Murray To Meet Dimitrov In Beijing Final; Raonic Withdraws With Right Ankle Injury
by Staff | October 8th, 2016, 7:58 pm

Andy Murray will seek his first career Beijing title against Grigor Dimitrov in the Sunday final. In the semifinals, Murray blasted past David Ferrer 6-2, 6-3.

“I was obviously 2-1 down with a break in the first set,” Murray said. “Played very well. Even the period in the second set where he came back a bit, when he broke me, there was a lot of long points. Really good tennis I thought.

“Thankfully got the break at 3-2. That was a big game because he had some chances to win that game. I had a couple of breakpoints. Got the momentum back on my side straightaway and finished it off pretty well.”

Dimitrov had an easier time of it thanks to a walkover from Milos Raonic who withdraw with a right ankle injury.

“Yesterday during my second match in the evening, early on in the match, I believe it was the third game, I rolled over my ankle, obviously caused it some level of a sprain,” Raonic assessed.

“I did a test this morning when showed I had a partial tear on the outside of my ankle. I was told to give it a try. I tried to warm up just before the match like I would normally, and I was unable to play. Therefore, it seemed to be the correct decision to have to withdraw from this match I was looking forward to this evening.”

Dimitrov is into his 9th career final, Murray his 40th.

“He’s been playing a lot better obviously the last few months,” Murray said of the Bulgarian. “He’s like 15 in the Race just now. For someone who has what a lot of people would describe as a poor year for him, 15 is still pretty good.

“He’s got high ambitions, I’m sure. The last few months, he’s done well. He had obviously a very good win against Rafa yesterday. It will be a hard match.”

Murray has won seven of 10 against Dimitrov.

“I see him as being a very, very tough player because he plays well on all of the surfaces,” Murray added. “He moves well. He has good hands, so he can get himself out of difficult situations or difficult positions on the court.”

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22 Comments for Murray To Meet Dimitrov In Beijing Final; Raonic Withdraws With Right Ankle Injury

Giles Says:

Andy looking very chunky!

Willow Says:

YAY Andee Murree, China Open champion, bit of a blip serving for the match, but all came good in the end, congrats to Margot, J-Kath, Colin, CDP etc, and the secondary ones like me and Okie ;-)) ….

AndyMira Says:

Good job Andy!Now go hunting in Shanghai..


Willow Says:

Well done Charlton Hestons love child ;-)) ….

J-Kath Says:

Now Andy – have you any petrol left in your tank for Shanghai?
Not much time to put your feet up.

Cheers to all who supported Andy….I don’t contribute to because there’s a lot of hatred towards him there – but it’s great to read and shout obscenities back from the safety of my isolation cell. And then back out in the sun to get back up my ladder to keep on painting windows (apologies for being boring).

Willow Says:

Getting Lendel back was a stroke of genius ;-)) ….

Margot Says:

Phew thought Andy was going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for half a mo., there. But no, should never have doubted.
40 ATP wins now, one of only 13 players. Wow! Fantabulous!
Let’s Go Andy! Let’s Go!

jalep Says:

Charlton Heston’s love child? πŸ€¦πŸ˜„
Just happy Andy won…Go Andy!
Dimitrov needs his confidence back but we don’t want him going over the top on himself and hooking up with another Pussy Cat Doll girl, do we?

Yay Aga!!
Sorry Jo fans – I hope she wins more in Hong Kong and makes Singapore – like her tennis.

jalep Says:

And Congrats to Naughty Nick, too. Happy he’s going to stay with tennis.

Margot Says:

jalep: Jo was out smarted by wily Aggie, but should be pleased to get to the final.
Did next two tournaments, the WTA was a complete nightmare, having moved on to vaguely recognising “ovic’s” back to totally unrecognising the Chinese women, and there seemed to be a heck of a lot of them! Was reduced to checking rankings which I never do.
The men’s was hard too, I reckon those who’ve done well last two, won’t do so well in this. And how the heck is Nole gonna play? Gone for a wild guess, worthy of “jalepwildguess” herself!

jalep Says:

What? You sacked me, Margot πŸ˜„

So you did Tianjin and going to do Hong Kong (go JO!) and Linz? hehehe yay!

just wing it. I picked Aga to defend her Tianjin title but I sorta hope Kuznetsova wins it.

My ATP brackerts suck.

And I can’t keep the chinese names straight.

Margot Says:

I’ve gone for Kuz.

jalep Says:

I did too– went for Kuzy over Zhang final. Shuai Zhang is from Tianjin. Sveta needs the points.

But after Aga won at 3 am this morning, I went and changed it!

Willow Says:

Jalep Britains very own Lorraine Kelly once said Andy had a look of a young Charlton Heston, and if you look a Charlton when he was younger she is in deed right well IMO anyway ! ….

Willow Says:

Jalep How you doing BTW, great your here ? ….

jalep Says:

Margot, Beware of Monica Puig. We don’t know if she’s off cloud 9 and ready to play tennis yet. bookie’s have been overrating her since the Olymics

Willow, I’m good. And you? Well, I never see you posting on tenngrand, so I have to come over here. And Margot, RZ, and others…..I check here but much of the conversations/topics aren’t for me.

Willow Says:

Jalep OK I promise to post on Tenngrand again then lol, to be honest i still feel a bit guilty, Amy was so nice and welcoming to me when i first posted on there, and i said something which wasnt directed at her, and it upset her, i apologized but i still feel guilty about it though, and she said we were cool, but i just wanted to let the air clear before posting, tell you what ill go and post something now ;-)) ….

jalep Says:

Was it something about Rafa? I can’t imagine she’s not cool with you. Her response/debate style can be brusque. But she’s a big softie.

jalep Says:

Oh, yeah… the Rafa Nadal page often gets very serious. I picked Rafa deep in Shanghai. I don’t think he’ll be too moidered by the loss to Dimitrov.

Willow Says:

Jalep it was just after the USO final, cant remember now exactly, but i said people shouldnt make excuses for Novak not taking his BP chances, and it was his fault he didnt, and not Stans because he did, or words to that effect, and i think she thought i was getting at her which i wasnt, as it was just a generalisation, anyhow i said sorry and she said it was all cool, but i just felt a bit guilty about it ….

jalep Says:

You are fine with everybody, Willow! 😘

Willow Says:

Blessed Be Jalep ;-)) ….

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