Tomic The Tank Engine In Quito: “F This Place” [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 7th, 2016, 3:01 pm

During a 3-set loss to Paolo Lorenzi in Quito on Friday, top-seeded Bernard Tomic lashed out.

A courtside microphone picked up Tomic saying to himself, “go to Miami, drive your Ferrari, you don’t need to be here, fuck this place.”

This is the same Tomic who said last month that he plans to reach the Top 10 by the French Open.

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16 Comments for Tomic The Tank Engine In Quito: “F This Place” [Video]

Tennis Vagabond Says:

This is his player’s epitaph! “Go to Miami, drive your ferrari, fuck this place.”

Schaudenfreude and karma walk hand in hand with this one.

chrisford1 Says:

In fairness to “Tomic the Tool” as well as “Tomic the Tank Engine”, he was down 0-1 in the 3rd set and won 3 games after he said that.
So it wasn’t apparently a tanking. Because of his rep, people (mostly correctly) assume the worst. But as with his clash with Fed, Bernard had some justification – he was closer to making the top 10 than Fed was likely to be beating Nole at the Australian Open, and if you have ever been to Quito, it sucks. And I hear it sucks even worse now that a leftist idiot like Hugo Chavez is running the place.

Tennisfan Says:

Is anyone surprised by this? The guy has always been an entitled brat.

Margot Says:

But there are huge issues surrounding these sophisticated mikes. Same thing happened to Nick.
Heck in rugby I’m sure they say a whole lot worse things, but they don’t get picked up.
I personally think the media should back off. It’s horribly intrusive and just plain wrong.

Peter Says:

MR chrisford1,

1. Hugo Chavez is not “Running he place” in Ecuador, Rafael Correa is (the two countries don’t even share a border).

2. In fact Hugo Chavez is not even running his own country (Venezuela) at the moment because he’s busy pushing daisies.

But back to the topic at hand, Tomic is a dickhead who will never reach the heights of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray etc. He simply does not have the mental maturity to deal with the pressure.

Ronn Says:

I’m all for the top players getting paid top money but I still think tennis players are overpaid. This guy isn’t even in the top 20 and has never won anything meaningful but he evidently has loads of $$$ and that’s why he’s got such a huge chip on his shoulder. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a prick if he didn’t have so much $$$. The payment of tennis players needs to be restructured.

chrisford1 Says:

Peter – please read what I said a little more carefully. The key word to look for is “like”.

Dan the Man Says:

Peter, thanks for those comments, it’s good to have fair minded people on this site who correct the ignorant and bigoted comments I hear on this site from time to time. Let’s all talk about tennis, because the smears based on politics and general ignorance on here are a waste of everyone’s time.

Peter Says:

“like” ?

What a Weasel cop out. You should be a politician mate.

Leo Says:

Instead of Tank Engine, can we just accept that Tool sounds better.

Absolutely classless. Can’t say I’ve observed much worse on the ATP tour!

Margot Says:

Well then obviously you weren’t watching tennis when Mac and Connors were on the tour. In which case can I recommend Tignor’s book, “High Strung?”

AndyMira Says:

No matter where we go,where we put our foot on..we have to respect other people’s culture,country or language..but then if he unable to swallow a good advice from one of the greats..what we expect from him?

Markus Says:

And one would assume Quito is a perfect place for this crude tanker.

AndyMira Says:

Actually i like watch tomic play..the way he swing and blast a matter what me it looks so just like he just hold a badminton light in his hand..while we saw rafa holding his racquet with both of his hand and his muscles would have thought that rafa holding a big cannon on his hand..and it didn’t hurt either that tomic got almost a complete package to become the top 10 player..if only his brain blend beautifully with his talent and attitude..such a shame..hopefully he will realize that not everyone was gifted with a huge talent in this world and use it to his advantage while he still can..

Leo Says:

@Margot – exactly. I did not watch tennis much till the mid eighties. Dont recall either of them getting arrested or insulting host cities. Tomic is one of the more ‘special’ ones I’ve seen in this time.

If Trump wins, I wonder if the US can start deporting people for just being tools?

chrisford1 Says:

Dan the Man – If only you and your high horse were able to take a nice trip around Quito or Caracas. Ecuador went down the toilet bowl like Venezuela did under Chavez and his successor. But Tomic didn’t disparage it as much as state in strong terms he would rather be elsewhere.

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