US Open Announces 37% Increase In Prize Money, Singles Champions Will Earn A Record $2.6M
by Staff | July 31st, 2013, 11:07 am

The US Open today announced it’s prize money distribution for their upcoming 2013 event, and the players should be pleased. The tournament will raise prize money levels at least by a whopping 37% over last year for each round. The singles winner will earn a Grand Slam record $2.6 million.

A sign of the times perhaps, the loser in the first round of singles this year will make $32,000 which is $2k more than Jimmy Connors was awarded for his 1976 US Open title. The eight semifinalists will also take home more than Pete Sampras’s $600K for winning in 1996.

Several players have expressed their disenchantment over the prize money at the US Open and at other Slams, but after increases across the board they should be a happier group this year.

The tournament also increased doubles by 12.7% and raised wheelchair competition bringing the total purse of the tournament to a record $34.3M.

The US Open begins August 26.

2013 US OPEN PRIZE MONEY BREAKDOWN (singles, men & women):
Winner: $2.6 million (a 37% increase)
Runner-up: $1.3 million (a 37% increase)
Semifinalist: $650,000 (a 37% increase)
Quarterfinalist: $325,000 (a 37% increase)
Round of 16: $165,000 (a 38% increase)
Round of 32: $93,000 (a 43% increase)
Round of 64: $53,000 (a 43% increase)
Round of 128: $32,000 (a 39% increase)

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17 Comments for US Open Announces 37% Increase In Prize Money, Singles Champions Will Earn A Record $2.6M

skeezer Says:

Wow, just WOW.

courbon Says:

Here is extra motivation for Novak to win this year…

Giles Says:

^^^ How about the others then?

Ty Says:

Dope. Dope Dope. Dope.

courbon Says:

@ Giles: Others as well, off course.I mention Novak because I support him, but everybody loves money!

James Says:

Anyone living in Montreal here?

Djokoivc, Murray & Nadal will practice during Hygrade & Pom Family Weekend from Aug
2-4. The best part: It’s free!

Check out the link below for the exact date and time and practice partner of the players:

James Says:

^for the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

Humble Rafa Says:

That is barely enough money for players with a family to feed (with children and “big” adults).

If you consider the number of hours we practice and recover, it is slightly above minimum wage.

SG1 Says:

No wonder a normal family can’t afford to go to sporting events anymore.

Brando Says:

This is peanuts. When you consider how much money the players bring into the game surely they should get more for winning the big ones.

Steve 27 Says:

The american dream is back!

SG1 Says:


You honestly believe an athlete should be making 2.6M for winning one event? We’re all tennis fans in here but dude…come on. These are some ridiculous numbers. I have no issues with fattening up the prize number for the lower rounds but proportionally increasing the $’s for everyone seems crazy. How exactly does this benefit the tennis fan? It is after all the fans that make these guys rich.

SG1 Says:

It’s no wonder players can no longer relate to the people who actually make them rich.

Steve 27 Says:

sg1, tell that to Florentino Perez and Arab sheiks

SG1 Says:

The two wrongs make a right argument. Please explain why a tennis player deserves a 37% raise from one year to the next. There are a lot of valuable people out there doing more valuable things than playing tennis and getting a pay cut let alone a 37% pay raise. No doubt that the players fought hard for this one and why wouldn’t they?

You want to get paid like a god then act and play like one. No stupid last minute withdrawals (like Fed did today). I’ll take my 37% pay raise while flipping a bird to the fans who made me rich in the first place. Disgusting.

Brando Says:

@SG1: I can understand how you feel and NO: I don’t think a person should win millions for playing a game for 2 weeks. Heck: even Andy Murray said his Wimby cheque was a silly amount. The reason why I said it was peanuts was: when you look at how much the players bring into the game and then look at how much they earn, then clearly they are entitled for a bigger cut. The Market is insane, and yep: it is the fans who end up paying the buck. But surely the players are entitled to a fairer share when it is they who are main reason for generating these crazy figures right? But yep: in a ideal world there would be a fairer, more sane financial setup that suits fans, players etc. But clearly we live in a insane world: when folks are interested in the likes of Kim Kardashian then that is reason enough to come to such a conclusion, let alone the ignorance to poverty, inequality between 1st/3rd world countries etc.

SG1 Says:

In most pro sports (like the NFL or even the PGA Tour), the monies brought in by the athletes pale in comparison to what the athletes actually make (a scary thought). Tennis isn’t any different.

I’m not blind to the fact that over time, there is an increase in pay. However, the numbers just don’t make sense. From 1996 to 2013, the USO has gone from giving the winner $600K to $2.6M. Is this normal? I don’t know anyone who’s had that kind of pay increase over a 17 year period while effectively doing the same job. Has the cost of living over the past 17 years really quadrupled?

Then you hear the players whine about how long the season is…I don’t like blue clay…doping (aka cheating)…I’ll pull out of this tournament or that one because I’m tired this week or there’s a major next week etc. etc. etc. It’s pathetic. The next time a players starts to whine about anything, I’m tuning them out. Millionaires bitching while making more millions. Don’t want to hear it.

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