Pro Tennis Extends Shut Down Through June 7, Rankings Frozen
by Staff | March 18th, 2020, 3:05 pm

The tours got together to announce today that there will be no pro tennis through June 7, effectively shutting down the spring clay season due to the Coronavirus.

The tours hope to resume on June 8 on the grass.

After careful consideration, and due to the continuing outbreak of COVID-19, all ATP and WTA tournaments tin the Spring clay-court swing will not be held as scheduled. This includes the combined ATP/WTA tournaments in Madrid and Rome, along with the WTA events in Strasbourg and Rabat and ATP events in Munich, Estoril, Geneva and Lyon.

The professional tennis season is now suspended through 7 June 2020, including the ATP Challenger Tour and ITF World Tennis Tour. At this time, tournaments taking place from 8 June 2020 onwards are still planning to go ahead as per the published schedule.

In parallel, the FedEx ATP Rankings and WTA Rankings will be frozen throughout this period and until further notice.

The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to professional tennis demand greater collaboration than ever from everyone in the tennis community in order for the sport to move forward collectively in the best interest of players, tournaments and fans.

We are assessing all options related to preserving and maximising the tennis calendar based on various return dates for the Tours, which remains an unknown at this time. We are committed to working through these matters with our player and tournament members, and the other governing bodies, in the weeks and months ahead.

Now is not a time to act unilaterally, but in unison. All decisions related to the impact of the coronavirus require appropriate consultation and review with the stakeholders in the game, a view that is shared by ATP, WTA, ITF, AELTC, Tennis Australia, and USTA.

Not in the release was the FFT who decided yesterday — and perhaps smartly — to move the French Open to late September to avoid getting swept up in this decision.

Miami, Monte Carlo and Madrid are among those events not seeking to reschedule this year.

Also, the ATP and WTA will “freeze” the rankings, meaning no new rankings will be run until play resumes at the earliest in June. How that impacts Olympic qualifying, other entries, and historical records (Novak Djokovic is closing in Roger Federer’s record for weeks at No. 1), is uncertain.

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63 Comments for Pro Tennis Extends Shut Down Through June 7, Rankings Frozen

Wog Boy Says:

Serbian drug for coronavirus, to be taken 3 times a day after garlic and with brandy:

Giles Says:

^^^ Typical arseholes!!

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ Are you pooping yourself?

Wog Boy Says:

Meanwhile in Australia, little bit awkward without fans but after 5 minutes you get used and watch the footy, the life must go on:

Rabbithos club is owned by Rusell Crowe, btw.

chrisford1 Says:

I imagine Rafa is crying rivers his whole clay season is gone, and talking to ATP players and officials that points should be kept, rankings should be frozen, in his humble way.
I believe that means Djokovic’s weeks at #1 continue. And I don’t believe their should be any *asterisk* assigned to Djokovic and others active now that have their own stats they are proud of like weeks in the Top 5, the Top 100 mens Pros.

I really don’t care what the WTA does and their should be no pressure on the ATP to accommodate what the women athletes and their organization want.

10 more weeks of shutdown and Djokovic passes Sampras and goes up to 292 weeks before Wimbledon, just sitting on his Serb butt.

Wog Boy Says:

Since it’s down time with tennis, check this one out, you won’t regret, American in quarantine in Serbia, we love him, he has got his YT channel, check his virus protection, we are going to adopt him, he became full blooded Serbian, drinks, eats and swears like one:)

skeezer Says:

“ 10 more weeks of shutdown and Djokovic passes Sampras and goes up to 292 weeks before Wimbledon, just sitting on his Serb butt.”
If anything deserves an asterisk, that’s it.

Wog Boy Says:

Actually, Sampras is on 286 and Nole on 282, it was no question about that he would have beaten that one with or without corona, 310 one is hard to get, but you never know with Nole and those vegans.

If anyone was robbed with this corana thing Nole was. He was defending hardly any points in IW, Miami and MC, considering the form he was/is in he was favourite for 2 of them. He was robbed of the chance to build safe point distance between him and Rafa, we all know who really benefited from this situation, don’t we?;)

j-kath Says:

And there won’t be any Wimbledon this year – at least there will be no spectators. The UK is about to try to surpass Italy in Coronavirus cases.

Alison Hodge Says:

Cant see Wimbledon going ahead without spectators, and the FO and USO been so close together one of them will surely have to go, it might mean extending the season which would mean little rest after the season closes, and not much rest for the players before next years AO,a whole knock on effect , Olympics is unlikely, Euro football is off ….

Giles Says:

They showed us this morning on Sky News hundreds and hundreds of idiots in Bondi Beach. Just reading these idiots gathered on the beach in defiance of social distancing rules.
Bunch of morons.

skeezer Says:

Novak will most likely beat Sampras’s record when play resumes, but it is preposterous to think he will earn it by sitting on his butt.

Alison Hodge Says:

With all due respect Skeezer , nows not the time for that ….

Wog Boy Says:

Sunshine, UV and sea water are kryptonite for coronavirus, so these people at Bondi were exterminating virus by exposing their (not so) hot bodies to sun and water…..

Joking aside, it’s far less chance to contract it at the beach than in public transport, shops, schools and workplace. Think about that, as much as it looks crowded on the video those people actually were not touching each other nor they were touching common surfaces since there are none on the beach and they are exposing themselves to the sun. The groups who were together would be together if they were not on the beach, they are families or group of friends. AUSTRALIA hasn’t introduced compulsory quarantine, curfew, not yet, everything is open and running of course, not as busy as before.

If you ask me I am still very confuse about this, something just doesn’t add up, something is very fishy about what’s happening, besides, how on earth country that started it, with 1.3 billion people leaving literally on top of each other managed to cure disease (no more cases in the last 48 or so hours and has less infected and dead people than Italy.

On stock market, all major countries lost 20-25% and China gained 0.3%, how? It election year in America and was winning trade war with China?!
I know, I know, conspiracy theories, but that’s why they are there, to be explored,no?

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ “living on top of each other..”

“….it’s election year in America and Trump was winning trade war with China..”

Too many mistakes but you’ll get it…eventually.

Wog Boy Says:

And guess who is the major shareholder in pharmaceutical laboratory in Wuhan, yes, Wuhan where all started…….George Soros!
That evil man is everywhere, in America, in Britain on black Friday (remember that one), in Eastern Europe to instigate unrest and bloodshed, you name the place and he and his sons are there.

Wog Boy Says:

That was for you to have something to do and think about while you are sitting in quarantine, I have to duck out to by some “šljivivica” and garlic, I am running low on my medicine against virus, need to stock up on time.
Stay safe my TX friends.

chrisford1 Says:

Most Americans are not aware of Soro’s nefarious activities in Central Europe. He is a hated soul, there. WB is correct.

My favorite Djokovic acolyte is that Japanese superfan that decided to truly understand and honor Novak, he had to move to Serbia and learn Serbian. The Japanese media now go to him to fill out their tennis news on Djokovic and why Novak, and not worship Nishikori.

Good news is death rate is substantially less than the alarmist WHO 3.4%, and 10% being needed to be put on hospital respirators – of all that get the Wuhan virus.
Pressure will build to relax some of the more draconian restrictions before we go into a full Great Depression. A fair weighing of costs to nations and the economy have to be weighed. I am not one of the people with liberal absolutism which postulates it is worth it to save just one human life from coronavirus, even if it costs 100,000 jobs. Or the prioritizing of the coronvirus “war” above whatever casualties it creates – the crippling of finance, the killing of whole industries, the shut down of academia, funds for public safety are dissappated, retirement savings of 20 million largely lost to “save” 200 coronavirus impacted lives vs predictions using the incorrect higher death rate of some 4500 deaths.

WB – Yea, some things stink about this and most involve China. Allowing Wuhan virus to become a pandemic. Refusing to share the RNA part of the genome for a month. Miraculously going from thousands and thousands of cases a week – to zero the next – to make the CCP and Chairman Xi All-Wise.

I’m open to having the French Open take place at Indian Wells, relatively isolated from population centers, instead. Test then fly all players, teams, officials, and media people required in on charter jets from Asia and Europe. No fans, no endorser schmoozing parties, no fans on the grounds. Or if no Wimbledon due to local NIMBY crazies near the London suburbs tennis area, drop plans for hosting the FO and have IW host Wimbledon and move right back into Roger’s Cup, Cincinnati, USO perhaps not in the NYC Open Borders epicenter – but in Miami, under the same rules.
That is how you can restart the tennis season.

Wog Boy Says:

It was good while it lasted, it looks that this is the last day of sport, government is introducing ban on not essential travelling, pubs, schools are starting their holiday one week earlier and so on.

Yes CF1, the world has been brought down to its knees like never before, not just by accident, too many questions and not enough answers, free thinking people will see the answers, soon or later, (media) brainwashed people will move willingly around like a herds of sheep controlled by sheep dogs of their choice, border collies or australian kelpies…until they are slaughtered.

FedExpress Says:

There will be no tennis this season. just like any other sporting event or large gathering.

Alison Hodge Says:

Agree Fedexpress very sad indeed stay safe ….

Wog Boy Says:

Hold on Italy, the Boss is sending his best people and equipment to help you get out of that tragedy, regardless of problems Russia is facing tself, that’s what the friends are for, real ones, not fake ones:

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ just to make sure you know who I am aiming at, it’s EU, the first big crisis and they fell apart, refusing to help anybody, even each other, closing within their individual borders (that otherwise “don’t” exist) and leaving one of their major members to bleed to death.
What is for respect is that Italian prime minister realised they are on their own in the battle they are losing and had a guts to make desperate call to Putin, you have to ask for hep, within 24 hours Russian team of experts (around 100 of them) and 9 cargo plains, packed with equipment, were on their way to Rome.

BALA Says:

Read in anotgher blog regarding rankings frozen. This is unfair to Djokovic. With no hard feelings towards Roger and Nadal, who are my idols. Why cant it be treated as Year End scenario, where you continue your weeks at #1, even though the tour is not playing. The situation is same now also, The tour is not playing.
Only difference is rankings are said to be frozen, What difference does the two situations make to rankings? In both cases, matches are OFF, here due to genuine reason.
Djokovic should be allowed to continue weeks at #1 deservedly

Django Says:

Wog boy, Cather is a Spy

Wog Boy Says:

Really Django?!
Nothing surprise me anymore, though he would be pretty unconventional one. At least he is the foreigner, majority of incompetent Serbian government are spies and those “nongovernmental organisations”, particularly Open Society Foundations.

j-kath Says:

With Boris Johnson in control the UK will become infamous – “he burbles boldly as he speaks can’t use his tongue nor cheeks”…
his latest phrase “arms around you” – excuse me I’m going to be sick.

Wog Boy Says:

I don’t know about you people, but this quarantine is killing me, I am not coping really well.
Me and my neighbour use to share the drink as soon as we see each other in front of the house. He would go walk in his garage and grab few beers then I would walk in mine and grab few beers and then talk about footy (he is former professional player) now we are just looking at each other across our driveways and you feel and see sadness in our eyes, huge sadness, I cannot drink alone without proper conversation with another human being😢

Wog Boy Says:

Something interesting for you while you are in quarantine, it was a similar time hundreds years ago, people were dying from typhus in tens of thousands in a small country in WW1, group of brave Scottish women doctors and nurses (who were rejected by British army since they were women) formed Scottish Women Hospital, packed up and to that country that they knew nothing about to help the people they knew nothing about, some of them got infected themselves and died, the people of that small country will remember them for ever though hardly anyone in their Scotland knows about them, this is random link about them, you csn google more about them and never forgotten work in Serbia during WW1, have a look it’s not that long, few minutes:

Don’t forget to have a scotch on me.

j-kath Says:

Thank you Wog Boy – did have a wee read – have to say I had never heard of them. Will have to get an nephew to go further into our personal past/ancestors to see if we have any unacknowledged female heroine.

As for the booze – I do drink a hefty shot of whisky***** (a glass full of ice-cubes helps to make it last) – followed by n0n-alcoholic wine (0.05%) with my food…..and concentrate on small irritations – my latest is how On-line stats are including Cumbria in the Scottish stats. It’s become my life’s work to sort it out!!!!!!!!!!!
***** Hey great! Will have a 2nd Scotch tonight on you.

Wog Boy Says:

Since we are all most likely in quarantine (isolation), we can start sharing our experiences so we can get together through this shitty time easier.
My experience is that I have never heard so much of banging (not hunky punky one) in my street before. Everyone is doing something around their houses, fixing, hammering, gardening and we are all acknowledging each other but staying on our properties, awkward experience indeed.

I am the only one at my household in isolation since my industry literally died, I don’t have sny work the other members of household are still working.
I am greeting them in the afternoon with Glen 20 at the doorstep, spraying them and then sending to bathroom to wash their hands, at least for 20 seconds.
I don’t want any bugs in my house since I am the only one that doesn’t leave the place.

Now, is their anyone else that wants to share their experience from quarantine, like those AA sessions, you start with “My name is Wog Boy and I am an alcoholic” and the ball keeps rolling?

Dave Says:


This is just one video of many that you can find to help to maybe understand the severity of what’s happening in China. I saw your comments earlier.

Dave Says:

As far as the Quarantining goes, I don’t find it difficult like some do. I am more introverted. So that probably helps. There is so much to do read and watch that I don’t have a problem with being at home.

skeezer Says:

Looks like Wimbledon will be canceled. First time in 75 years.

Dave Says:

You are right Skeezer. I was actually going to go this year. Bought my tickets to land in London on June 24th.

Wog Boy Says:

Wow, thanks Dave,
I didn’t believe for the second to their statistics and transparency, not for a single second.
What they did also, while they were keeping quiet about virus, they ordered to Chinese building and other companies that operated abroad to lay dow the workers (Chinese expatriates) and send to buy anything they can from sanitizers, gloves, you name it, and ship them back to China, even most of those products are made in China.
They shamelessly siphoned good from other countries, manly Canada, Australia and Turkey. They even posted online how they filled cargo plane with goods and sent it to China.
By the time local population and authorities realised what’s going on it was too late, and there is still shortage of everything here relating to fight against virus, from Glen 20 to toilet paper. here is a link about that:

wog Boy Says:

Sorry Dave, that was your link, this is mine, about Chinese expatriates shipping goods back in China:

j-kath Says:

Did anyone see the TV pictures on India? Millions of starving people and no food….walked miles to get a simple loaf of bread; a handful of rice….and got nothing – oh my goodness – what an agony. Is there anything the West can do?

Van Persie Says:

J-K, what can the west do? the west is desperate not run out on toilet paper atm…

Wog Boy Says:

WHO is complicit…and Tedros.
Even towards the end January he was telling us that virus is not human to human transmitable, that Chinese government is doing great job and that’s not pandemic?!
Was it just a failure or deliberate missguidance, hmmm?

chrisford1 Says:

1. The UK papers cover this India story better. It’s very important as shock economic dislocations uproot 100s of millions of no longer needed temp workers from the countryside, the disruption of shipping and other distribution, and the spread of the Wuhan virus in congested areas is going to create havoc in all 3rd world megacities. Possibly causing many more deaths in the next 2 years than the Wuhan virus, even causing wars.

2. In developed nations, 1st world cities other challenges await. Diversity strains in the social fabric. Stir-crazy people in late spring. Economic collapse of certain industries.

3. New York is now building a 350 bed hospital facility on the Flushing Meadows practice grounds, expandable to 1050 beds. So maybe the 1st phase of construction, only. Louis B Armstrong Stadium to be a Commissary for making meals for the “heroes” of the coronavirus response. Don’t know who that would be.

4. Nuclear aircraft carrier knocked out of action, strategic military facilities being isolated. USS Theodore Roosevelt must return to a safe port, offload crew, lest it become a Diamond Princess cruise ship. Crew got infected, the infection is spreading.
US and Russia have isolated certain critical deterrent nuke facilities from any physical contact.

5. In Iran, it is rumored that those buried dead from coronavirus are reawakening, driven only by a need for Chinese human flesh.

6. Rafa has a nice beard growing in! But the rumor is he is only growing it so his doctors can map and then harvest the best candidate sites for hair plugs.

7. WB, stay well! Like you I am very skeptical of parts of this “Wuhan virus” narrative and all the leaders. East and West. China is lying about major, major facts and events, and in the West the leaders failed by three big measures. Two of dishonesty, one of collective failure to assess national security threat by priority in each and every nation across several regimes and nations. We can pick that chat up later, if you want.

8. For now, it is pretty clear the authorities in the West lie about the need for masks for the general public in order to preserve them for people that need them the most (hero medical people). We weren’t smart enough to stock a large supply like Asian households and governments did, and authorities fear a run on them by the public. Now the hospitals and other medical, critical workers have the supply chain set up so the public can buy without guilt in many countries.
This is more an airborne, not finger borne, infection. The people it kills seem to be more the ones that have it start in the lungs, not gut. The ones who start with GI symptoms may have a little extra time for immunity to kick in.
By all means wash hands, but as masks become available, get them and use them when you have them when you have to go outdoors your house.
When you get home, observe procedure for removing them, then deconning them in a bucket of water with dilute bleach and your hands. If coronavirus is on anything, it’s on the outside of your high efficiency “PP2” or equivalent/better mask when you are at your doorstep. Wear it continuously until then or you get to a work deconning area. I dug up a welding respirator I used 10 years ago and it is actually above PP2 (95% particulate removal, 0.6 micron filtering) in protection level.

I’ve also bumped into several people that have built primitive respirators or O2 supplement respiration devices when I mentioned building a crude respiration device to only be used by a conscious person or with help from an unaffected person until you can see (and get) medical help and a more deluxe respiration, O2 supplement device.
A glorified squeeze bag. But that and iron lungs were the technology until the 1930s. May do a You Tube. I sent my suggestion along to a couple gov’t places. Simply – two large industrial O2 cylinders rented for 55 USD each, and old O2-only use pressure regulator, (new 60 USD), some fittings, pickup solenoid, metering needle valve. Heavy transparent drawstring plastic bag 8 liter capacity. Duct tape. Snorkel mouthpiece. Possible multiple users off one rig if time delay solenoid valves and anti-contamination check valves are used. (I still can’t get the two types of valves without delays from their China makers) And of course glue and duct tape.
Won’t save anyone that might use it who falls unconscious, and pure O2 in a sickbed area without strict fire controls is very dangerous. And 10s, likely 100s of thousands of engineers far better than me are working on existing, or new design respirators. But time makes the perfect and 100% medically and fire safe and idiotproof the enemy of the good. And have a fire extinguisher handy in event of fire, I added mine for the 1st test on the simple thing I made.As I am an idiot. (at times).

9. I recommend that people, especially those in the older or other at risk populations get a pulse oximeter and have a digital thermometer for each family member (your mouth, only!). The reason is that is the 1st thing they put on you in any doctor’s visit because that informs the MD on your basic cardiovascular and respiratory system health, if you are running a significant temperature. Basically, it will help prioritize you being seen, if you have to be seen. “I’m sick, I’m burning up, breathing is hard” [Doctor’s Office] “Oh, come right in and hopefully someone can see you today”. With the two measuring devices. “HI, I’m Gramps Wheezer, and my temperature is 102, my pulse is 89 and my O2 level is 93%. My baseline is 98 Deg, 61 pulse, O2 98%. [Doctor’s Office] “Come to us, a doctor will greet you outside and check on you right away and you may be directed to the hospital with the ER posted.”

j-kath Says:

Van Persie/Wogboy and Chrisford 1

We all have to eat….when you live in a village/small town you have to travel by CAR (no buses/rail allowed). You arrive at a nearby town which has several super/supermarkets. By the time you get there and line-up on the 2 metre separation – by the time you rush from shop to shop (because you need to) – and faced with the journey home – you generally need the Loo (eg Toilet). Then, everything you’ve done not to infect yourself and others gets undone………….especially for women. Nobody in government/in power seems to be able to think thoroughly thru the break in the hygiene cycle. The know-it-all think they are so wise and spin their view on the TV every night….but they don’t live like the huge majority so the spread continues.

Plus, I have tried and tried to get a thermometer – when you live alone you have to try to decide if you should or should not go out food shopping….not only for oneself but to be sure you ain’t infecting other people.
Chrisford 1: I’m really into plastic gloves.
Van Persie: Yes, toilet roll fever – the UK has suddenly discovered it makes the stuff.
and not missing out Wogboy – My local general store never washes his counter or his hands and when he drops a roll on the flour picks it up and sticks it back in the plastic stand.

j-kath Says:

Van Persie – I meant to say: Only God knows what to do about India – let’s hope on his 7th day when he made mankind he can help South Africa….which will make India look like Paradise.

j-kath Says:

VP: correction – unless there is divine intervention for South Africa – India will look like Paradise….

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, thanks and no, I am not doing really well, I am very social and extrovert person, you can put me in prison, I will be fine as long as it’s not solitary confinement.
This is the first time in 35 years that I cannot work, I feel useless, it’s like you are failure but without your fault.
They all go to work and I stay at home, everything is closed, even there is no curfew there is nowhere to go, no more then 2 people are allowed to be together.
I love to muck around my backyard but of my free will not because I am forced to do it. I love my hardware store, “big boys toys shop”, I wouldn’t get out of there if they only sell a beer;), but again, it’s my choice not that I am forced because there is nothing else to do.
I am one of those people that’ll do anything as long as I am not ordered to do it. and this is situation that I am “ordered” to stay at home and do it.
I know we are going to get through this, but it’s frustrating, particularly since it’s not caused by your actions.

As for who to blame for this what happening with world, buck stops with China, their communist regime and in particularly XI Jinping, I don’t have any doubts about that.

That doesn’t exclude involvement of “philanthropists” George Soros and his best mate Bill Gates (isn’t he in vaccines business?) and some rogue elements fro CIA but definitely excludes Donald Trump and American official government (not the one from the shadow), you can blame America for lot of things but not for this, Trump definitely didn’t need this shit in election year when everything was going more than good for him, from economy to winning trade war with China and that’s where the problem lays.

In my next comment I’ll copy email from good friend of mine that we often discuss politics, now we have to email each other our opinions, I more Center and he is more Right and no, he is not American, he is Greek, very opinionated one:)

Wog Boy Says:

Here it is, I just changed our names, this is without his permission, I just hope he doesn’t read TX or he’ll kill me:

Thanks Novak-

When this is all over – whenever that may be – I sincerely hope that the world turns on those bastards who rule China – The Communist Party of China and in particular XI Jinping.

Why do I say this?

Here’s why:

1. The virus was initially identified in early December last year but those authoritarian bastards suppressed it and threatened the doctors who were warn them about it;

2. Then they let a month go by before they couldn’t deny & obfuscate anymore as people overwhelmed the hospitals in Wuhan and people were dropping dead in the street & in their homes;

3. Then these venal bastards didn’t alert the world when they should have, they told the WHO that it wasn’t communicable – the WHO advised the world accordingly in January – so we all relaxed when we should have been taking urgent action;

4. This is the fourth time a contagious virus has come out of those wild animal’wet markets’ in China – the fourth bloody time since SARS in 2003. The CCP banned those markets for a short time in 2003 when SARS broke out then the fuc….ers reopened them shortly thereafter;

5.To add insult to the injury their propaganda apparchiks are spreading the accusation that the virus was brought to Wuhan by American soldiers who were visiting Wuhan in late 2019.


Wog Boy Says:

As for toilet paper, I finally managed to buy some, not exactly me but I got it after almost 3 weeks hopelessly searching.
Just by chance I was checking up of friend of mine that lives on her own as a pensioner, and told her about my problem that I am in bad books at home for not being able to find TP. She just told me “Leave it to me”. That was all.
This morning just after 8am she called me at told me that she has package of 48 rolls for me and explained to me how she got it.
Australian introduced 7am to 8am exclusive shopping hour for senior citizens in supermarkets, considering their mobility and needs it’s obvious they are not hoarders, besides shopping is limited to 2 of each items.
So basically there is everything in that first hour of morning, oldies takes what they need and go home.
To qualify for senior citizen card you have to be older than 60 years and to be pensioner. There are fair bit of benefits with that card, medicine, public transport, doctors and so on.
So I am finally getting out of bad books with my wife since she is not going to tell her that she got it for me.
Though it’s not going to last long, I know sooner rather than later I’ll be back in bad books, that’s the story of my life…but I can live with that😉👍

Wog Boy Says:

This is 2 weeks old but tells the story about Aussies mateship and tells me that I picked the right country to live and finish this part of my life before I move to the next life, watch it, you won’t regret it:

chrisford1 Says:

j-kath –
look on eBay UK and Amazon UK. You can probably buy 5 digital thermometers for 10 USD, even with avoiding Chinese sellers shipping from China.
Pulse oximeters are running 20.
Amazon also has lots of PP2 masks for sale.

WB – Right now we are trying to stop the Wuhan virus, then we will have start to salvage near-destroyed industries in the West while preventing recurrence. THEN we all can investigate the HOW of it to build humanity’s defenses, exactly how China and the West blew it, and perhaps even discuss 3rd World overpopulation and the diseases it will cause to run over the Earth. For now, the Left gets furious when overpopulation is raised, as it distracts from the Climate Change Crisis that is all the fault of the West and America particularly.
Few people believe in great coincidences.
This Wuhan wet market this disease supposedly popped out of – is located just 4km away from the Wuhan Virology Institute, which collects, researches, sequences coronaviruses from bat caves all over, not just China, as well as other diseases, and antibodies to them. And studies intermediate populations.
In all China, the outbreak just happens to be 4km away from the world’s biggest coronavirus repository and research center.
My theory is some lab worker with no temperature or symptoms inadvertently took the virus out and spread it. Or the Center was selling surplus live, and certain dead test animals to the wet market to make a little money on the side for an employee or two, and it spread that way. I like this theory because it explains the Chinese concealment and lies. Just not their nature to say “Our Beloved Chinese Communist Parties Cadres in the government at the Wuhan lab screwed up” and instead it is their nature, as with most people, to bury stuff embarrassing to government people.

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, do you have reliable statistics how many people died in America in March 2019 compared to March 2020?

Dave Says:


My comments aren’t allowed to go through probably because I posted a link to an article and the website isn’t allowed. There were some tests done in Australia. It’s a parasite medication that apparently helps with the virus. I bought it in Mexico today. it’s called Ivermectin. See if you can find the article since I’m not allowed to post it on here.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Dave, it was on TV here the other night. The problem is that they tested it in laboratory and it worked, but they are yet to test it on the people and they were worried that the people will self-administer it and kill themself, which sadly happened.
It’s strange it hasn’t been tested in America (it’s American drug), particularly since it was already known that it works on varieties on viruses, this is from one Aussie article:

“ Ivermectin is a US Food and Drug Administration-approved anti-parasitic drug that has previously been shown to be effective in vitro against a broad range of viruses including HIV, dengue, influenza and zika.”

Dave Says:

Wog Boy,

Well here in Mexico you don’t even need a prescription for it. It’s over the counter. And we need to take parasite medication every 6 months here. I have taken parasite medication lots and my wife is Mexican and has taken it her whole life. So I don’t see it being a problem unless you took to much. I bought a box of it today. It’s not that expensive. Your only supposed to take it once you have the virus. Not before. So I figure if I get the virus, what do I have to lose. I haven’t taken parasite medication in close to 6 months anyways so I would just be taking my regular dose. That’s how I look at it.

Dave Says:

Thanks for the article. It was an interesting read for sure. Easily my person favorite natural supplement is pure organic sulfur crystals. When I first moved to Mexico I would get the flu every 6 months and I couldn’t fight it off by myself.I would always need to take antibiotics. In Canada I never had this problem. I was strong and hated taking antibiotics so I would just fight it off. A friend of mine gave me some of this sulfur and I started taking it when I was already sick. Ever since then, my wife and I have never had to take antibiotics for the flu and that was over 5 years ago. I mix a teaspoon of the crystals in water and drink it. It tastes nasty. But it totally works. I drink it every hour when I’m really sick. I probably take it 5 or 6 times the first day. I drink lots of water with it. Ive heard stories about people with stage 4 cancer living after taking it everyday. I don’t know if it’s true but that’s what I heard on a show I was watching. The water acts as a transporter with the sulfur and it oxidizes all of your cells in your body. It’s really interesting doing research on it. I watched hours of videos on it. I’m of course not a doctor and I’m not endorsing this by any means. But your welcome to do the research. It’s super interesting. I have taken a lot of natural supplements because I used to work at a nutrition store for years and worked out a lot growing up. If I could only choose one supplement and I was told I was going to die from cancer, I would choose Sulfur over anything. Again, what would I have to lose.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks for detailed explanation, very eye opening, I didn’t have a clue about 90% of the things you wrote.

As for that medicine, you obviously know how to use it, I think they were referring to people who would use it in panic mode and overdose.

The only natural supplement I am using is “the Plum Brandy” and I never missed the dose, though I do overdose occasionally, but the cure for overdose is easy next morning, double dose of Panadol;)

Joking aside, my wife and youngest one are using natural supplements, for certain medical reasons, so I am familiar with some of them.

I am using my grandfathers “medicines” how to kill unwanted bugs and germs in your body:

Firstly, in the morning you take tablespoon of natural honey to attract and trick the germs to come out.

Secondly, you drink black coffee to make low visibility so the germs can’t retreat.

Thirdly, you down quickly glass of plum brandy and kill them all.

Repeat three times every day.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ Almost forgot, garlic is the major part of every day diet, particularly in winter time, you can even see in the countryside garlic hanging from outside walls, to chase demons and evil away from the homestead.
I am not joking.

Wog Boy Says:

If you cannot eat it raw, try this way, you’ll love it, and it can stay preserved as long as it is fully covered with olive oil:

Wog Boy Says:

Best wishes for Boris, stay strong and get well, our prayer in these Easter days are with you and British people, you can do it Boris✝️☦️🛐

Dave Says:


I have garlic and olive oil. It’s super good for you for sure.

j-kath Says:

Wogboy: Re. your garlic comment – hanging garlic on one’s outside door is actually part of Scottish folklore – to keep away the devil and/or harm. Also reminds me of the biblical “Children of Israel” led by Moses.

Can’t stand Boris Johnstone – even so, did not wish the death penalty for him.

Dave: Organic sulfur crystals?????? My husband was a geologist and I became an avid pupil on crystal power for various types of healing…..but never before heard of a natural supplement of organic sulphur crystals. Where do you buy it? And, how’s Mexico doing in the race to conquer Corona-virus?

Wog Boy Says:

Well, the first known residents of Belgrade were Celtic people.
Few centuries BC, on the way back from one of many wars, one Celtic tribe stopped on the hills where the 2 rivers (Danube and Sava) meets, looked around and said “This is nice, we might as well stay here” and named the place Singidunum, which is original name for Belgrade, that was before Romans came and Slavic people followed from the NE due to Mongol invasions, the rest is the history. Now you know where our stubbornness comes from. ;)

j-kath Says:

Okey doke Wog Boy – I think you are more informed than my wee self – c’est la vie. My stubbornness has moved on and now concentrates on the madness of the world in which we now live – climate change has magically been negated – the natural world is sneaking thru the cracks but we are not allowed to go out and enjoy it. It is “hell” to go out shopping and that’s the least of it. I have loads of skilled tradesmen that I need but they are not allowed to move about unless it is a national need. Ah well!

I wonder how some of “our” tennis-mates are doing, “Willow” springs to mind – she works for a home for the elderly and according to UK news, they are all being neglected, i.e. no protection for staff etc.

Will see if I can cut and paste a hilarious article sent to me from a USA friend – fingers crossed I succeed.

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