Federer Beats Nadal in Korean Cash Grab
by Sean Randall | November 22nd, 2006, 1:14 pm

Don’t look know but Roger Federer’s won three straight over his chief rival Rafael Nadal. You of course remember the Wimbledon showdown back in July, and then Fed’s convincing straight setter last Saturday in Shanghai. But what you may not have noticed – or even wanted to notice – was that Fed beat Rafa in an exo match yesterday in South Korea.

Federer and Nadal met in Seoul, South Korea with the Swiss coming away with 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 victory. While the match doesn’t count in the record books it surely counts in the wallet for all parties involved. ADHEREL

With all 4,000 seats sold out per event organizers, Sema Sports Marketing, someone made some cash. At roughly $100 per ticket (they run $85 to $135) that’s about $400,000 in revenue for the organizers just from tickets.

Figure Roger picked up $200,000 to show up from Sema Sports, Nadal maybe $150,000, that leaves $50K after ticket sales for the organizers (400K – 350K = 50K). But then there’s revenue from sponsor sales and other outlets (TV?), which could be in the six figure range. Of course in addition to the players there’s other expenses, too – facility, promotions, insurance, charities (they gave 50K back), etc – but I’m guessing there was fair bit of money made.

This wasn’t the first time the tennis cash grab tour visited Korea. Last year it was Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams playing in the exo, picking up some extra coin. Common link among the four players is IMG who represent the financial interests of Maria, Venus, Roger and Rafa and of course themselves! You have to figure they got a healthy cut as well.

Guess Christmas really did come early for some.

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15 Comments for Federer Beats Nadal in Korean Cash Grab

ben Says:

they both made $350k. do your homework

Kevin Says:

Ben. STFU!!

Diabolus Says:

^^ Silly Retards

David Says:

Korea has no major tour events, why shouldn’t they look to bring in some big names and you can hardly expect people to not make any money out of it, we do live in a market driven capitalist society. The scheduling was sensible in that it did not impact the tour in any way. I suggest you go find something meaningful to bitch about.

cj Says:

roger is so amazing here he goes again money is involved in everything grow up man

kay pointon Says:

I love to watch Roger play – he is so graceful on the courts and makes unbelievable shots. I can’t believe what he is doing with is backhand! What an improvement – he was good with his backhand before but even better now! Like the commentators say “he dances on the court”. By the way – is he a good dancer on the dance floor???

BeefoBofBall Says:

Tennis fans are dying to see these great matchups. The present ATP tour is not delivering the matchups that fans want to see except for a few times a year. This is the way of the future, why not have Nadal play Federer in a series of Televised exibition matches, the winner makes more money? Give the fans what they want to see.

ben Says:

historically, 6 match-ups between the 1 and 2 players in the world in one year is the most ever, so we have seen plenty of fedal. plus, its not up to the ATP to make these match ups. theyd love to see fedal at every freaking final but usually its nadal who doesnt quite live up to the occasion. also, exhibitions rnt ATP regulated, thats y theyr exhibitions and not tournaments. id love to see this stuff televised but its never gonna happen.

Fedal? :D Says:

I saw that match live from Korea for free on the multimedia weblink mentioned at the “Bob Larson’s Tennis News” site. It was great even though the reception was patchy because of my slow connection.

The important thing to notice is that it was done in Korea, not in Europe or the U.S., where there’s no dearth of tennis tournaments. The more money involved, the more the game benefits. The more number of rich countries covered by such events, the more tennis benefits.

ev Says:

gee… do you REALLY think federer, the man who made more than $8million THIS SEASON is sitting at home thinking of ways to make MORE money??? I don’t think so!! He did it for his fans and for the publicity of the game.

rc Says:

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Tejuz Says:

i heard they both donated some amount to charity as well after the match $50,000 is it???. Just brought this up cuz it wasnt mentioned on the blog.

wadasiwa Says:

Jon Wertheim says Fed pocketed 600,000 and Nadal 400,000. I doubt 150,000 would be enough of an incentive for either to show up, particularly Ndal. Fed may be willing just because he couldn’t get enough chances to play Nadal–he needs as many opportunities as he can get to figure the guy out and he surely is improving with each.

Giner Says:

“and then Fed’s convincing straight setter last Saturday in Shanghai”

You’ve got a pretty loose definition for “convincing” Sean.

Lucy Says:

^^^ How was the win in Shanghai not convincing? The bloody scoreline was 7-5 6-4! You must have damn high standards is all I can say!

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