Roger Federer Says He Wants To Travel As A Backpacker When He Retires!
by Tom Gainey | July 30th, 2013, 9:57 am

In a new interview with the German sports site, Roger Federer makes some insightful comments on a wide range of topics. Federer reveals he’d love to become a backpacker when he retires, he says he will not stop at 17 career Grand Slam titles, he doesn’t like winning the smaller, replica Slam trophies and he constantly thinks about tennis, even while on vacation!

The profile was done during Gstaad last week before Roger lost to Daniel Brands. Here are some of the highlights via google translation:

On winning more Slams, perhaps reaching 20:
Sure, it would. With so a number like 17 grand slams now I will not stop. Especially not if you still have the feeling that you can achieve even more. The margin at the top is very small, the air is very thin – as it sometimes takes not much more and you do not win as much as before. Much depends on the confidence that I used to totally underestimated. It is one of the most important aspects. If we consider self-confidence with which Murray plays today compared to the past, or Djokovic in his best year, 2011, when he barely lost.

On his priorities:
The priority hot tennis. I keep thinking about after tennis, even though I’m on vacation, for example, I am first and foremost a professional tennis player. Of course, the family is the most important thing in life, but tennis is an absolute priority for me. I know that my career will not last forever, so I try to enjoy everything. What was particularly important in my career always: I continuously ask myself behind, even in case of success. And also if it does not work that way. When I at Wimbledon in the second Round reject, I ask myself: ‘What’s going on? How could this happen? ‘ I usually find a way to get back on track if it does not work that way.

His future dreams:
Definitely still do a lot of traveling. And then rather in the Backpack-style. At the moment it’s all very luxurious and geared that I can recover well. Since I can not go out with the backpack and make me tired. To travel to countries where I was not, would be nice. Know towns or from a different perspective.

His dreams as a kid:
I had as a boy, of course, since I was 12, 14 years old, also the moments when I imagined how I win Wimbledon and the world number one will. ‘Game, set and match, Federer!’ How does that as a boy just so. (Laughs) The right faith, that I may go far, I then had perhaps as from 16 Since then slowly you realize that you can keep up. Still, I could have not imagined in my wildest dreams that I would make such a career. I would have been with the achievement of the top 100 happy.

The 31-year-old also revealed that he feels 2006 was his best season. He said he felt uncomfortable wearing suits, but he’s grown into them, saying you wear the suits, and not to let the suit wear you. And he also talked about his childhood playing days which he says were filled with tears

Federer is still not confirmed to play in the Rogers Cup which begins next week in Montreal. He is still treating his chronic back injury. It must be difficult to be a backpacker if one’s back is bad?

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53 Comments for Roger Federer Says He Wants To Travel As A Backpacker When He Retires!

Humble Rafa Says:

If you are interested in supporting old players in tennis, consider The President of the Injury Club, currently ranked No.12 and will be in the top 5 soon.

Skeezer Says:

Great.This is all too much. Now nadalista will be giving Fed advice on Backpacking. Suddenly, I feel the Tennis world is upside down.


Rest that back!

madmax Says:


comments just in on the back situation: Here you go [link included]

“I have no problem with criticism, but I expect us to be honest,” Federer told “This situation is not new for me. In 2009 and 2010 already, people said: ‘He’s won everything, now it’s finished.’

“The more people that made that comment, the more likely that someone will be talking nonsense.”

Since Wimbledon Federer has slipped to No. 5 in the ATP Tour world rankings, his lowest in a decade, but the 31-year-old insists he has no plans to call it a day just yet.

“If I got to the point where I’d had enough of the travel and training then I would ask serious questions,” he added.” But that’s not the case now.

“There comes a time when the ranking is not so important. Quite honestly, I don’t even know exactly what my current ranking. 4th? 5th? 3rd? It doesn’t matter to me so much.”

Of greater concern will be the back injury that threatens his US Open preparations, with the Swiss still unsure whether or not he will be fit for next week’s Rogers Cup in Montreal.

“I’ve had serious problems with the back, I had to get some anti-inflammatories last week in Hamburg due to the pain,” he said. “I will have to do a lot of exercises and see how it all feels.

“My main priority now is to fix my back. I would love to be able to train at 100 percent. I’ll have to see if the rehab is enough to let me play in Montreal. If it is, I’ll go; if not, then it gives me another week.”


skeezer Says:

Thanks madmax.

It kinda makes sense with his back an all. His movement has been “not Fed like” most of this year and was wondering if it was do to father time. I know Backs, and if you have a hurt one it for sure hampers your movement( and Serve) big time. You can play with a bad back at times, but it only going to make it worse. And taken anti-inflammatories and still playing when the playing actually is the cause of the bad back? Give it another week? Ugh, how about a few months? Dude! Rest and Rehab, NO Tennis.

Humble Rafa Says:

Sorry to interrupt the love fest.

I have a bad knee too. I am about to be number 1.

SG1 Says:

He may say he’ll play until he’s 35 but I’m not buying it. Sampras said that he’d play ’till his mid 30’s too. He said, “As long as I can serve, I’m a threat at Wimbledon”, or something like that. In the end, he was gone at 31.

Unusual to hear a tennis player talk about what he wants to do when he retires. You don’t hear that kind of talk from Murray, Rafa or Novak. I think he’ll hang it up the end of next year. At most, one year later. He may want his “Goodbye Tour”. Players don’t talk about retiring unless they are seriously thinking about it. Tough to backpack with two little ones though.

pogi Says:


Faking makes your bad knee worst…

“I am about to be number 1.”

only if they change all surface to clay…

tennisfansince76 Says:

saying you will play to this or that age is based on ideas and fantasy. what age you actually play to is determined by the reality of the physical body, the flawed, fallible, slowly (or not so slowly)degenerating carcass that we all call home for a short while

pogi Says:

“I don’t believe in pessimism. If something doesn’t come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it’s going to rain, it will.”

-Clint Eastwood-

“The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can’t make anybody believe that he has it.”

-Will Rogers-

“No matter what looms ahead, if you can eat today, enjoy today, mix good cheer with friends today enjoy it and bless God for it.”

-Henry Ward Beecher-

Rogerisclass Says:

it disagreeable that Roger talks about is retirement truly.

It makes me as despair and sadness.

His true talent, efforts, patience, and grace

Even if afflicted by the injury or the sick slump repeatedly, you always made a comeback.

And an old ATP players’ association’s member, Your efforts are continued also after becoming the chairman.

Or many charity works

You are a person who should be evaluated most.

I always love you.

holdserve Says:

pogi, it would be wonderful if 50% of slams are changed to clay and 2/3rds of Masters as also WTF. It will certainly take away the unfair advantage hard court specialists have enjoyed. By now Rafa would have had 20 slams. Fed’s record depends a lot on hard courts with 9 of his slams coming from hard courts and all his WTFs on indoor hard court which is his favorite surface.
If only Rafa could have the same advantages!
And clay is a traditional surface, more legit than hard courts which are synthetic and certainly more legit than indoor hard court. Tennis is an outdoor game.

pogi Says:

“And clay is a traditional surface, more legit than hard courts which are synthetic and certainly more legit than indoor hard court. Tennis is an outdoor game”

Grass is the traditional surface. FO is played on grass before 1928…

“Of the Grand Slam tournaments, the US Open and Australian Open use hard courts (though both used grass courts in the past, and the US Open used clay courts from 1975 through 1977), the French Open is played on clay (though it too was played on grass before 1928), and Wimbledon has always been played on grass.”

nadalista Says:

Me giving the GOAT back-packing lessons? Perish the thought…..


Rogerisclass Says:

Most of Nadal’s title is clay.

And the time of the slow present grass and a hard court. The ball is also heavily now.

Is the reason Nadal has insulted the past early surface age?

He can hardly win in a time with much early surface except clay.

Although Nadal has HtoH advantageous to almost players. (his fanatic fan always say that nadal is GOAT) Nadal was not able to defeat that ( Roger Federer 16 – 2 )Davydenko by a hard court.

Davydenko 4 – 0 Nadal.

And a Nadal fan always says that it is not related.
(but you say 2003-2007 is weak era) If contemporary in Nadal and Davydenko. Nadal is always defeated by Davydenko by hard court.

And Davydenko and Nadal were holding the very tough game in clay also.

When Davydenko was young.

Rogerisclass Says:

The time when the Roger generation was the heyday.

There was much surface still quicker than now.

It is slow now even at US opening which was the fastest surface.

Even when poor at net play now, can be the 1st place.

Colin Says:

Clint Eastwood’s remark is about as silly as I’d expect from him.
“If you think it’s going to rain, it will”. No, Clint. Unless you are a complete solipsist, you must know the rain will, or won’t, happen regardless of what you think or want.

You “don’t believe in pessimism”.
Ah, but the great advantage of being pessimistic is, whatever happens you won’t be disappointed!

madmax Says:

Yeah Nadalista, if only you were half the person that Fed is.

A friend of mine also climbed Kilimanjaro in 2010…there were two routes to take with Sherpas carrying the backpacks. Did you carry your own? I doubt that very much. So, did you take the difficult route, or the easy route. Climbing any mountain, especially K, hats off to you. Something I would like to do one day.

Which route did you take in order to get to the top?

tennisfansince76 Says:
saying you will play to this or that age is based on ideas and fantasy. what age you actually play to is determined by the reality of the physical body, the flawed, fallible, slowly (or not so slowly)degenerating carcass that we all call home for a short while

July 30th, 2013 at 11:04 pm

tennisfan, you remember also the many times Roger has said that he will continue to play provided the body is healthy.

Clearly if the back is degenerating now, he will have to re-evaluate whether he continues to play until his hope of 35.

We will have to see.

nadalista Says:

@madmax, thank you for your kind words, the feeling is mutual.

nadalista Says:

Oops, forgot my manners @madmax…..

Goodbye to you!

nadalista Says:

……..and of course every mountain climbing guide is called a Sherpa regardless of the region they operate in. Why not, they are all the same, no?


holdserve Says:

pogi, clay is also a traditional surface. You have said nothing to contradict that.

holdserve Says:

agree, Clint Eastwood’s remark is silly. If we could make it rain by thinking it would rain, there wouldn’t be people dying of thirst or starvation because of failed rains.

madmax Says:

nadalista Says:
@madmax, thank you for your kind words, the feeling is mutual.

July 31st, 2013 at 7:39 am

nadalista Says:
Oops, forgot my manners @madmax…..

Goodbye to you!

July 31st, 2013 at 7:41 am

nadalista Says:
……..and of course every mountain climbing guide is called a Sherpa regardless of the region they operate in. Why not, they are all the same, no?


July 31st, 2013 at 8:01 am


what a shame you don’t recognise sincerity when you see it. Thought you said you had changed? :(

Seriously, an amazing feat that you have achieved. Obviously you are someone who likes to compete in some way?

I asked a fair question. Did you have anyone carrying your back pack? Or did you carry it yourself? To the top? Did you take the easier route or the harder one?

My friend paid £2,500 to climb the easier route, with African adventures – She wasn’t aware that there was more than one direction she could go, until they made her aware of it. She did the 5 night private trek, with sherpas – didn’t carry her own back pack. Initially she went with 5 people, but 3 of them dropped out (en route), altitude affected them in a bad way. In the end, only two people made it. But understand if you don’t want to talk about it, just no need to be rude.

No need to respond by the way.

Roger certainly has a mountain to climb, for now, probably will need sherpas on the way to get back into the top 4!

Skeezer, wonder whether you feel that Fed has a chance, at this stage in his career, to make such a difference to his game, with new racquet (am so curious as to whether he will drop it, really am), that he can go out with flag flying. (of course he can with the amazing achievements so far, but with all the talk of his decline…, you understand?). Can he do it Skeezer? Can he win the USO this year? Will the hard courts be worse on his back or is the court more favourable to his style of play?.

I cannot remember whether these courts will be fast or slow?

Nadalista Says:

@madmax, au contraire, I do recognize sincerity when I see it, pity I cannot say the same about you.

No need to respond by the way…….

madmax Says:

Oh Dear, au contraire,

Still full of sarcasm. Nothing changes so please, don’t say you have changed.

May be you were ‘caught out’ on the backpacking comment?

Nadalista Says:

@madmax, please do tell: when did I tell YOU that I had changed? Hint: not every post I write is directed at YOU.


Margot Says:

@ nadalista
And who’s Cheetah? Troicki?
Oh ROFL at my wit! I know:

madmax Says:

Margot? What name should I call you? You have so many here?

madmax Says:


You didn’t direct it at me per se, but I guess when you comment on a blog which has a world wide audience, you kind of er – tell the whole world that comments you make are kind of er – directed at everyone?

Nadalista Says:

@margot, sorry dear, you have to spell it out for me, am a bit slow on the uptake today………….

Altitude hangover, maybe…………..

Nadalista Says:

@madmax, and you could be right. However, if you followed my posts as diligently as you have done today, you would have noticed the “tongue in cheek” aspect to those comments.

Seriously, no big deal……..for me anyway.

Margot Says:

Tarzan had a pet chimp, name of……;)
Whose rattled your cage?
Oh come, come, I’ve always been Margot on here and deuce on TT and that’s it.
By the way, I don’t tell lies and I don’t play games either.

Margot Says:

Anyone who thinks I’m a liar can email Sean.

Nadalista Says:

@Margot, got you at last! Geez, damn altitude’s made my stupidity worse……..nothing a cool G&T won’t cure….

*trots off to seek “help”*

Margot Says:

@ Nadalista
G & T? Now? What a jolly spiffing idea…..”trots off” to join you….:)

Nadalista Says:

…..Troicki as Cheetah….


Brando Says:

@Margot: no one thinks you are a liar around here. Certainly not I and I am absolutely sure I can speak for the regular posters on that front too. Stay as you are!

Kimberly Says:

Margot you are fabulous as you are. Stay here and don’t change a thing. We know you and adore you.

Margot Says:

Brando and Kimberly:
Thanks a million. Means a lot.

Josh39485 Says:

@Giles Thanks for that – that actually really moved me.

metan Says:

Giles, thanks for the link above. IMO, that shows that Roger is not arrogant according those who thought he is. That girl was soooo lucky.

Btw, now you become Roger fans too, you provide lots if his news. are you afraid of skeezer stalking??? ☺☺

nadalista Says:

Careful @Giles….

Next you will find yourself accused of being a tennis fan!

Giles Says:

@nadalista. Hahaha. As long as I am not accused of being a fed fan the world is alright with me!!
Vamos Rafa

Giles Says:

@metan. Skeezer the geezer will never stop stalking me. That’s what he does!! Lol

nadalista Says:

Fed is skipping Montreal:

“I am disappointed not to be playing in Montreal next week. It is a great tournament with amazing fans. I look forward to competing there in the future.”

James Says:

Wise decision to skip Montreal for Fed imo. Hope he recovers well in time for Cincy.

andrea Says:

too bad. was looking forward to seeing fed in action again in montreal. hopefully he’ll be good enough for the US Open.

love it that he wants to travel as a backpacker. that’s pretty funny.

skeezer Says:


Fed news? Ok I give you


On that one. 999 to go ;)

skeezer Says:

imo better to see him rest and get well, whats the hurry?

Giles Says:

^^^ As if I need to be graded by you! There are much better things in life!

skeezer Says:


Ok, now I take back the +1.
Lets see, that makes……….


Giles Says:

^^^ I can come up with countless zeros for you!! One for each of your posts!
# HopelessCase

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