Two-Time Winner Serena Williams Withdraws From Madrid

by Tom Gainey | May 3rd, 2018, 10:36 am

Serena Williams clay debut will have to wait. The former No. 1 was scheduled to play in Madrid next week but the tournament has announced the 2-time champion has withdrawn to allow for more training for the French.

“We regret the absence of Serena and we wish her a speedy recovery,” tournament director Manolo Santana said. “She is one of the great champions of our sport, she has always offered a show to the tournament and we hope to see her again at the Caja Magica in the future.”

Since returning from giving birth last fall, the 36-year-old Serena is just 2-2. She is not scheduled to play in Rome either, so her next event will likely be the French Open.

Serena’s last clay match was a loss to Garbine Muguruza in the 2016 French Open final.

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25 Comments for Two-Time Winner Serena Williams Withdraws From Madrid

Django Says:

I think Serena is fibbing. She is invited to the Meg and Harry wedding.

Willow Says:

Doesnt matter 1 iota, if she plays the FO she will still be favorite, thats what matters to her the GS, Courts 24 which is only a matter of time, its pretty simple, nothing really left to prove anymore ….

jalep Says:

Venus is playing Madrid
Madrie Bracket is Open lol it’s as confusing as ever and we won’t know who the qualifers are or where they land. If you like shooting in the dark – here’s your bracket

Prague final – Kvitova vs Buzarnescu

Rabat final – Mertens vs Tomljanovic

Congrats to AM and Manwerty on picking the Rabat final right! Also meas you win again AndyMira – you are on fire again LOL….If you are around lets talk Madrid bracket! Wake up, wake up :D

AndyMira Says:

Oh God j!…I wrote a VERYYYYY long post to u & when i send….the internet is disconnected!!!URGHH!!!….STUPID LAPTOP!!!!!…Now i have to write another one!…

Anyway…tq for the congrats j!…But,you’re also kick my b@#$ pretty hard in Istanbul!…Hehe…U showed me WHO’S DA BOSS in your last minute rampage with your Chardy pick!….The key moments was Chardy/Dusan match 2 days ago..I pick Dusan till final..and u Chardy…And even if Chardy lost today…u’re already DA WINNER J!!WHOOOOOO!!….So,congrats,congrtas,congrats Boss!!Hehehe….

Oh!…Bout WTA Madrid…Oh God j!…confusing picking everywhere!!!!…Start with Halep/Makarova/Merten…Merten is on fire atm j!…Last nite she let Hsieh won only 2 games in her win!!..What’s to make of that hah?She still not lost since she won Lugano a few weeks back j…And while our Dear Halep is not in good place atm..Physically,mentally,spiritually…all at the lowest…i read she have trouble with her thigh this week j,that’s why she lost early…low on confidence too…

What about Krunic j?She made to semis this week…And Aza to me is always a great champ..very hard pick too there…And Mugu?God!..She’s injured everywhere!….Donno how far she can go…Also our Dear Petra…she maybe win the whole d@#$ thing in Prague j…so,donno how far wanna pick her too…

Oh!…Our Marta is going to meet again wit C.Garcia j…But her 2nd rd opponent J.Goerges is always dangerous…Oh God j!…My post already looonnngggggg now!…And there’s so much to talk still!!Hehehe…

jalep Says:

hahahahaha that Istanbul bracket was one of the lowest scoring ones – ever, Andy Mira. But thanks anyway. Chardy I picked coz I was out of any other ideas for a runner-up.

Okay, thanks for the info on Halep. I was being cautious with her anyway.
Picked Mugu to win
Mugu vs Ostapenko final
Top half SF I tentatively have Pliskova losing to Mugu but I may be overestimating Mugu and switch back to Pliskova winning.

To say there is a lot of difficult picks is an super understating it!! LOL

Part 2 coming soon….so much to talk about on this draw!

ATP one is so easy compared to WTA!!

jalep Says:

Yeah, I think Petra will win Prague. She’s such a hero there. God love her!! A year ago she was still recovering from the knife attack.

Kvitova – I have her beating Venus to make that QF. Losing to Mugu–gosh, it’s hard because Mugu is so inconsistent of the inconsistent. Kvitova isn’t going to win Madrid, errr, that’s my feeling. But a few rounds there would be normal for her. Kvitova is the 2015 Madrid Champ – that clay and climate is okay for her.

Vika Azarenka have beating Krunic and losing to Pliskova.

jalep Says:

On the bottom quarter I have Ostapenko over Woz. But Osaka could very well win that quarter! Wozzie has to beat Barty and Bertens. It’s dicey.

Yeah Ostapenko or Osaka to make the bottom SF
I have CSN in her quarterfinal vs Kuznetsova or Goerges. Kostyuk will be lucky to win a match. I have her winning over Arruabarrena and that will be tough enough to do in Madrid. I don’t know enough about Kostyuk on clay.

Also have Svitolina losing to CSN. Sharapova winning one match over a possibly worn out Buzarnescu.

jalep Says:

It’s high time Kuznetsova wakes up and starts winning. Purely guessing about it but…

AndyMira Says:

Oh j!!….He will hurt his heart out if he knows u picked him coz u was out of IDEAS!Hahahaha….

Anyway…U PICKED MUGU FOR THE WINNER j???Ohohohohho!….BRAVO!!….U’re very brave j!!…I picked Pliskova to win j…And i picked coco to succeed to the final j…I doubt Svitolina will go far…Her form is dipped a little atm…Wozniacki also retired in her match this week,so..not sure if her physical is at the best….So far i’ve got..

SF….Petra vs Pliskova
CSN vs Coco

But,as we already know…very possibly my b@#$ will get kick once again by u & others by the end of next week j!Hahaha…C’Mon!!Bring it on!!

jalep Says:

Please tell me what you know about Muguruza’s recent injuries? I thought she’d be healthy for Madrid. Some of the injuries are hard to know….like Kasatkina’s ankle – she’s been losing matches for many moons now lol…

There’s some dangerous qualifiers: Sabalenka and Collins for starters.

jalep Says:

I don’t trust Woz and her excuses right now. She should have easily won in Istanbul but she went out early to go play and win in an Exhibition match vs Serena in Denmark. Woz won the exhibition of course. Probably Serena just testing herself out by hitting with Woz.

jalep Says:

Oh I can’t stand Coco…I know she has Pat Cash by her side now and her tennis is going to get better. Hoping Osaka will thump her 😝

AndyMira Says:

j!…Mugu won in Monterrey right?But she retired in 2nd rd in Stuttgart coz of her back…this is an article about her j.i think it will give u the insight of how far u wanna pick her here k?

Also an article bout Aga…

AndyMira Says:

Hahahaha…I know u can’t stand coco j!… too!…But her form atm is superb!…After got to the final in Stuttgart,i think she will be motivated to do more…And Naomi just dipped a little after her big win in IW…

About Woz…She played xho with Serena in?I didn’t know that j!…She retired in 3rd rd in Istanbul against Parmentier!…

jalep Says:

Yes. it’s true. Woz vs Serena Exho in Denmark. Istanbul would have conflicted with the Exho plans, had she stayed to win in Istanbul.

Thank you for the links you posted,AM!
Bad news about Aga. It’s been so long since she was near her best. I miss her.

Yep, I think I go with Pliskova FTW. No American except Serena has ever won Madrid. You go on and pick Coco. I will congratulate you if she wins. The conditions in Madrid might suit her too – it’s faster than the clay in Rome and RG.

But that should suit Karolina, I hope. Fingers crossed 😊

And I’m having Mugs improve on her performance and go deeper than her usual result. Time for Naomi to be hungry to win on clay – at least a couple matches. And time for Kuznetsova to win a round or two. That’s my pick.

Pliskova over Ostapenko Final. Oh, I don’t know! My heart says, just pick Kvitova but — sheesh I fear she’s overplayed it.

I love both Mertens and Tomljanovic — and I think Mertens will win Rabat. It would be gutsy to take Simona out to Elise. I can’t do it tho!!

Good Luck dear AM. Thanks for your help! And Vamos Rafa (at least I’m confident on that one!)

AndyMira Says:

Hey back j!…I took Simona out to Merten j!…Not that i was proud to do that!…but,Sim put a doubt in my head a lot these days j….And yeah!…I too picked karolina to win!…Hopefully she have the guts to use the adv to the fullest…

I so want to pick Petra for the winner j!..but,i don’t think she has that stamina to play deep in tourneys B2B yet…Oh!…I didn’t see Angie’s name here tho j?U know why?I didn’t read about her having an injury or something these past days…maybe Witch From Welsh know something about it since Angie is her protege!hehe….

Oh!…Wish u all the best to u j & WelshWitch too in both Brackets!….Btw..ATP is veryyy easy to pick!Haha…don’t have to kick a sofa much to pick a winner!…Ermm…..i want to wish Novak all the best here coz he’s really got a nightmare draw here j…

Margot Says:

Hi gals! I’ve got a Plishkova v Ostapenko final too but with Ostapenko winning…..impossible to predict. Got Petra going out quite early and Simona going out to Keys and Coco going out to Ostapenko I think. Can’t remember who downs Garbine. EEEEK! Congrats AM you’re doing grand at the mo.

AndyMira Says:

Hey M!….hahaha!…U picked Pliskova/Ostapenko too for the final?Hey!…U got the same brain/heart with j?Hehehe….It very possibly too m!….WTA r always UNPREDICTABLE!!…

I think Mugu will ‘downed’ herself with all that pressure M!…And TQ for the congrats Boss!…Best of luck to u too M!

The game will start in an hour i think….C’Mon!Bring it on!!

Margot Says:

AM: Me and jalep, we both dislike Coco, love Petra, so…. I guess just inseparable….. ;)

AndyMira Says:

Awwwww M!!….I’m zealous!!!..Hehehe….

AndyMira Says:

Oh M!…U forgot to add…U both LUUURRVVEEE PHH & Tsitsi!…

Margot Says:

AM no need to fret as we both love youooooo!
Excellent final. My word Petra was so aggressive on 2nd serve and it really paid off.
Well done Pet!

AndyMira Says:

M!….Wooohooo!…Thank u Boss!!..Hehe..

Oh!…I think i have to give congrats to u & j too coz picking Petra!…Even tho u guys not win the Bracket..but excellent pick M!…Another prove u guys r inseparable!hahaha…

Margot Says:

Ahem…jalep and I DID win Prague :)

AndyMira Says:

Oh!…Sorry!sorry Boss!!…I posted my comment before i checked the Bracket M!!..hahaha..Very silly of me!…Now…proper congrats k?Ahem,ahem!…Much congrats to u Your Highness & Your Excellency for your Prague Bracket win…Hopefully Your Highness & Your Excellency will once again rampages all over Madrid next week & kick our asses to the curb….

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