Practice Partner Thomas Drouet: Bernard Tomic’s Dad Has Treated Me Like A Dog For Six Months!
by Tom Gainey | May 6th, 2013, 11:10 am

The case against Bernard Tomic’s deranged father, John Tomic, keeps getting worse. After assaulting Bernard’s practice partner this weekend, the victim, Thomas Drouet, has detailed a very long, sordid history of abuse by the senior Tomic.

In a damning report from the Herald Sun, Drouet reveals John Tomic treated him like a dog for months and months, spat in his face and refused payment. He also watched John punch Bernard in the jaw, an incident that took place just last week in Madrid and one that left the 20-year-old in tears.

The story came to light when reports of John Tomic head-butting Drouet surfaced yesterday. Drouet said the incident occurred Saturday afternoon while he and John were walking outside of their Madrid hotel.

Drouet was taken by ambulance for treatment. With a neck brace and a his nose bandaged, the 29-year-old Frenchman will be unable to earn practice money the next few weeks to allow the injuries to heal.

Meanwhile, John Tomic, who’s had a history of misconduct, was arrested and reportedly already spent time in jail. He now faces court hearings in Madrid and will likely receive severe disciplinary action and a potential life ban from the ATP.

In all of this, one has to feel very, very sorry for Bernard who’s had to suffer so long with this sicko father.

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20 Comments for Practice Partner Thomas Drouet: Bernard Tomic’s Dad Has Treated Me Like A Dog For Six Months!

nadalista Says:

“His tantrums on the practice court are common and he has often threatened to switch Bernard’s allegiance to Croatia unless his demands are met.” (Herald Sun)

Well, Tennis Australia should take this opportunity to present him with the “switching” papers and help him with the formalities!


the DA Says:

In keeping with the theme, the 5 worst dads in tennis:

Interesting it includes the fathers of Mary Pierce and Jennifer Capriati. After they distanced themselves they continued to win slams.

Margot Says:

I read that DA. These horrible, horrible fathers actually hit their daughters, if they lost matches or didn’t practise hard enough. That’ll make them improve all righty.
Found it shocking and upsetting, can’t believe that people didn’t know about this.
Only scum bags hit women and children.

the DA Says:

@ margot – “Only scum bags hit women and children”

Yep. Zero tolerance. And I speak from personal experience.

Sean Randall Says:

So Tomic’s dad really is a butthead!

Seriously, with him likely out of the way maybe this will help the kid.

Wog boy Says:

^^ That is what I thought, he couldn’t get rid of John himselfs, now ATP/ITF will do that for him.

BTW, John pleaded not guilty, stating selfdefence in Spanish court.
Have you seen the size of Frenchman compare to John;)

RZ Says:

Very sad and makes me feel more sympathy for Bernie than I had in the past. I read somewhere that he has a sister who also plays tennis. Hopefully she has escaped such abuse.

Wog boy Says:

One more thing, if it was infront of the hotel I am pretty sure they have it on CCTV.

skeezer Says:

Butting heads in self defence? Uh?. Bernard take care Dude, must be really tough with a Dad like that :(.

nadalista Says:

Drouet speaks to L’Equipe. John Tomic is a psychopath, he belongs behind bars, never mind him being banned from the Tours:


chico Says:

Fight is on Bernard, try to keep the eye on the ball. Hope you find a sensible voice somewhere to listen to.

roy Says:

yes, dokic, tomic, psychopath families. obnoxious, headcase players.
maybe tennis australia can quit pumping money into yugoslav immigrants and start looking after their own.

Wog boy Says:

Read this article and tell me if you cried after you read it. I did cry, Yugoslav’s never give up on their kids, nor they give them away, nor they take kids from their parents because they are poor. This has been done by civilized West, not barbaric Balkan. Read it, please.

nadalista Says:

There is a poster here who has made it his mission to bring up his opinion of how Rafa’s relationship with Toni is dysfunctional at every opportunity.

Strange, this relationship Professor has, todate, been eloquently silent about Bernie Tomic’s relationship with his father.

Tells you all you need to know about some of the characters who post on here.

I guess, to him, John and Bernard Tomic’s is the epitome of a functional relationship.

There are truly sick people in this world…….

the_mind_reels Says:


Nobody has made any such comments about Nadal and his uncle Toni on this thread, so I’m not sure why you need to bring it up unless you just want to rock the boat.

nadalista Says:


Please read my post again, SLOWLY. Where did I say on this thread? I am free to note anything mentioned on this Blog, in any post of mine, so don’t you think you can come on here and tell me what to write, ON THIS THREAD.

The fact that you saw fit to respond to my post means I touched a nerve……… are you the one who was rocking the boat on the matter on another thread?

the_mind_reels Says:


Nope, that’s not me, but thanks for asking! (You probably knew that already, though, since the poster who apparently does enjoy commenting on Rafa and Toni’s relationship elsewhere on this site has a different username from mine.)

There’s no need to break out the capital letters and the threatening tone or to list your rights as a poster on this blog. Of course, you’re free to say whatever you’d like, and I’m not telling you what you can or cannot say, so, you know, just calm down a bit.

The point of my comment was simple: this post is a discussion about Tomic and his father. I did as you instructed and read your post again…slowly. You’re right, there wasn’t any mention of Rafa/Toni on this thread — that is, until you brought it up, seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s clear that you’re bothered by some other poster who seems to think that Rafa and Toni have a dysfunctional relationship and who enjoys picking fun at it, and your frustration is totally warranted. It’s annoying, and I’d be bothered too if I were a big Rafa fan. I was simply suggesting that it seems only to invite that person to make more comments like this if you bring it up basically out of nowhere.

Giles Says:

nadalista. Rafa/Uncle Toni – I know exactly who you are referring to. #BrainDead

M Says:

“Very sad and makes me feel more sympathy for Bernie than I had in the past.”

What you said, RZ.

(And roy …

that’s just rude. *smh*)

sheila Says:

abusive parents like thise should follow in the footsteps of class act parents like nadals, federer’s & murrays mom. these parents seem genuinely supportive, non controlling & looking out for the best interest of their child

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