Novak Djokovic’s Instagram Account Has Been Hacked!
by Tom Gainey | July 23rd, 2015, 2:53 pm

It’s a slow week on the pro tennis courts, so the hack of the world No. 1 Novak Djokovic’s Instagram account an hour ago fills the news void.

This hack courtesy of Albania: “The2ATeam ALBANIAN HACKERS Hacked by Albanian Hackers The2ATeam”.

#hacked by #The2ATeam // Twitter The2ATeam

A photo posted by The2ATeam ALBANIAN HACKERS (@djokernole) on

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42 Comments for Novak Djokovic’s Instagram Account Has Been Hacked!

django Says:

Albanians are so jealous of him.they have no shining stars of their own.maybe the hackers should practice a sport for their country instead of sitting on gluteus. Lmao

jane Says:

^ Or going after gluten-frees 😉

chris ford1 Says:

Albanians are fast breeding, so they have taken over certain lands of others in the last 200 years, and are a perhaps too common part of West European urban areas, where they have disproportionate involvement in scams and crime rings.
But even more pathetic than most are the Albanian Kosovars. Who got the US to bomb Serbia (again, starting the decline in US-Russia relations amongst other bad blowback. Then the “Freedom Lovers” America saved turned out to mostly detest being Free in Kosovo, and wanting to live anywhere but Kosovo.
There are good signs that the peoples of the former Yugoslavia are in reapproachement – forging better relations. Djokovic is one of that new generation that considers the people of the Balkan nations basically the same people, adds the Slovenes and Bugarians in as well. Except the Abanians.
Who have always been separate. And even when that part of the world was one big happy Socialist family, the Albanians were weird and apart setting up a hermit nation…

Max Says:

Have you ever heard of any world famous Albanian scientist, artist, writer or athlete?
Any Albanian did anything good for mankind?
Of course not.

skeezer Says:

Apparently the “arrogant” critics here need to read this.
The man, the legend, the myth, the all time marketable one ;)

bill Says:

Hey skeezer , sorry but Federer is not Albanian . Despite what the deluded Albanians might think .

Okiegal Says:


That’d be me…. :)

jane Says:

i think novak ranks rather highly on that list too. :)

Philip Says:

Albanians as always… The people which want’s to control the world, but they didn’t offered nothing to manking, they have no athlets, scientists, writers, they only have wars, and now they tried to prove something by hacking Novaks account. They proved what? That they are worthless.

Okiegal Says:

Skeezer hacked Novak’s thread with a Roger link! I wonder if he’ll be in trouble with Novak fans??
Probably not….. :)

Kosovari Says:

Hi max when you don’t know nothing about albanians better don’t say nothing is so many albanians famous but you are dump your self

John Says:

Few days ago serb slavic hackers hacked the profile of an Albanian boxer. I guess is just revenge. To some of you who think that you have saved the world i can assure you that Albanians have been some of the world finest starting with Alexander the Great, roman emperors, byzantine rulers, kings, rulers and prime ministers of Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Italy. The great humanist Mother Teresa, Scientists, engineers like Karl Gega, and so on. Olympians such as Pirro Dhima and other great sportsman who unfortunately represent other countries. Now is your turn to tell us about famous slavic serbians who still behave like caveman.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ I know a lot about Å iptars, name some famous, world renewed scientists, writers, sports personalities coming from Å iptar nation, or maybe they can’t achive anything of that kind since they are busy doing drug trafficking and prostitute trafficking in Europe and USA when they are not burning Serbian churches and monasteries and bulldozing Serbian graveyards in Kosovo, am I right Å iptar?

This is what you are good at:

PT Says:

Wog Boy, Serbs are a nomad people who only recently settled in the Balkan peninsula. Their extinction is only natural and should not come as a surprise. I understand your frustration however I suggest you keep quiet lest the entire world learns of Serbs’ gypsy heritage. Be proud that you are one of the few left.

danica Says:

Well, aren’t we used to Albanian hacking of Serbian sites? Aren’t we hearing constantly of Albanian theft of Serbian monuments, history, land…? However, there are famous Albanians, I can name a few: Ismail Kadare is a world famous writer, we know who Anna Oxa is, brothers Belushi are/were star actors… Mother Theresa’s mother was Albanian and father was a Tzintzar (Aromanian), she was born in South Serbia which is today FYR of Macedonia. There was an incredible hero, Skanderbeg, who is both Albanian and Serbian national hero… C’mon, Bekim Fehmiu was such an actor, starred alongside Sophia Loren and had roles in Hollywood when no Eastern European actor was “allowed” and welcome. Shaban Trstena won Olympic gold for Yugoslavia…

Wog Boy is right when it comes to Kosovo but let us not be blinded by dislikes and historical wrongs because every nation offered great and talented people. I know for a fact of Albanians who worship Novak because they recognize what a great athlete and a man he is. This group of hackers is just one group of people who have too much of a time.

danica Says:

…*too much of a spare time.

Patson Says:


1) This is not a Federer thread.
2) Do you make a living out of eulogizing Fed ? Like do you have a deal with him ? I’d really like to know if that’s the case.

jane Says:

“every nation offered great and talented people” – indeed danica. and that’s really what matters.

Patson Says:

We all agree that Ted Bundy is not a reflection of all Americans, Ivan Milat of all Australians, Hitler of all Germans, Milosevic of all Serbians.
These hackers are just a few miserable dolts who have nothing else to do in their lives. Their actions don’t give us the right to vilify an entire nation. Demonizing a whole nation of people is our way of justifying the dark hatred for that group that lurks in some of us. It is an immoral thing to do which we must avoid.

Margot Says:

Wish I could recommend your post a thousand times.

Patson Says:


Glad that you agree with it. I hope most will.

Gypsy Gal Says:

IMO There is good and bad people in every colour,race and nationality,but side stepping that nobody has the right to hack into anyones account whether they are rich and famous or poor and jo nobody,hubby had his account hacked into,its not nice and a violation of privacy….

Jock-KatH Says:

Yes Patson, most do.

GG – We’ve all got hackers – some of the best known/worst offenders are in the UK & USA.

Frankie Says:

Just a thought but it might be wise to stay away from any Djokovic sites for a while as they might have also been hacked

Ronn Says:

Yup, the Albanians are Semitic while the Balkans peoples are Europeans, thus the uneasiness the Balkans peoples feel towards the sneaky, untrustworthy Albanians…

calmdownplease Says:

Albanians are not `semitic` but there are many who are Muslim
Google is your friend dude!

skeezer Says:

Oh my bad…thought this was a Tennis site for all tennis enthusiasts from ALL countries, not a soap box for race /nations arguments. There was no place to post an important news item for a tennis player who made global news for his marketability, which is a good news item for tennis, so I must have mistakenly posted here.

Okiegal Says:

@Patson 1:41

Right on with that comment!

Vami Says:

The only comment worth reading is by Patson.

I cannot believe how stupid people can be, or is it just the case of being intentionally malicious. Just look at what PT wrote for example. In 2 little sentences he managed to put an unbelievable amount of garbage that make me think that he’s either super smart and therefore maliciously spreading disinformation (I doubt it), or just plain stupid (more likely).

Who Serbs are and who are famous people with Albanian origins (if these are the mentioned topics of interest?) can be easily checked with a 2 min search on Wiki.

Moderators should jump in and delete/close these threads that are out of control. Does this site has any rules at all?

danica Says:

Oh c’mon Vami, where does it say tennis is the only thing that should be strictly commented here? This is just a bit of fun where there are no bigger tennis stories.

Hacking is common and it’s not the first time that happened to Nole’s accounts. Serbs and Albanians have very specific ties and heated, unresolved questions. For someone who is not from the Balkans, it may sound trivial but trust me, there is no skipping origins, politics and history when one of each find themselves in the same virtual space :).

As far as I am concerned, the truth is the only thing that matters to me, and when fellow Serbs ask where those Albanian great men are (as if that’s important but anyway), I am glad to pitch in. :)

Alex Says:

Do serbs (russian puppies) still live in caves?

Nick Thompson Says:

So bizarre. These Albanians are rather pathetic people trying to attack the Joker’s online sites. Their open hatred and racist views against anyone not Albanian is truly a sorry sight to see these days.

Maybe Nole should buy them a few tennis racquets to help their poor kids.

jane Says:

tom, i strongly suggest you consider deleting this thread. it seems to be provoking commentary about nationalities (most of it rather hateful) rather than tennis, which goes against the moderation rules at this site re: not posting on non-tennis related things like religion and/or politics.

jane Says:

p.s. upvotes for patson from me too!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Agree Jane,i dont just mean close it either but delete it all together,its starting to get rather comfortable,some comments are really below the belt….

Wog Boy Says:

“As far as I am concerned, the truth is the only thing that matters to me, and when fellow Serbs ask where those Albanian great men are (as if that’s important but anyway), I am glad to pitch in. :)”

Danica, I didn’t ask you to tell me anything, I know very well the history of that part of the Balkans and that people, but Vami is right, you could pitch in on PT’s comment (or some others) who insulted you (me) and your nation and hasn’t been deleted, but instead you decided to pitch in on my comment, you must be related to Natasa Kandic or Sonja Biserko with your “right fullness”. They were never ever loyal citizens of Serbia and Yugoslavia, you know that but you are just trying to make PC comments, please don’t try to answer any question to me in the future since I know some answers better than you, particulary this one, thanks.
When you know what picture they posted when they hacked Nole’s account then you know it was politically motivated and political statment and not just “somebody who has to much time on his hands”, as you said, I remember simmilar statmentss from politicians in early 80s when they started with unrest and demonstrations down south (I had to go there and spend some time then), saying “it is only bunch of young people who are causing the trouble, the vast majority are loyal citizens” …how wrong they were!!

danica Says:

Wog Boy, I chose to ignore the comments of Alex, PT and such. I chose to ignore Albanian falsehoods about Alexander the Great and other myths related to their supposed Illyrian origins. Throughout the years, I also chose which battles to fight. I don’t want to waste my time on ramblings that are beneath me. If anyone asks who the famous Albanians are, I’ll leave politics aside, and pitch in with the facts in the areas of my, say, expertise: Art and Sports, History if you will. Please, do not tell me what I know or do not know because I have painful relations to Kosovo that you are not aware of.

As for replying, I was not even replying to you but to Philip and in fact seconded what you said about Kosovo. In an open thread I can reply to anyone and have the right to speak my mind. Please, do not insult me with putting me in the same context with those two witches I have nothing in common with. I am quite the opposite, in the most radical way. However, I cannot dislike the whole nation because their politicians are thieves and war criminals simply because I learned the hard way what it looks like when the whole nation is crucified through biased Western media. I am trying to be better than that. But that’s just me. You, of course, have the right to disagree.

Albania Says:

We albanian have Rita Ora, Xherdarn Shaqiri, Maljinda Kelmendi champion of judo

Fawke Says:

+1 to danica

I you want to look at it like this, every nation has their strengths.
Albanians have more famous writers, such as Ismail Kadare and Faik Konica in the USA.
Serbians have more famous athletes, such as Novak.

We should all show respect to each other for what we have given.

Mastoor Says:

Albanians are not Semitic at all as someone said above, neither nations of Balkan have anything against Semites. Albanians are from Caucus from where they migrated to Sicily some 1,000 years ago from where they were brought to Balkans by their leader George Maniak who had a plan to use his Albanian army to take over the rule of entire Byzantine Empire and Albanian plans obviously haven’t changed much ever since.

Their hackers did attack Novak’s Instagram for political reasons, because they got used to attack everything Serbian.

Finally, check the list of Albanian ATP players:

django Says:

George Maniac?

Tasos Says:

These Alabian groups are an extremely insecure bunch who are obsessed with Serbs. First, they fly a drone over a soccer game and now they’re hacking the world #1s Instagram account. American support has given them a false sense of entitlement to things that don’t belong to them as well like Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and of course Serbia. In fact, little is known about these people prior to 200 years ago. They are not the first rogue nation that the U.S. have propped up to do their bidding. The U.S. Government will be kicking themselves when theese groups try to claim independence in parts of New York based of course on their justification for independence claims which is obviously birth rate. Just a note to these groups: try to earn something for a change. You might not feel so insecure

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