Looks Like Rafael Nadal Is Returning To South America Next February
by Staff | September 17th, 2013, 12:22 pm

Rafael Nadal has announced that he’ll play the inaugural Rio Open held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil starting February 15, 2014.

After recovering from a knee injury which forced him out of the Australian Open, Nadal returned to South America this past February with good success, reaching the final in Vina del Mar followed by titles in Sao Paulo and Acapulco.

The trip bolstered Nadal’s confidence and launched what has become one of his finest seasons.

“I am looking forward to playing for the first time ever in Rio de Janeiro. I have heard so much about the city, and now I will finally have the opportunity to be there,” said Nadal. “All around the world, when I play, I can feel the love of the Brazilian people.”

David Ferrer will also join Nadal at the clay stop in Rio, the only combined ATP/WTA tournament on the continent. The event replaces the long-standing Memphis event which will still be held just as a smaller, 250 tournament using the San Jose sanction.

Before then, Nadal is still expected to be in Buenos Aires this November following the ATP Finals to face David Nalbandian in a special exhibition.

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81 Comments for Looks Like Rafael Nadal Is Returning To South America Next February

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!
Stay healthy!

gonzalowski Says:

Rio is supposed to be the site for the 2016 Olympics, right? But it won’t be a clay event, surely.
(btw, the 2014 Soccer world Cup will be played in Rio, too. Nadal will be a good embassador for spanish team, which is looking for an historic 4th big title in a row)

Teeg Says:

So this seems like Rafa’s (no so new) strategy: Aussie Open, then latin-American clay swing. Good move for him. Once he starts winning titles and gets on a roll, he will be hard to stop, as he proved this year.

Brando Says:

Smart move:

1. Early hit on clay.

2. A good chance to get the winning feel going.

3. Not much exertion really for him at all.

4. Further boosts his high profile in South America.


Anna Says:

So is Rio a 500 event?

Patson Says:


Yes, that’s what they said “We are very pleased that the calendar in 2014 includes a new ATP World Tour 500 in Rio de Janeiro”. It’s a clay event, so the natural question to ask is: will the Olympics 2016 tennis event be played on clay ? I don’t see anything wrong with that because the last one was played on grass, and before that we’ve had it on hard. But barring an injury, Rafa will be favorite but I hope the next 2 years makes Nole superior on clay. Tough ask, but if anyone can, it’s Nole.

Humble Rafa Says:

This is a “Special event” with $$$$$$$.

Okiegal Says:

This is the smartest thing Rafa has ever done……but to my knowledge nobody has said he was dumb. Great move for Team Rafa!!


Anna Says:

Well, this is interesting then because they just changed Acapulco to hard court for next year. I guess it won’t be to bad since IW follows Acapulco anyway.

Anna Says:

@ Patson – I’m a Nadal fan so I’ll be rooting for Rafa to hold tough for a couple more years on clay. Novak is definitely the competition though, regardless of surface. I’m actually thinking Rafa may be stronger next year because when he came back in February he told his fans not to get to excited because they considered 2013 a transition year while he worked himself back into championship shape. Obviously he transitioned a lot faster than he imagined.

Patson Says:


Indeed. Although, I’m banking on the fact that Rafa would find it hard to sustain a great level over consecutive years. He was very fresh in 2013 but winning takes a toll on one’s body. While he’ll be a major force, I sense fatigue may kick in next year. It’s natural but then it’s Nadal, he’s always improving. The superstitious (and irrational) person in me was hoping a Nole win in the US open because Nadal hadn’t won more than one slam in an odd year. The superstitions were quashed by the Matador.

But I really think Nole will up his game in 2014. I feel he’ll be more motivated and Rafa will be under more pressure to sustain the 2013 level. Tennis is up for some very interesting times. And then people say tennis has become boring and we need 3 sets ? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn ….

M Says:

I am thrilled that Rafa has scheduled in Rio.
I would also like to know if he is having Rice Krispies with strawberries with his wine in that photo.

Steve 27 Says:

Boa jogada de Rafa. Sol, mar e garotas.
Vamos lá!

skeezer Says:

Well it’s very clear now the knee ( “faker?”)Nadal has a real critique question to answer…….and, that is, that the past statements by his team, doctors and Rafa himself about his career threatening injury is either a “miracle”, a typical Rafa team “gamesmenship” ploy, a “lie”, or he is just so good he can beat anybody on chronic knee(s) syndrome(a rafanatic popular opnion probably by far). So what is it this time?

Notice his tennis schedule is now in full flight.

As noticed, with Rafa winning the HC season, his talk on “knee” excuses and “problems” were not up for discussion. Oh…all better?
Watch out all, when he starts to lose, we all know whats coming.


Michael Says:


With all the medical advancements that are in the field today, how can you say that Nadal’s knee recovery is a miracle ? Your perception is that Nadal and his Team have bluffed and it is only a fake injury. But what is the necessity for Rafa and his team to fake it ? Do you mean to say Rafa cannot play on Grass ? Well if you claim so, then how can you explain the fact that he has reached five Wimbledon finals in his career and won two ? I am sorry to say this. But your views look too biased and prejudiced. A true Roger fan will never venture into such outbursts which only manifest your aversion to anything named Nadal. I only request you to control yourself and not become jealous of his achievements. No way, Nadal’s achievements are going to diminish the Greatness of Roger. He is a phenomenon by himself.

Steve 27 Says:


skeezer Says:

“Do you mean to say Rafa cannot play on Grass?”
C’mon Michael, I never said that nor implied that!

And hold on there, not a perception just a question. Trust me, I won’t be the only one asking. Bottom line(as brando loves to say) its in the record books, and elevates his career. Rafa has another Slam in the books, no matter what. Kudos to him.

I am only fairly going backwards prior to all this and what was said by his camp, him, and his fanatic fans about his career(ex; only play Clay now,no HC)

Yes miracle medicine does happen, but to chronic tendonitis?
If that is the case, then it needs to be shared to the millions and millions of people throughout the world that are suffering from this disabilitating desease, thats all. It should not be just available (if legal) to the supreme athlete, no?

skeezer Says:

@Steve 27

Please read the Tennis X guidelines.

Steve 27 Says:

Você é um perdedor?

rafasbabe Says:

keep hating! Its only fair cos am sure not everyone likes you back.

gonzalowski Says:

About Nadal’s knees: before Wimbledon, I remember he said that grass was now his worst surface, because of the knee problem; and he lost in 1st round, in a match in which he apparently couldn’t move well.
I was a bit surprised when Toni Nadal “criticized” Rafa manifestly about his poor preparation for the Wimby, and so not giving relevance to physical issues.

Michael Says:


C’mon Michael, I never said that nor implied that!

Well, Rafa taped his knees only while playing Wimbledon and so by implication I thought you were pointing out that and may be he faked that injury for his anticipated loss.

If that is the case, then it needs to be shared to the millions and millions of people throughout the world that are suffering from this disabilitating desease, thats all. It should not be just available (if legal) to the supreme athlete, no

Well how can you be so sure that Rafa was suffering only from chronic tendonitis ? Do you have any link on that authenticating it ? Regarding the other part of the drug being shared to the millions and millions of people throughout the World, the question arises “is it Rafa’s business” ? He has the affordability and he cured his leg. It is not his business to worry about the World. He is not in the job of social service. He is just a sportsman.

Brando Says:


Fantastic post at 12.30 am.

This part in particular:

‘But your views look too biased and prejudiced. A true Roger fan will never venture into such outbursts which only manifest your aversion to anything named Nadal. I only request you to control yourself and not become jealous of his achievements.’


For me after COURBON you are the 2nd best poster on here.


– Slight or speak badly of rival players

– Antagonize other posters

– Speak fanboy stuff

Your a class act and a genuinely great poster.

And for a Fed/ Novak poster to defend Rafa is awesome to see as it show’s someone who is able to see beyond his fav’s and recognize the ability and achievement of a rival player.

Kudos to you and I have nothing more to add to that.

Brando Says:

Re Skeezer:

I have nothing to say about his earlier post that Michael has not already brilliantly addressed.

What I will say is that it’s a real shame for others here to see a poster capable of great insight into the game and observations that we can all enjoy- and I do enjoy his views when he cares to share them without having any malice- decide to go down that old, worn out road of attacking Rafa when it’s just not necessary at all.

It’s a shame and I hope he decide’s to change tact as he’s a quality poster: he’s just banging a beat on the drums that others outside Rafa fans are now tired also to hear him beat!

Here’s hoping for the best!

Giles Says:

Lol. Looks like Gulbis is ranting A-G-A-I-N!!

Michael Says:


Thanks for all what you said. I am not sure I deserve such accolades. Nevertheless, it definitely made me elated when you said I am a genuinely great poster. Above all, I love Tennis more than I love Roger or any other player. Rafa should certainly be given the respect he truly deserves. His achievements at such a young age is mind boggling to say the least. I know how tough it is to get to that level.

skeezer Says:


“Well, Rafa taped his knees only while playing Wimbledon and so by implication I thought you were pointing out that and may be he faked that injury for his anticipated loss.”

Here ya go;



“..so by implication..”

Correct. You implied. And were wrong in your assumption. I never brought up Wimby, and my post had to do with his overall career, not specific to Wimby. Your bad.

“Regarding the other part of the drug being shared to the millions…”

Again your implying. Where did I say this? What drug?
I have no idea how Rafa has gotten over his chronic knees. The only thing I heard from way back was PRP therapy, which is not “drugs”. How about you tell me?
I Love you too.

hawkeye Says:

Please excuse dear skeezer for his comments. It is a cry for help. Time to move on skeezer. Fed had a great run as the GOAT.


Hamza Says:

A lot of things can be called career threatening. Federer’s mono was called career threatening as well back in 2008 in the press like Nadal’s knees. I don’t see the big fuss. I personally think he did a very smart thing by starting his come-back on clay. He won matches, won tournaments, and the confidence and the game returned exponentially. Back in 2009, he missed wimbledon but returned to the hard courts but didn’t win a single tournament until Monte Carlo which was a clay event.

Let’s all hope Rafa doesn’t have to miss majors because of his knees now. Btw, I read somewhere that Rafa has tweaked his backhand to shift some of the load from the left to his right leg. Anybody noticed that ?

skeezer Says:

Yes Fed had mono. But it was not diagnosed as “chronic”.
And you are right someone posted that earlier from one of Rafa’s interviews (tweaking his BH by pushing off the other leg).
Whats the fuss? I am sure none from his fanatics, obviously.

metan Says:

Yes @ Hamza. I noticed it and do you know that Rafa uses his forehand more flat nowdays when he does the slice. But there’s a thing that I am still wondering why he must play defense against Nole or Roger. He doesn’t play aggressive as he does against other players . Any thought???

Slice Tennis Says:

Agree with you Brando.
Michael is now competing with the likes of Courbon.

Hamza Says:


I didn’t know chronic issues cannot be called career-threatening. The difference between Fed’s mono and Nadal’s chronic knee seems that Fed’s illness wasn’t serious enough that he had to take 7 months off from the tour whilst Nadal was. Now you may argue that a) Nadal’s knee injury wasn’t serious to begin with b) the only reason he took 7 months off was because he wanted to restore some pride after losing to Lukas c) he wanted to improve his game.

I like to believe that the knee was bothering him and he wanted to have it fixed once and for all, hence the break. Since 7 months is a long time, he had enough time to work on his game as well. Was it career threatening ? In a sense yes it was. But then this is what I choose to believe.

2014 Davis Cup Draw: USA Hosts Britain, Spain Travels To Germany; Early Predictions Says:

[…] about Rafael Nadal? Rafa just signed up for the Latin American swing again, but will he really play Australia, then Davis Cup then Rio? That’s a lot of tennis for […]

Slice Tennis Says:

“Federer’s mono was called career threatening as well back in 2008 in the press like Nadal’s knees.”

Good point Hamza.
Every other player who suffered from mono never really recovered except Federer. Others just collapsed.
But there is a difference:
For others players, the root cause was some kind of virus.
But for Federer, mono was caused by the straight set thrashing Djokovic served him at AO 2008 semis.

Slice Tennis Says:

Dont waste your time.

There are some fair fed fans like Michael to take care of this poor guy. He is alone here with his grumpy attitude towards Rafa. LMAO.

hawkeye Says:

Fed is a “chronic” shanker. Not career threatening though.

Also, it’s obvious that Rafa has become more agressive looking to finish the point and coming to net more. Rafa was 17/23 on net approaches to Nole’s 22/36.

All in all, about 33% of points (not including aces, DFs and service winners) ended with a net approach.

And some would have you believe that these are two defensive baseliners.


Anna Says:

Get over it skeezer. Your rants are years old and carry no weight. Everyone’s tired of hearing your bs. When Rafa came back in February no one expected him to play the next 9 tournaments the way he did, least of all Rafa. It had to take a toll, and it did. On his knees and probably the rest of his body as well. You claim to be an athlete and yet you can’t figure that out. 7 months off + 5 months at the top = one pooped tennis player. It was just to hard for him mentally after FO to get up for Wimbledon, and that doesn’t mean that his knee was a.o.k. His knee problems are so well documented Skeezer, that if you ever decide you want to educate yourself instead of spout off, it’s all there on the internet. The prp treatments he got 2-3 years ago strengthened the tendons above the knee. He was told that if he managed his schedule the tendenitis did not have to be an issue. In June (2012) they found the Hoffa pad inflamed and it was that condition that kept him off the court for 7 months rehabbing and preparing for his return. Years ago I had a repaired acl and was back running stairs 6 weeks later. If your an athlete how is it you don’t know that these kind of health issues come in all sizes and that rehab depends on the problem at hand and the motivation of the individual. If Rafa picks up the 500 in Rio, which he will, then he can pass on Doha. He’ll be giving up h/c for clay which is always in his interest, even though he has become a hard court player supreme.

Slice Tennis Says:

Even fed fans are now tired with Skeezer’s rants. LOL.

But where is Ben when skeezer needs him the most ?

God, its killing me !!

Tennis for Life Says:

I guess Ben is busy at ruan federer blog.
Please try that site. You will find your like minded crackpot s there.

skeezer Says:


Now that was a good post. Thanks for the good and fair response.


I love you too. Lots of rafafanatic love here as usual…. hehe ;)

Hamza Says:


Hmmmm…I can understand why he reverts to a less aggressive style against Federer because there’s a method he has been using for the last x years to beat him. So he doesn’t feel the need to change that. As for Djokovic, on the basis of Djokovic’ s current form, Nadal feels it’s better to be immaculate in defense than to be ultra-aggressive because Nole isn’t playing like he was in 2011 when Nole’s defense and aggression were phenomenal. I think Rafa will have to be more aggressive if Nole reaches the heights of 2011 in future. All said and done, the players know best and we can only speculate.

Slice Tennis Says:

I also felt a bit strange regarding Rafa’s aggressiveness against Nole.
He was thrashing Nole with super aggressive shots at Montreal. But his strategy was completely different in the USO finals with a lot of slices. Was it because of the wind ? idk.

Hamza Says:

@Slice Tennis:

Yes you may be right.


This particular article talks about how challenging the wind can be in Arthur Ashe. If the wind was the reason for the relatively defensive style, then hopefully we’ll see Rafa playing more aggressively in their future encounters.

SG1 Says:

I can see at least one major motivational angle for Rafa that could carry him to another dominant year. Looking at Federer, he was dominating from 2004 through 2006. Really dominating actually. Rafa has yet to put together two seasons in a row like the ones Roger had 7 or 8 year back. A couple of dominant years in a row for Nadal will definitely elevate the perception of him in terms of his tennis legacy.

I don’t know if tennis players at the elite level think like this or not. I have to think that on some level they do. Sampras wasn’t shy about saying that he wanted break the slam record. He know that if he could do it, his legacy would be guaranteed (which it is).

SG1 Says:

Don’t get me wrong. I my opinion, Nadal is already in the GOAT talk. However, if he can put together another year like the one he’s just had, two years in a row, he would like elevate to full, no doubt about it, GOAT status. I don’t think he has to have two great years in a row to be the GOAT. But, it would enable him to show sustained dominance on surfaces other than clay.

Slice Tennis Says:

Rafa was very aggressive throughout the US hardcourt season except the USO finals.

He came up with a different strategy and it worked great.

Please dont click on these links. It will increase your verbal diarrhea.

Giles Says:

Rafa the Master! Well done Champ, keep it up!

Nativenewyorker Says:


I just came on here to thank you for an excellent post @11:56 AM. Well said!

I guess there will always be some who will feel the need to trot out conspiracy theories or question Rafa’s knee problems. It’s what they do when they cannot handle the truth.

Rafa cautioned his fans not to expect too much when he first came back. Watching his play his first matches at Vina del Mar, it was obvious that the months off had taken so much away from Rafa’s game. He was a shadow of himself. But he persevered and got better with each tournament. Starting in smaller clay court tournaments was the best way to gradually get him back into competition.

Why would anyone doubt the truth of Rafa’s knee issue when he collapsed in the first round of Wimbeledon? That was when it all caught up to him. Playing back-to-back slams after being off for seven months was never going to be realistic. In that first round match, Rafa was having trouble bending his knee to retrieve shots. It was clear to anyone with eyes that the knee was flaring up again.

Rafa did see his doctor after Wimbledon and then was photographed with two different types of kinesio tape on his knee. When he came back in Montreal, he said that he got treatment for the knee. So it’s an ongoing issue that has to be managed.

I think Rafa will be careful with his scheduling now. He has no choice. The silly and absurd theories thrown out there so carelessly about Rafa, are posted by those who are so bitter and resentful of Rafa and maybe secretly fearful that their idol’s records will be in jeopardy.

My advice is – deal with it!

Smash Says:

Native nyorker why should Rafa be more careful with scheduling. He is entering everything and winning. He must have resolved the issue with his knees.

Ben Pronin Says:

I also like Anna’s post. Probably the first one on here from a Rafa fan who actually knows what’s been “going on” with Nadal’s knees. Take note, Giles.

James Says:

In other news, Tsonga is back on tour from knee injury that saw him pull out of Montreal, Cincy and US Open.

He said:
“The doctors told me that it would be at least two months for my tendon to partially heal and five months to be completely healed”

I hope Jo is not accused of faking his knee injury.

Tennis for Life Says:

Nobody will accuse Tsonga . He is not a threat to the sheep’s legacy.

Syam Lee Says:

The last time Olympic tennis was played on clay was 1992 Barcelona won by Marc Rosset of Switzerland beating Jordi Arrese of Spain in the final. Would be nice to see Rio 2016 on clay again. Vamos Rafa!!!

hawkeye Says:

James Says:

I hope Jo is not accused of faking his knee injury.

Only if he beats Fed a few times.

Seriously, Ben, Anna’s post is common knowledge amongst real tennis fans, no?


skeezer Says:

“Anna’s post is common knowledge amongst real tennis fans, no?”
No….but Rafa Fanatics who search every day every hour for Rafa love…..yes.

skeezer Says:

you types (rafafanatics) can’t just address a question and discuss it. instead, u go after it personally to a poster. U insist on personally attacking a poster and claiming foul without even trying to post relevant counters with facts. How about just answer it intelligently like hamza?

The questions will remain. regardless how fan loves will try to deflect. The future imo holds the answers and the truth, stay tuned.

Ben Pronin Says:

It should be, hawkeye, but it’s quite obvious that it isn’t. Enough with the hashtags, are you 15?

Tennis for Life Says:

You have to stay tuned FOREVER to get what you are expecting.
Good luck !!!

Okiegal Says:

Non Rafa fans are obsessed with Rafa………go figure!!

Great post Anna…….I said almost the same thing on another thread……7 months off is a long time. He is managing his schedule much better and it is paying dividends.

Vamos, Rafa and yes I will agree with old Skeezer on one thing for sure………I AM A RAFA FANATIC along with a million others!!

Michael Says:

Correct. You implied. And were wrong in your assumption. I never brought up Wimby, and my post had to do with his overall career, not specific to Wimby. Your bad.

If you analyse Rafa’s career overall, I do agree that it is punctuated with injuries and lay offs intermittently. But the question as to whether he faked his injury or not is mere speculation and is subject to perceptions. However, if you look at his career in general, it has been nothing short of remarkable. He is the only player who has won atleast a major for nine consecutive years. That is a record he can really be proud about since even Roger couldn’t manage that. I do not think Rafa needs to fake his injuries as an excuse for his defeats. Does he need to prove anything about his greatness ? Even 2nd round and 3rd round exits at majors is not going to belittle his contribution as a Champion. But what is pertinent to note that after lay offs, Rafa has come back strong whether it be in 2010 as well as in 2013 where he is right now enjoying a spectacular year by any measurable standards. This means that it was injury which restricted his steady progress.
Again your implying. Where did I say this? What drug?
Let me reproduce what you stated !!

“Yes miracle medicine does happen, but to chronic tendonitis? If that is the case, then it needs to be shared to the millions and millions of people ………………..””

It is the mention of medicine, I posted as drug. That is it. Well, when you have no idea as to how Rafa recovered from his cronic knees, you can just say that instead of expressing your apprehensions as to the probability of faking it. It is the way you phrase it which raises heckles. That leads to disenchantment especially his fans.

As true Roger fans, let us appreciate what Rafa is offering us today. Let us not be jealous about it under the premise of it threatening the so-called GOAT status of Roger. Goat is not a title, it is just a perception. No amount of Rafa’s histronics is going to diminish the Greatness of Roger who has already engraved his legend in the annals of icons of Tennis World.

Michael Says:

The above is addressed to Skeezer.

Giles Says:

Pat Cash offers his 2 cents! Lol

Giles Says:

Tom Perrotta
@SI.BTBaseline BTB: Pat Cash incorrect.

James Says:

“The future imo holds the answers and the truth, stay tuned.”

Agree, @skeezer. So relax everyone. Just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the magic of the Spanish genius.

Steve 27 Says:

skeezer is the monfils of Tennis X

hawkeye Says:

skeezer Says:
you types (rafafanatics) can’t just address a question and discuss it. instead, u go after it personally to a poster.
September 18th, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Ben Pronin Says:
It should be, hawkeye, but it’s quite obvious that it isn’t. Enough with the hashtags, are you 15?

No, Ben, respectfully, it is obvious to tennis fans are serious enough to post respectfully on a public forum.

All kidding aside, if you look at the content of Anna’s response, what information were skeezer and yourself already not aware of?

skeezer’s questions are not sincere questions. He is attempting to insinuate and provoke so therefore the questions do not deserve an objective response.


Ben Pronin Says:

I didn’t say I was unaware of it, there are a ton of posters who are unaware. It’s particularly noticeable from the Rafa fans who love to look at their idol blindly and when I ask them what his injury diagnosis was last year I get a bunch of nonsensical response that do everything except answer the question.

In any case, I’m not here to argue. I don’t care about the subject matter, either. I like Anna’s post. She’s coming at it from a well informed angle, something 95% of Nadal fans (most tennis fans, for that matter) don’t do.

hawkeye Says:

Ben, where did you ask the question? I’d love to have another look.

hawkeye Says:

Sorry Ben, just noticed you said last year so not possible.

I liked Anna’s response (as a summary of common knowledge about Rafa to most serious tennis fans). The only problem I had with it was that it lends credibility to skeezer’s questions as being objective.


James Says:

RT –

Matt Cronin @TennisReporters
Have to say that over past year the reaction from Federer fans to anything regarding Nadal is increasingly more negative.


Slice Tennis Says:

HAhaha…sore losers.

Nativenewyorker Says:

It’s too bad that some have to whine about so-called personal attacks when the truth is that Rafa fans are stating the facts regarding his knee issues.

It’s not like this injury came up out of the blue. Rafa has been plagued with knee problems throughout his career. It’s all documented by his doctors complete with diagnoses, medical tests and treatment. The truth is not complicated.

However, we must again hear about the supposedly “good” Rafa fans versus those who are obsessed worshippers or blind fan girls. It’s one thing if you just don’t like Rafa or his game. But it’s quite another to throw around serious allegations regarding his integrity, character and honesty. There have been too many baseless, groundless allegations about Rafa doping, and some sinister conspiracy to fake a knee injury for the express purpose of working on his hard court game.

There has not been one shred of fact or substantive proof for any of these absurd allegations. Every time Rafa starts winning when some decide he should not or cannot, these same nonsensical theories start getting tossed out over and over again.

I guess Rafa was supposed to come back after his seven month layoff and just play like crap and lose everything. It can’t be as simple as Rafa finally taking enough time off to deal with his latest knee issue. No, that won’t satisfy the haters.

The real problem for some here is that Rafa is playing some of his best tennis and Fed fans cannot rely on Djokovic to stop him. He’s gaining ground and that’s not okay for those people.

They can wallow in their misery. I will choose to enjoy Rafa’s victories this years. I hope that the knee issue can be managed to give him some longevity in his career.

Ben Pronin Says:

NNY, it’s mostly prevalent in Nadal fans right now because, since he’s winning so much, most posters here are Nadal fans. Every player, team, sport, etc has good fans and bad fans and some in between.

Are you ok with being associated with posters who are quicker to rub it in to Federer/Djokovic/whoever fans than they are to congratulate Nadal? I never read you saying anything negative about another player. But other posters go in the opposite extreme. So it’s just cool to lump everyone under the umbrella?

Giles Says:

Oh look, Rafa and team won the Ryder Cup Mallorca!

skeezer Says:

now askin questions is accusations, hahaha lol!
whats next? oh, i know, I am not sincere. wait, its fed fans who aren’t happy……Uh?
U all are inventing a skeezer charactor all on your own. Have fun with that.

pretty soon you’ll just have Rafa fans here that post and you all can share the love. keep it up.

Patson Says:

I’d be the first one to leave if tennis-x turns into something like RuanFederer blog. Tennis is a sport and our heroes are supposed to enrich our lives. This is not a hatefest. I hope people can coexist on tennis-x without offending others and without being offensive to the tennis players.

My position on the matter is clear – call Nole the Djoker but don’t call him a doper. If you agree, we can talk. If you respect him as a player but aren’t a fan of his, we can be friends. And this works both ways. I’m fine with name calling, I’m fine with calling someone one-dimensional, boring, one-trick pony, cry baby, streaky, annoying, hits-luck-shots-when-match-point-down etc. but don’t question someone’s integrity unless you have sufficient evidence.

If you call someone a doper without any evidence, then don’t expect others to just tag along with your non-sense. Be prepared for some very harsh words because if you can exercise your freedom of speech, so can others.

Just my two cents.

Nativenewyorker Says:


As you said I have never been one to run down other top players. That’s not my thing. If I have a specific issue with any one of them, then I will speak up about it. But I don’t go after them with cheap shots.

To answer your question, no I am not okay with Rafa fans who want to rub it in to Djokovic/Fed fans rather than congratulate Rafa. That’s why I have had some differences with Rafa fans. It’s true that there will be a few bad Rafa fans, as there are with fans of the other top players. But to read some of the comments here, one would think that all Rafa fans are just mindless fan girls who worship his body and know almost nothing about tennis.

I find that mindset quite insulting. It never makes sense to generalize about any group of fans. I dislike any kind of personal attacks on any of the top players. It’s not my place to tell others, including Rafa fans, what they can or cannot say here. But I have made my feelings plain regarding character assassination and blatant gloating and getting in the faces of other fans when their guy loses.

I can only control what I write. I have my standards. I have never said anything here that was disrespectful of Fed or Djokovic or Murray. I can be happy for Rafa without resorting to taunting fans of other players. I have no use for that.

Skeezer Says:


“All Rafa fans are just mindless fan girls who worship his body and know almost nothing about tennis.”
Not true. But just most. You’re not reading or ….apparently you are choosing “selective” rafafanantic posts to suit your false argument.

Btw, what is a personal attack on top players? What is that all about vs. a tennis fan making personal attacks against another tennis fan? I find this quite insulting.

“I can be happy for Rafa without resorting to taunting fans of other players.”
“They can wallow in their misery.”
Uh uh…..yep.

Nativenewyorker Says:


I would appreciate it if you would refer to me with just one name. There’s no reason to use both names. Everyone here knows who I am and that I used to post here under my real name. But I prefer to use NNY, so please respect that.

Regarding the rest of your post, I know that you feel the need to call me out often but in this case I really have no idea what point you are trying to make.

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