Federer’s Ownership Of Nadal In 2017 Continues With Shanghai Trophy
by Staff | October 15th, 2017, 11:52 am

Rafael Nadal may be No. 1 in the world, but not when it comes to playing Roger Federer this year.

The Swiss reinforced his GOAT status on Sunday by beating the Spaniard for the fifth consecutive time and fourth this year, 6-4, 6-3 in the final of the Shanghai Rolex Masters in China.

“I had no nerves really before the match, which was nice,” Federer said afterwards. “I was pretty clear about how I wanted to play the match. And then I came out and started off very well. Felt relaxed from then on. I always know that Rafa can come back at any moment if he connects well, picks the right sides, and does the right things.

“[My] serve only got better. I guess I saved the best for last. I played some good matches now against [Juan Martin] del Potro and also now these two sets. In a way, it’s not surprising, because I did feel good all week, and it does pay off to arrive early to an event. You can’t do it all the time, but I was here since Thursday late night and that’s five, six days to prepare for a Wednesday match. So I was ready.”

Federer didn’t face a breakpoint all match and in fact has held 31 straight times against Nadal, saving all 7 breakpoints.

The match only lasted 71 minutes as Federer improved to 10-1 against Top 10-ranked opponents this year, and secured a 700th career match victory.

The victory tied the 36-year-old with Ivan Lendl at 94 career titles, second only to Jimmy Connors’ 109, a record possibly in sight. It was Federer’s sixth title this year.

Federer is the only player who can stop Nadal from clinching a year-end No. 1 ranking, and is now within 1,960 points of the Spaniard.

In the second set some stunning shots, including a drop volley winner, earned Federer the break at 3-2, eventually riding out the win with aggressive play.

The 31-year-old Nadal was denied a 31st Masters-level title, which would have extended his record haul among all players dating to the emergence of Masters events in 1990.

“It was a very difficult match for me,” Nadal said. “He played very fast and he played well. I don’t know how many unforced errors he made. I could have done some things better, but that’s it. He just played too good. That’s my point of view. So congrats to him.”

The loss also ended Nadal’s 16 match win streak, but the Spaniard was still pleased with his week.

“I played a fantastic tournament, having very good wins,” Nadal said. “Very pleased the way I played the whole Asian tour for me. Beijing and Shanghai have been a very positive two weeks for me. A lot of points, a lot of victories against great opponents. I come back with very good personal satisfaction the way that I played.”

Nadal fell to 6-4 in finals this year, also coming up short in championships at the Australian Open (to Federer), Acapulco and Miami (Federer). He and Federer are now tied for the lead in titles this year, and Federer also narrowed the gap in the 2017 race for No. 1.

Nadal leads Federer by 1,960 points with Basel, Paris and the ATP Finals still ahead.

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50 Comments for Federer’s Ownership Of Nadal In 2017 Continues With Shanghai Trophy

Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Staff,

Ownership is a complicated concept. I own the Arrogant One, fair and square. Sure, 2017 has been tough. Let there be no doubt, I OWN him. Staying out the clay court season shows that he is a midget. I play on grass and other surfaces no suitable for human beings.

Angel Says:

I love when this ownership is starting to bother to ‘Humble Rafa’

montecarlo Says:

So foolish of RAFA. I hope he didn’t permanently damaged his knee against Cilic.


gonzalowski Says:

montecarlo 🙈🙈 it’s the same knee.

hoping Fed skips Basel, or Paris better, and Rafa can focus calmly on Paris and above all London

Daniel Says:

Never though 109 titles could be possible, but if he wins 2 more this season than it is. He would have 96. 13 to go. if he plans on playing close to his 40 it can be done. a 20% chance because we don’t know how well he’ll keep playing and if he can win more than 4 Titles each year (which will be what he needs to do to reach tag number).

But I think 100 is a realistic goal and would look nice.

Also the record 30 Masters is close, he is at 27, there is Paris and Nadal, as it seems, can only win Masters on clay (last 4 years). His last HC Masters was Cincy 2013. We don’t know what state Djoko will return, but if fit and hungry he sure can increase that lead. I don’t think he will end his career with that record, probable Djoko or Nadal, but 30 seems reachable also.

skeezer Says:

“Federer’s Ownership Of Nadal In 2017 Continues..”

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Yes Skeeze, not a headline I ever thought I’d see- let alone while Rafa is #1 in the world! What a season for Fed!

Humble Rafa Says:

Clay is the King of All Surfaces. All matters of humanity has been decided on clay. As such, ownership must also be decided only on clay court results.


Tennis Vagabond Says:

Fed won 2/3 Slams played, and 3/5 Masters played. And 5 straight wins against a former goat-owner.

When you’re owned by a goat, what does that make you?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Or is that 3/4 Masters?

Humble Rafa Says:

former goat-owner


If you are mathematically challenged, use a calculator to find the bigger number.

Humble Rafa Says:

When you’re owned by a goat, what does that make you?

Let’s stick to facts. 23-15 knows who owns who. You may not.

skeezer Says:

HR been silenced. Booya.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa’s record this year is 65-10. 4 of those losses have been to Federer. Those have been in a Slam final and three masters (2 finals). I.e. If not for Fed, Rafa would almost certainly have had 3 slams and 4 or 5 masters this year.

Its an inversion of the 2005-2008 dynamic.
In 2006, Fed went 92-5; 4 of those losses to Rafa. If not for Rafa…

Humble Rafa Says:

skeezer Says:
HR been silenced. Booya.

23-15 is not silencing. Mind your cats.

Humble Rafa Says:

How does year end No.1 sound? Jealous much?

Okiegal Says:

Spot on Humble…..head to head tells the GOAT tale. Furthermore I can not believe Roger fessed up to staying away from clay because he doesn’t want to face Rafa and take the chance on the head to head getting more lop sided than it already is. It is puzzling to me why a GOAT would do that…….but better yet a REAL GOAT shouldn’t have to do that………he would play all surfaces to perfection….just saying. This is why I don’t believe in the GOAT theory….too many variables involved.

VAMOS!!! Great year Rafa!! Kudos to the #1 player of the world!! Rafa’s my personal GOAT!! King of Clay! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 PHENOMENAL!!!❤️❤️❤️

Okiegal Says:

Humble wasn’t silenced, nor was Okiegal!! Lol

skeezer Says:

“How does year end No.1 sound? Jealous much?”

Nope. Of course not……as duely noted here;

“Rafa’s record this year is 65-10. 4 of those losses have been to Federer”

#1 is ok this year for you. But this year Fed is the owner of #1.

gonzalowski Says:

Haha! the owner is Rafa, if Roger does not take it … it is true that some are jealous!
but if 2h2 is so important to you skeezer, we already know who the TRUE GOAT is.

Rahul Says:

Federer has been cautious (rightly so) regarding his health this year and so the number 1 ranking is going to be hard. I think as fans we have accepted that he will place his health above the ranking.

However, the very fact that he finally worked out a way to play Rafa and has laid those demons to rest is a big moment for us fans. It wasnt fun knowing that match-up always meant he was the underdog.

J-Kath Says:

Okiegal: For someone who rarely drinks, you had quite a party last night…I counted 10 glasses – when you do something you do it in style…way to go Gal!!!!!!

Van Persie Says:

Rafa’s and Roger’s performance this year proves me only again what a complete tennis player Djokovic is: a challenge on hard(slow or fast), sand and grass….when he is in a good shape, of course. Think he is the most complete ever

gonzalowski Says:

Van P, maybe yes, but Roger in fact has better results in RG than Nole hasn’t he? more finals… true that Nole REALLY beat Rafa there, so maybe yes he’s more challenging

Humble Rafa Says:

However, the very fact that he finally worked out a way to play Rafa and has laid those demons to rest is a big moment for us fans

Aren’t those demons mostly on clay? Isn’t he still afraid to face those demons?

Van Persie Says:


I’m talking about the entire clay season, not only RG. Nole has been a challenge also in Monte Carlo, Madrid, Rome for Rafa, or was he not? Nole is a better player on clay than Roger, I would say.

Van Persie Says:

and the fact that Roger keeps on skipping clay season says all, well, remains also to see how Nole will have his schedule in a few years…also true

Van Persie Says:

and please do not tell me, that Roger beat Nole on clay, Nole also beat Roger on grass: 2 finals at Wimby. It does not mean Nole is a better player on grass than Roger.

skeezer Says:

You been around here long enough to know I could care less about H2H. Just giving back the idiots argument to the jealous ones ;)
When has Rafa not made the Clay season a priority to in his career? C’mon. The seasons he has missed, Wimby, USO, etc…he seems to never prioritize his health during the others as well . If there is one season he goes all out for its Clay. Nothing wrong there, that is what he is best at.
That said, to me this is one of his best years ever. The confidence in his game is back, and if Fed wasn’t around creating magical radical tennis this late in his career, Rafa more than likely would have another Slam and more Masters on his mantle. Kudos to him, if he bags #1 this year, he,ll wholly deserve it.

the_mind_reels Says:

@Humble Rafa: we don’t know since these two haven’t played on clay this year. Federer seems to be suggesting that taking losses from Nadal on clay (where he admitted Nadal is clearly the better player) did impact his ability to “figure out” a gameplan — both tactically and mentally — against Nadal in the past.

Now, he looks like he knows what he’s doing every time he goes out on court with Nadal, so I don’t see why he wouldn’t be giving himself more of a shot on clay against Nadal if they were to meet ever again on clay…I’m just not sure they will. And before anyone jumps on me, I’m only saying *more* of a shot — not implying he’d all of a sudden start whooping Nadal.

Given his age, Federer isn’t able to play a full season like he used to, so skipping the part of the season that taxes his body the most makes a lot of sense for longevity.

Daniel Says:

“Given his age, Federer isn’t able to play a full season like he used to, so skipping the part of the season that taxes his body the most makes a lot of sense for longevity.”

That is the whole point TMH, but some people dopens´t want to see it.

I remeber when Nadla came back in 2015 after his injuries and he was bad on HC and some of his fans (including Brando who was a diehard one mentione that Nadla should skip HC for good and only play clay tourney, SA swing, Europeand and the late ones after Wimby.

Skeeze is also right, we don’t see Nadal complaining on injury, scheudle or nothing during the clay swing, he plays 5 tourneys out of 8 weeks fresh as a daisy. He will be older and if he is gonna cut tourneys is gonna be HC, rpobably indoor hard and maybe adding the Soth American swing. Clay is where he likes to play. It was clear last match he couldn´t play the way he likes. We haven´t seen a single one of those amazing get and defense he plays ion slow courts. Not a single “Vamos, pelvis, fist pumps” yesterday, because Fed and the court take total time awy from him.

Agaisnt Cilic and Dimitrov he was able to have one of those awesome defense moments but not so agaisnt Fed.

Right now, nobody takes time away from nadlka on a HC better than Federer and that1s why he is on a 5 match win streak.

skeezer Says:

Rafa’s favorite surface:
So slow that if he hit a groundstroke he could take a bathroom break, come back, adjust his water bottles, and still have time to take his racket back and hit next ball back( this would be a inside out FH winner of course ).

lapinroyal Says:

Is Paris Master court been slow down?

RZ Says:

I have a feeling that Rafa will get a win over Fed this year, and it could very well be at the WTF.

But it’s nice that the huge gap in the H-2-H is now just a big gap.

Okiegal Says:

&JK 4:00 am……Those were trophys……10 loving cups representing Rafa’s 10 Frenchies!! Tap on your screen and stretch it open and you can see them better!! If I were drinking I would use one of these emojis 🍷🍺🍸🥃🍻🍹!! Lol

Have a great week JK!!

Okiegal Says:

Die hard Rafa fan right here…..and definitely not jealous of Roger….how stupid that would be! I think it’s the other way around….Roger fans jealous over the H2H….which is stupid too….

Okiegal Says:

I read an article yesterday where Roger said that when they first started playing Rafa was young and shy and wouldn’t voice his opinion. Then as Rafa got older he would speak his mind and he didn’t agree with Roger on various issues and they got cross ways with each other. But now they are friends …. …bromance back on again!! Lol Good article! Rafa also commented he wasn’t his boyfriend…..funny!! The reporters got a good laugh out of that statement.

James Says:

Finally we had a tournament on a surface with true bounce, medium fast speed – one that rewarded offense and defense equally. This wasn’t “serve and done” tennis – there were many rallies, some short, some long, there were plenty of winners and great shots and retrieves. The Delpo-Federer match was a cracker.

On such a balanced surface – you know who the better player is. It was clear on sunday. Even at 36, well past his expiration date, Federer can take Nadal to the cleaners – someone who is 5 years younger – lets not club them as the same generation as all commentators tend to do – Nadal clearly has had the age advantage especially once Fed started to “grow old”, i.e., reached Borg’s retirement age.

Fed’s problem was always “Nadal on clay”. But then Nadal on Clay is the best there has ever been, by far – Nadal’s dominance on clay is more than any other player’s dominance on any other surface. so yes, its 23-15. But then its also 19-16, and also 6-0 – Nadal just can’t seem to win even a single YEC – but then you have to win on fast indoor courts, and you can’t avoid top 10 players even for a single match. If somehow freakily the stars align so that you don’t have to face a single top 25 player in seven matches – well, Nadal can certainly win the US Open even now, we know that.

Fed and Nadal have played 15 times on clay, 23 on grass and hard (all types of hard). Let there be 7 more matches on non-clay surfaces, and lets see where the H2H will be then. Even with the age disadvantage for Fed for most of their rivalry, I bet it will be more like 24-21 overall.

Tennis Magic Says:

Roger can adjust his game to the surface and opponent, whereas others, including rafa and novak, have a style of play and they live and die by it … http://www.138mph.com/tennis-federer-is-an-exceptional-talent-as-compared-to-nadal-and-djokovic/

J-Kath Says:

Okie- Having (mistakenly) tried to keep up with you by having 10 drinks – I’m having difficulty counting my fingers – if only I’d known they were trophies!!!!!Slur, slur……Now sitting out Ophelia, the degraded hurricane – which has so far only damaged my decking….sigh, sigh, sigh.

Okiegal Says:

@JK…..you got me laughing out loud for real!! Thanks my dear I needed this today!! You are too funny! Batten down the hatches, girl…… since there is a bigger girl headed your way! Hope things don’t get too bad for you…hang tough!! Mix your drinks in a Loving Cup!! 🏆🏆😜😜

J-Kath Says:

Okie: Looks like I’ve won two of Rafa’s FO’s successes….I’m sooo pleased. (PS: Lost power on and off – all sent to try me and try me it does….maybe I should locate my my torch and toddle to bed like a good wee lassie.
Luv. K.

Okiegal Says:

JK… you are cracking me up!! Sorry about that the power… I have had those on and off surges too ….. and during tennis matches! Aggravating……yes toddle your sassy frassy backside off to bed and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated……….

❤️❤️❤️ Oki

PS I will be so glad when Andy is back in the mix again…..hopefully healthy! I feel so bad for you and Margot coz tennis is sucky for you guys right now and BORING for y’all! Feel sorry for Wog Boy too and the other Novak fans. I have a feeling that Rafa’s knees are in jeopardy too!! We will see……

Willow Says:

Indeed Roger and Rafa have such alot of mutual respect for each other, shame the same cant be said about the fans though ….

Okiegal Says:

Thanks Giles for the last link! Cute…….Rafa………the oh so humble jokester!! They have great admiration and respect for each other…..we fans do too………🤣🤣🤣

Humble Rafa Says:

One day the world will be full of mini-Humbles coming out of my academy. What a sight that will be!

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