Watch Jeremy Chardy Hit This Incredible Winner Down Matchpoint Against Roger Federer [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 14th, 2014, 1:08 pm

Jeremy Chardy scored the first big upset at the Rome Masters 1000 today, but it was anything but easy. Playing 2013 runner-up Roger Federer in very windy conditions, Chardy dropped the opening set 61, then took the second and held a break advantage in the third before Federer evened to eventually force a final set breaker.

And in the breaker after an ill-timed double fault to hand Federer a matchpoint on his serve at 6-5, Chardy came up with this incredible crosscourt forehand passing show winner. It was one of the best shots you will see down a matchpoint.

Chardy went on the win the next two points to take the breaker and the match 16, 63, 76(6).

“I think we both struggled to win today and in the end a shot here or there decided the match,” said Federer. “He gave me a double fault to give me match point. I missed my first serve, which was crucial, but credit to him to give it a go. A passing shot is a tough one for me to take. Credit to him for fighting his way back into the match.”

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20 Comments for Watch Jeremy Chardy Hit This Incredible Winner Down Matchpoint Against Roger Federer [Video]

Purcell Says:

Ignoring the above comment, I’d just like to say I prefer Jeremy with a beard and…..that sure was a great shot. Chardy is a player with a very strong forehand and gallons of French flair. Congrats to him and well done Rog for showing up.

Humble Rafa Says:

Winning a clay court Master’s title while I am not in the best form…well, that theory is gone.

Humble Rafa Says:

Chardy, Beneteau..quite a collection

Daniel Says:

Wow, Simon saved a match point (actually Nadal missed the return) and takes the second set.

He was also pissedthat Nadal only got 1 call on time between serves. He was complaining during one change over.

Okiegal Says:


This Rafa is an older, more nervous and vulnerable Rafa. He just doesn’t seem to be as sure of himself as he once was. I think age has a lot to do with that. Very nervous service games…..but having said that, this isn’t the first time Rafa has had problems with Simon. Que sera sera!


Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal yeah true,age catches up with us all,i work with younger girls,whom all fly around much quicker than i do,anyway i have to say im not feeling good about his chances at RG this year,in spite of The DAs best efforts to say otherwise,i will still tune in though and hope for the best….

Hippy Chic Says:

Maybe this match,and the Madrid final last week,will act as wake up calls,who knows?….

Okiegal Says:

This match has been going 3 hours…..finally!!

VAMOS RAFA…’s a win by the skin of your teeth!! Good fight from Simon, I’ll have to say!

Hippy Chic Says:

Great match,but my expectations are pretty low….

Okiegal Says:


Yeah, I hear you…….he just doesn’t put the winner (point) away as quick as he used to. There were some long rallies in that match and he did not hit near the winners that Simon did. There were times I thought he could have made different shot selections…….but who could argue that point with the number uno player in the world?? LOL

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal yeah i questioned many of his shot selections ,when he went for that smash and hit the ball straight at the net,why didnt he let the ball bounce 1st?but then again like you say hes the number 1 tennis player im not,so what do i know lol?

Rafa better than roger Says:

Wow, what a real fighter – Rafa is the definition of no quit regardless of the score. Others like roger would have folded.

But then Simon is as good a fighter as well. Rafa just ran him down in the end. That is how good Nadal is in 5 setters. Will drag you down, that after the match you feel like you went through a 15-round heavyweight bout but ending like Frazier.

Congrats to both.

Rafa, needs to have a new coach now, a new set of eyes because he is always going back to Uncle Toni’s strategy vs. Roigs strategy similar to the wins in US opens and Cincy!

Eric Says:

Welp, there goes our brave new invincible Roger. At least he got in a match — and maybe he’ll be readier for RG.

skeezer Says:

“Others like roger would have folded.”
You not a “folder” if you’ve won 17 Slams. Fed has won his share in career of close matches. Rafa sould be worries anout his form, he usually crushes most everyone on Clay. Not this year.

Humble Rafa Says:

You not a “folder” if you’ve won 17 Slams.

Folder’s past don’t matter. It’s all about the folding.

Nadal Struggles Continue In Rome As Father Federer Falls; 7 Thoughts On The Clay Season Says:

[…] to Chardy for pulling out the remarkable pass down matchpoint and I thought Federer played well at times despite the breezy conditions, though in the end the […]

roy Says:

skeezer ”Rafa sould be worries anout his form, he usually crushes most everyone on Clay. Not this year.”

well… you exaggerate.
gulbis almost got him last year. and a few years ago.
hewitt, davydenko had tough three setters other years.
dimitrov took him three last year.
ferrer almost beat him last year.
almagro has had 3 setters before.
verdasco beat him on blue clay early.
isner was up 2 sets to 1 at the french.
most years djoker or fed either give him a scare or win one on clay.

so his form isn’t that bad. lost best of three to ferrer/almagro, top clay courters who give him trouble on occasion. no big deal. if he loses early in rome, then maybe there’s a real issue.

”Chardy, Beneteau..quite a collection”


madmax Says:

Rafa better than roger Says:
Wow, what a real fighter – Rafa is the definition of no quit regardless of the score. Others like roger would have folded.

Skeezer, you beat me to it with the usual crap from the usual posters that have to bring in Roger when talking about rafa’s struggles.

Yeah! a 17 slam folder.

And, for the record. Hippy. Doesn’t matter. Rafa won, and won Dirty. Be happy for that.

Also, he will win RG. The competition is getting thin at this stage.

Hippy Chic Says:

OK Madmax not getting into an argument with you,regardless of whether or not he wins RG this year,im already delighted with the 8 he has….

madmax Says:

I am looking at Roger not being a contender at RG, but rather a dark horse, purely because of the lack of practice and not the passion. Same with Stan. Stan has the pressure of though being in the top 3, seems to be struggling with the status – I hope he gets over that, because I think he is really on the cusp. He just doesn’t believe he should be there. He should be wiping the floor at tournaments with his new found confidence. Still some way to go, I think.

Roger doesn’t need to do anything – we know – but actually – if he wants to put himself in the running, then a good dose of clay court matches is what is needed, and I mean matches. I wonder whether he will play some smaller tournaments now to get the practice in, else why even enter RG, if not for the 58 consecutive slams in a row record?

I see there are two smaller clay tournaments leading up to RG, so I will be interested to see whether he plays them. Nothing to lose, unless he gets Kyriakos to partner him again in Switzerland, the new wonder boy from Australia and they practise with each other daily. We shall see.

Rafa is rafa. He fights. He wins. He loses first set. He fights back. He wins.

It seems that only Novak can beat Rafa in this moment. Murray did a few times, but everyone now talking so much about wrist injuries, Andy having no coach. Roger playing coochy coo with the babies, stan getting back with his wife, but rafa. He is the stable one when looking at his personal circumstances, so that has to count for something going in to any tournament.

Remember when his personal life was crumbling around him a couple of years ago? He will be fine. I really feel that. He is still the one to beat.

I do hope that Grigor comes up with the goods, but I give up on Gulbis. A waste of space and too much ego to realise that he is wasting/has wasted his natural born talent.

Who else is in with a chance at RG? In all seriousness?

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