain pill kicked in at that particular moment when Stan’ s play faltered a bit. But Stan regained his composure and got the job done. Congrats to him and his brilliant play……beating Novak was a great feat to be able to get to the final.

Grand Slam Says:

This post should be about Stan the Man – AO Champion! Instead it turned into a post about Nadal-Federer! How pathetic!!!!!

Kudos to Stan for making it happen. He is a Grand Slam champion and he definately deserved it! Now on to the rest of the year!!!!

Okiegal Says:

Brando, a great post. I couldn’t have stated it better myself……spot on. Aren’t we so lucky to love tennis like we do and can appreciate all of these great athletes! They all bring something to the table that makes each one of them unique. I love tennis and hope these guys are able to play forever……..not being realistic with that statement, of course. Agree with you about Fed and Wimby too. The guy is a beast on grass! Looking forward to it! I enjoy your remarks. Refreshing to say the least!! Okey dokey…..from Okie!

Giles Says:

Sorry chaps but no accolades from me for Wawa’s victory over an injured player. You all can praise him, gush over him but facts are facts. He beat an injured player. I may be wrong but I don’t see him winning another GS.
As a side note, his behaviour and attitude when Rafa took the MTO was nothing short of disgusting. He was shouting and arguing with the umpire demanding to know why Rafa took the MTO. I am not sure whether he was entitled to that information. I have never seen other players demanding information on opponents’ MTO’s. All in all, very disappointed with him and his attitude. Rafa, inspite of being injured refused to quit if only to give Wawa the respect he felt Wawa deserved to win his first GS. Read Jim Courier’s tweet which I have posted above.

skeezer Says:

^sore loser

Giles Says:

^^^ Are you a Wawa fan?

Giles Says:

Fed is the sore sore loser. Childishly complaining about Rafa’s grunting. Hahaha. Rafa has always grunted. No rules against it. Ask Shriekapova and Vika. He has had to go through 23-10 and hasn’t heard Rafa grunting before now?
Now that is a sore loser. He himself said losing in straight sets wasn’t cool!!!

Okiegal Says:

@grand slam

I am a Rafa fan, but the writer of this article stuck an injured Rafa into the byline. If I were Stan I would be more upset about that than the director not telling him about the MTO Rafa took. Is this in the rules that they are supposed to do that? . Yes, I agree that the byline should have stated that Stan was the new Aussie Open champion.

But I know you have been on this forum long enough that it always goes back to Roger and Rafa……..just why that is, I don’t know!!

courbon Says:

In the middle of this mini war that is raging, here is my thoughts on current and near future tennis:
So, with the new ranking out, we have now NEW TENNIS ORDER.With Wawrinka third and Delpo fourth it looks like the best players are in order ( Nadal, novak, Stan, Delpo ) but here is big anomaly-Murray at number 6!So with the immense sucsess that Stan just had, and Delpo over last 3 months they will also possibly get Murray ( can be also Bedrych, Tsonga etc…), Nadal and Novak ( or other way around ) to beat for the future titles.
Now, that easier said then done.I know Stan just did that,but can he do on the regular basis like original BIG 4?Keeping this in mind, here is how I see players going in to season 2014:
NADAL:In top form, going in to clay season.But, final showed that he is mortal ( same as Novak ),prone to injuries and pressure is here now to defend, I think 6000 points.Hard times begin, but he is number 1, for reason.He may continue dominance from 2013-anything is possible with this guy.
NOVAK: Big match player that…hmmm..has a problem with the Big matches since 2012!He look like he waked up after US Open-he was amazing in the fall but AO?Hopefully, that was just a blip, Wawrinka was great that day and Novak will continue fight against Bull.Question mark on Novak.
MURRAY:He’ll be back to top form but hard to know how long will take.
WAWRINKA:I’v read couple of journalist yesterday wrote that he turned BIG 4 upside down.Ranking wise yes, but for how long?I remember when Delpo won slam in 2009-exactly same was said.And we know how it turned up to be…Positives are that he is very confident and he plays good on clay which is just around corner.Negatives-28 year old, not that fast…
DELPO: I gave up predicting on him.God only knows what he will do.
all the rest will try to do WAWA: Bedrych, Tsonga, Ferrer…
and last:FEDERER: Not much to say-he belongs to group that I mentioned above so anything can happen with him.

So, in in the new tennis order we will have in Dubai everybody apart from Nadal.Which means Wawrinka will be seeded 2!And we will see first glimpses how he does after AO, how Novak does (revenge?) and all the rest. Interesting times ahead.

skeezer Says:

“Are you a Wawa fan?”

Yes, i am a Fan of Tennis.

Slice Tennis,
Get well soon. LMAO.

gonzalowski Says:

Peter you’re more indecent as the ones who booed at the stadium, you al least has the confirmation Nadal was injured

gonzalowski Says:

‘than the ones’ sorry

gonzalowski Says:

Congratulations to Stan, deserved victory, but we don’t know what had happenned without the injury.
How many time Nadal has won after being outplayed? many.
But well, injuries are part of the match. IMO super-physical Nadal’s game favours these injuries, maybe the smoother federer injuries less because of that.

gonzalowski Says:

Jose Felciano is so retard that he can’t spell his proper name well

MMT Says:

Giles – I think your analysis of Wawrinka is off the mark. Did you read his press conference? He said earlier in the match when Nadal asked for the trainer, it appeared to him that Nadal was checking his feet. Then he got some treatment for his back and then went off the court, so he wanted to know from the umpire what he was going off-court for.

It is his right to know since it is also his right to question whether the rules of oncourt/offcourt treatment have been followed. The rules on how, when and where a player may receive treatment and where they may receive treatment are specific. The only way for Wawrinka to ascertain whether those rules are being followed, is for him to know the details. And remember that the player is there by himself, there is no coach or team official to advocate on his behalf.

Strangely, rather than tell Wawrinka what he should have known, the umpire told him that he was going to wait to see what the trainer said when he came out on court again. But this answer doesn’t make any sense – the umpire has to know what he is receiving treatment for in order to determine whether the rules for treatment are being followed. In other words, the umpire had a reason, but simply refused to tell Wawrinka, and I suspect this contributed to his agitation. Not the time-out itself, but the umpire refusal to say what it was for.

By the way, if in fact, he didn’t know, then he would have been derelect – which is also Wawrinka’s right to know and argue against.

When the referee, Wayne McEwan was called to the court to discuss it with Wawrinka, he simply told him what he knew, and that was the end of it. I cannot understand why Ramos didn’t do the same as McEwan.

The thing to remember is that a player has nobody to advocate for him, so he must advocate for himself. And IF he suspects that something afoul may have been afoot, concealing information that there is no reason to conceal, would only inflame those suspicions.

Now as a Nadal fan, who is committed to arguing almost anything negative said about him here, I’m sure my words are lost on you – but hopefully someone else reading will no longer be left with the impression that Wawrinka just has a bad attitude.

I too have not seen any player demanding to know whether they should be told the injury of their opponent, but I suspect that’s because most other umpires simply divulge what they know straight away.

Brando Says:


Great post and I agree about the min-war reference. Putting on my helmet and walking through that dangerous territory I say:

I agree with you thoughts going forward for me:


Equals IMO. Both can do anything, always dangerous but have issues: Rafa- physical, Novak- mental. When mind and body is right for both then really it’s tough to look beyond them as they are so complete and consistent.


He will be back to his best and like you said it’s only a question of: by when? At his best an equal of RAFOLE in my opinion.


I agree his speed/ movement on the court and also return is nowhere near the above mentioned 3, but everything else is there now. Mentally? It’s hard to doubt him now since he’s beat the big names in the big stage matches and also is uber confident right now. He’s got nothing to lose with everything being a bonus now really. And on Clay he’s a real threat.


Ditto. Only God knows what this shall do. Got the game, mind but is too unpredictable.

That’s a brilliant 5. And add FED to the mix and it’s clear:

Unpredictable and exciting times ahead.

van orten Says:

maybe everyone has their own habbit. nadals is to panic, freak out or tricks in a moment he does not feel right and capable to win on that particular day vs a tough opponent. so he calls the trainer. or hillariously takes a break to go to wc.
it is funny but could be funnier with him losing more matches where he calls trainer and other stuff and wins most of them. some mentioned rg 2011. that one was meany and you all know it.
but..thats part of the game. the problem is he has a gift in making life of opponents very difficult..

ultimate challenger. the challenge. and as soon he starts losing more regulary people now against him will cheer for him when he is number 9 in the world and trying to win one more rg to make it 12 trophies there .

you can make you own mind with how many gs he will retire .

definitely a great player

hawkeye Says:

At least Jose Felciano couldn’t watch his guy get straighted in the semis. Ouch!

Listening to federazzi in majors is like Charlie Brown and Lucy holding the football.

Charlie Brown is the federazzi and their misplaced hope is the football.

Rafa is Lucy yanking the football away again and again!

Too funny!!!!

Can I get a 10-23!!!!


(May not get published but still funny, no?)

hawkeye Says:

Try try again…

MMT, I just hope you don’t compare crowd reaction to Azarenka’s MTO with the jeers towards Rafa, do you???

There were no jeers, only scattered applause when Azarenka returned from her MTO as shown below.


There were only a few limited barely audible jeers but only after her post-match on-court interview after she had admitted the MTO was because of “nerves”.

Compare that to half the crowd (about right) that loudly jeered one of the best sportsmen in the world today.

Simply classless.

Ben Pronin Says:

Missed the insight, MMT, good to have you.

Okiegal Says:


You make a good point here. Great sensible post!

courbon Says:

@ Brando: I just read your post that you posted before me.That was your take, quite similar-but we do think similar, don’t we?
So we have the brilliant 6 then?
This AO was strange for me not having Novak in the final and final match was bizzare.But, this AO did created this new order which will be exciting.Indian Wells will be first tournament with all big guns-War starts there!

Steve 27 Says:

Rafa will win RG 2014. He will surpass the 14 majors of Sampras.

Hippy Chic Says:

Steve 27 if Rafa wins RG he will equal Samprass but not surpass him,which other slam do you think he will get to surpass Sampras,thats if he does in fact win RG?

Okiegal Says:

Regarding the MTO……I guess a player has the right to know but I don’t think I have ever seen a player get so upset as Stan did. I thought it was rather odd. He clearly was aggravated by it and I truly believe he lost focus and lost the 3rd set because of it. I was surprised by his actions and even the commentators said that Stan needed to let that go and get back down to business, which he did and got it done.

Steve 27 Says:

Another RG or a 3 US Open, his second best major now, it seems. Maybe another AO, next year will be, probably , his last chance to win it. But for me, 2 more majors are expectable, hippy chic.

Hippy Chic Says:

Steve 27 i like your summary,i hope your right,would love another HC GS especially if its an AO eventually.

Giles Says:

@MMT. Why was Wawa demanding to know what the MTO was for? Back, foot, knee, hands – why should it matter to him unless he was contemplating targeting the injury in question. I do not think he had any right to do so. Where in the rule book does it say that a player an demand to know his opponent’s injury? As I said I have never ever seen this behaviour from any other player on tour. His attitude was all wrong. And he is supposed to be one of the nice guys!! Hmmmm

Giles Says:

@MMT. BTW I have also never heard umpires divulge anything about a player’s injury to the opponent when an MTO has been called. He was just being dogged IMO. There was no need.

Polo Says:

Tennis is such a wimpy sport. Even figure skating does not allow medical time outs.

skeezer Says:

Can we please put a cap on the whining sour grapes posts? Getting so old already!

“Stanislas Wawrinka capped an improbable Australian Open by winning his first Grand Slam defeating world No. 1 and heavy favorite Rafael Nadal
6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

“For me [the Australian Open] is the best Grand Slam ever,” said Wawrinka.”

SG1 Says:


Ronnie Lott had part of his pinky finger amputated just to get back in a football game. Hockey players routinely absorb slap shots and sticks to the face without the need for a medial timeout. There’s no doubt that tennis players aren’t as tough as some athletes from other sports. This being said, I think Rafa is about as physically tough as any tennis player that’s ever laced up a pair of tennis shoes. All tennis players, at one time or another, have taken an MTO. It’s in the rules so they take advantage of it. You don’t think football players fake injuries to slow down the clock at the end of a game or to give their teammates a breather? Every sport has rules that can be taken advantage of. I’m not interested in seeing guys retire in the middle of a final if an MTO can fix them up and keep them going.

Daniel Says:


Other players never went to similiar situation and yoi din’t recall it because the umpire informs the players the reason for the MTO. Don’t you see that any match when there is a MTO the other player always talks with umpire.

No player, specially when winning, sits down and wait the MTO without knowing why.

But one thing you are right, the oponent want to know what’s happening because he sure will use it to his advantage.
If it is cramps, make him run and drop shots and etc.
It is their right to know and what umpire did, as explained by MMT was strange. The umpire know because Nadal had to inform him what was the MTO for.

Hope it clarifys but get some knowlwdge first before state your “view” without knowing for sure.

Daniel Says:

“@MMT. BTW I have also never heard umpires divulge anything about a player’s injury to the opponent when an MTO has been called. He was just being dogged IMO. There was no need.”

Yo must not watch many tennis macthes!;-)

moam Says:

Great win for a great player. For years the tennis world wondered which male would be the next to break thru and win a major. Wawrinka was not one mentioned in those conversations. He’ll be part of all slam conversations now! He’s no longer just “the other Swiss player.”

Dan Martin Says:

I’ve got two new pieces up on the post-Australian Open landscape at http://tennisabides.com – I like the above wordpress entry as well!

Purcell Says:

Many, many congratulations to Stan for an outstanding tournament. He played a courageous final with a delicious mixture of power, finesse and shot selection and he had the b**** to stand up to a surprise Oscar nominee too.
On all counts I hope this victory serves as inspiration and encouragement to the young pretenders and those who have been hovering around the top 10-20 for some time.
On a different note, I’m truly saddened that this achievement has been overshadowed by ‘injurygate’ outpourings in media/blogs/commentaries and the ceaseless eulogising during the presentation ceremony. Oh and Virginia Wade claiming an asterisk and Andrew Castle practically requiring smelling salts…….what the hell,is going on here?
Stan, you really are the man, unlike the boy who cried wolf.

volley Says:

@skeezer Says:
“Yes, i am a Fan of Tennis”

he is a fan of any player who beats nadal and helps to preserve roger’s slam record. as are most fed fans.

skeezer Says:

volley, true, I like Fed. But I will be here when he is gone, cause I enjoy the game of Tennis, not infatuated by a person. Before Fed there was Agassi, Sampras, Edberg, Borg, Mac, all reasons to enjoy the game. Will you?

Also, be careful how you phrase me. You can apply the same phrase to vamosheads. just put in Rafa’s name where you would put Feds.

Pitchaboy Says:

Looks like the road to 17 runs through the Alps.

Pitchaboy Says:

Rafa may well have been injured. But, having pulled the injury card after several key defeats, some followers conclude that this is theater to strengthen the myth that only an injured Rafa loses. And to any rational person, that is a bunch of crock

SG1 Says:

Anyone consider the possibility that Rafa is only really beatable when injured? It’s possible. I haven’t seen a healthy Rafa lose to anyone recently. He doesn’t lose to Federer. He doesn’t lose to Novak anymore. He doesn’t lose to Murray (though they don’t play much). Maybe he’s so good that the only way to beat him during slam season is to wait for an injury.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

He doesn’t lose to Novak anymore.

He lost to Novak three times last year without winning a set. It was Monte Carlo, Bejing, and London. Was he injured then?

Pitchaboy Says:

Rafa kool aid aplenty

skeezer Says:

Rafa was looking the best I have seen on the faster courts of AO this year. Then he met Stan….

vinod2vin Says:

^ like :)

Okiegal Says:

Rafa has met Stan 13 times.

Joe W Says:

SG1, Federer turned pro in 1998 and may have retired once in all of the matches he’s played. And you could count on one hand the number of MTOs taken. He’s never missed substantial parts of seasons after tough losses. Fed is like Cal Ripken – the ironman of tennis getting it done with class.

Michael Says:

Is Wawarinka’s arrival to the big stage is for real ? True, he played some scintillating Tennis to get his first major. To beat Novak and then Rafa (even if he is injured) to clinch the title is something awesome which Wawa can clearly be proud of. But the big question is whether he can take this forward and be a leading contender in other majors as well ? One may remember that Del Potro promised much in 2009 after beating Rafa and Roger back to back at the US Open, but failed to live up to it. To his disadvantage Wawarinka is already 28 and probably he has two years of good Tennis left in him. This man really has everything to make him a Champion -bludgeoning serve, lethal forehand and has one of the most beautiful strokes in ATP tour – his spectacular backhand which is just a poetry in motion. He derives such brutal power when delivering his backhand which unsettles his opponents. He can execute both down the line and cross court shots with amazing ease with that unique backhand and I think even the Great Roger would be jealous of it that he doesn’t enjoy such a stroke in his repertoire. But the big question is why such a player could win only 5 tournamnets so far and that too inconsequential tournaments ? Wawarinka has been pretty inconsistent player on the tour and that has been his downfall. We can only wait and see whether this Australian Open win would reinvigorate him and make him a contender on the big stage and discover that consistency quotient. Now his greatness will be demonstrated with the way he follows up with his success. But for now, there is a big churning at the top order and Wawrinka has clearly announced his arrival by becoming not only Swiss No.1 and coming out of the shadaw of a giant but also by becoming the new World No.3.

Michael Says:

Is Wawarinka’s arrival to the big stage is for real ? True, he played some scintillating Tennis to get his first major. To beat Novak and then Rafa (even if he is injured) to clinch the title is something awesome which Wawa can clearly be proud of. But the big question is whether he can take this forward and be a leading contender in other majors as well ? One may remember that Del Potro promised much in 2009 after beating Rafa and Roger back to back at the US Open, but failed to live up to it. To his disadvantage Wawarinka is already 28 and probably he has two years of good Tennis left in him. This man really has everything to make him a Champion -bludgeoning serve, lethal forehand and has one of the most beautiful strokes in ATP tour – his spectacular backhand which is just a poetry in motion. He derives such brutal power when delivering his backhand which unsettles his opponents. He can execute both down the line and cross court shots with amazing ease with that unique backhand and I think even the Great Roger would be jealous of it that he doesn’t enjoy such a stroke in his repertoire. But the big question is why such a player could win only 5 tournamnets so far and that too inconsequential tournaments ? Wawarinka has been pretty inconsistent player on the tour and that has been his downfall. We can only wait and see whether this Australian Open win would reinvigorate him and make him a contender on the big stage and discover that consistency quotient. Now his greatness will be demonstrated with the way he follows up with his success. But for now, there is a big churning at the top order and Wawrinka has clearly announced his arrival by becoming not only Swiss No.1 and coming out of the shadow of a giant but also by becoming the new World No.3.

skeezer Says:

Good stuff ;)

Slice Tennis,
Where are u? Or are u Giles, Hawkeye, holdserve, mem, roy, or any of the rest of the vamosheads sockpuppets? You types have run amok here with trash talkn garbage, with no consequences.
Now? Silence.
I have a “Forbes” official top 100 Global Power Celebrity list for ya, wanna see it? I have a link.
Rafa is #51. Good for him.
Where is Oprah? And Who is the number #1 Global Athlete on the list? Mmmmmm…the man…the myth…the legend…the most marketable Athlete…the. GOAT.

Humble Rafa Says:

For the first time in my life, I saw a Swiss national hit 3 backhands in a row – not just any backhand but down the line backhand.

I am still recovering from that.

I tried my Swiss strategy – moonball to the backhand and it blew up in my face and injured my back.

Humble Rafa Says:

Now that the neutral country has a decent number 1 player and a half decent no. 2, let’s see if they can win the Davis Cup.

courbon Says:

@ Bad Knee Rulees: I did not read your link but I’tell you:The way the Stan played against Nadal-tactics wise, I thought it’s Novak playing.Right?

Michael Says:

Thanks Skeezer !!

Courbon – What Novak did with double handed back hand to unsettle Nadal, Wawrinka did with one handed backhand and that is really amazing to watch when this aspect of single handed backhand is just eclipsing from the circuit with few players opting for it. Even the coaches advise the young ones who take up Tennis to only switch over to double handed backhand rather than rely on single handed ones. It requires great talent, control, balance and natural artistry to play single handed backhand.

Okiegal Says:

@Joe W

You are so right. Fed doesn’t even sweat. The guy has great athletic genes. One lucky dude!! I don’t suppose he has ever turned his ankle. Unheard of in sports. The back thingy, but he was older when that happened and the mono, well anybody could contract that as much traveling as the players have to do. Yes, he has always been amazingly healthy. He’s a natural athlete. It seems to come easy for him.

Steve 27 Says:

And people say we Never will see another player with a single BH win a GS again. Yeah, right. Myths are for historians, it doesnt works for sports.

Giles Says:

skeezer. Not interested in Forbes so stick it. More importantly the fake goat can’t beat his nemesis the Great Rafael Nadal
23-10 and counting
Vamos Champ!

Giles Says:

Daniel. I think you missed my point. I did say I wasn’t sure whether the opponent was entitled to know the reason for an MTO. My gripe is against Wawa’s attitude in all of this. He was behaving like a hooligan IMO. The man has a lot to learn. I am really looking forward to his next encounter with Rafa!

metan Says:

Your post at 6.27pm
….unlike the boy who cried wolf….
Rafa might be cried wolf that showed he is human but he could come back and played like a wolf and that’s is the most important . A player who could conquer all his adversities is a TRUE champion.

Giles Says:

I was reading this article and wondered why Wawa was at pains to convince the world that he was a deserved winner
He knows very well his victory will always have a question mark. Could he have beaten a fit and healthy Rafa? I have to say NO. The man has never taken a set off Rafa in 12 meetings. Ok fine he won the first set playing lights out tennis but the big question is could he have maintained that level for 5 sets over a fit Nadal? My answer has to be NO!!!

Bad Knee Rules Says:



skeezer Says:

“My gripe is against Wawa’s attitude in all of this. He was behaving like a hooligan IMO. The man has a lot to learn. ”
Put your name in Wawa’s place. Now read again. Thank you.

SG1 Says:

“Giles Says:

Ok fine he won the first set playing lights out tennis but the big question is could he have maintained that level for 5 sets over a fit Nadal? My answer has to be NO!!!”

I say YES! Stan is much stronger and younger than Federer. He could have slugged it out with Rafa and come out on top. Records and streaks are ultimately made to be broken. Roddick eventually beat Federer. Gerulaitis eventually beat Connors. Streaks and records look impregnable until they’re broken. Stan has the game to beat Rafa. Belief is another story. We’ll have to wait for the re-match to see how much confidence Stan picked up from this win.

Giles Says:

SG1. For what it’s worth I don’t think Wawa will be beating a healthy Nadal any time soon. We shall have to wait and see.

SG1 Says:

“Bad Knee Rules Says:

He lost to Novak three times last year without winning a set. It was Monte Carlo, Bejing, and London. Was he injured then?”

Agreed. He did lose to Novak several times. But not in a slam. And he hasn’t lost to Novak in a slam for a while. My point is that he doesn’t seem to lose 3 out of 5 set matches unless he’s hurt. He is head and shoulders above his peers mentally. His strength of will, more than any other single component of his game, beats his opponents. I think it’s unfortunate that he isn’t appreciated more. It’s unlikely we’ll someone of his nature come along again in our life times (at least mine anyway).

I think that Nadal is very slam-centric. Like Sampras, he doesn’t care as much about the other tournaments. He’s so dominant on red clay that he can win non-slam events on the stuff even if he’s not playing with the intensity he reserves for the majors.

SG1 Says:


It’d be nice to see them slug it out in Paris. They both consider this their best surface. I hope it happens. I would pick Rafa against anyone ever on the red dirt. This being said, Wawa will have something to prove and Rafa will want to re-assert his slam dominance. A lot of very interesting plot lines.

hawkeye Says:

Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s a moot point.

Rafa was a set and a break down to Delpo in the finals at IW last year and won.

Federer was a set (and perhaps a break) down against Murray at Wimby 2012 and came back and won.

This is why they play the best of five!

Many examples of this for sure, no?

The great players can do this. Rafa’s comments after beating Fed are worth noting:

“So when the match is coming and the match is longer, then that’s more difficult. Because physically is very difficult for me, for him, for everybody to play with that intensity of trying to play that aggressive during a few hours, no, because mentally and physically is very tough.

So when the match is going on, I know that I will have the chance to hit a little bit more rallies. That’s the position that I want to be. So is very important to resist the score at the beginning.”

Stay humble my friends!

Okiegal Says:

@SG1@ 12:33

Won’t elaborate……great post……spot on!!

When Rafa won his first USO, he had tweaked his serve and was serving very good, a major change and I feel that was another reason he won. But after that he had another injury problem because of the serve tweak. I thought his serve was better during the AO than it had been. Was wondering if he’d changed his serve in anyway to cause the blister and in turn cause the back strain. Since I have never played tennis just curious if this could be the reason?? He had played some tough matches prior to the final. Would someone with tennis mechanics help me out with this question?? Thanks!

Okiegal Says:

I think Rafa gives the best analysis of explaining the matches…..a language barrier every now and then, but I understand exactly what is trying to say for the most part.

8 Things I Think I Thought About Wawrinka, Nadal, The GOAT Debate And The Australian Open Says:

[...] Stan Is The Man I have to admit, I’m still in shock that Stan is a Grand Slam champion. Those words, they don’t fit together quite [...]

Hippy Chic Says:

SG1 the last time Rafa lost to Nole in a GS was the AO in 2012,come the FO it will be 18 months since Nole won his last GS,and to add hes been beaten by Rafa,Andy and Stan now in GS,without bringing him down as hes still an amazing player,but he doesnt actually hold a GS now,Rafa still made the final on whats considered his worst surface,and Nole lost in the semis on his best surface,so Rafa at least was in contention where as Nole wasnt,like i say hes an amazing player but hes not the player he was in 2011/2012,lets see what the rest of the year brings??

Ahfi Says:

Giles, can you tell me how the world could have ‘seen’ a back problem without RAFA ACTING IT OUT, folding over etc. etc.? I never ‘saw’ Federer’s mono, nor his back problem. Never ‘saw’ Serena’s back problem? I guess I agree with you, we are blind because we did not ‘see’ Nadal’s back problem. Also the spectators who booed Nadal did not ‘see’ his back problem. There are so many blind people, huh? I wonder why. By the way, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, and Nadal really goes by this saying. He acts one thing and then when asked, he says, “OH, NO. I DON’T WANT TO GO THERE. I DON’T WANT TO TAKE CREDIT FROM THE OTHER PERSON” HMMMMM.

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